Wednesday, September 1, 2010



#1 Anthony Venutolo,
birthday boy of the 1st of September

#2 Jack Kerouac,
early king o'cool

#3 Charles Bukowski,
not just because he's Ant's mentor

But WHO said ~ WHAT?

A."Nobody who writes worth a damn
can ever write in peace."

~ ~ ~
B."A pain stabbed my heart as it did
every time I saw a girl I loved
who was going the opposite direction
in this too-big world."

~ ~ ~
C."It's wasn't the corned beef or the cozy fire that kept the handsome stranger so loyal to the place but the company of its scantily-clad waitresses - namely one Edna Barry. With the jasmine perfume wafting from her cleavage, she'd always serve her coffee with a smile."  

~ ~ ~
A N S W E R S ~ W I T H ~ N E X T ~ A U T H O R S

Author #1 Anthony Venutolo:
From Vegas to Joisey, hootch to hipster, this cool cat is where it's at whether he's diggin' it down Bukowski's Basement or scorin' heights with the wild range his late night keyboard tends to write. He's jive and he's genuine; noir dans la nuit; poetry and prose on the non-pretentious. I tell ya, this guy flashes fiction faster than the RatPack can break into any side pocket. Ant can go grit and soft and taunting and tender ~ sometimes in the very same sentence! 

The renowned Mr V is a major reason I'm psyched and proud to be hoistin' the mains'ls in September of HARBINGER*33, the quantum book as well as the manifesting destiny of 33 stellar Authors who shall be read more . . . and more, surpassing all horizons. We're all honoured that he's going to be a major beacon force in the media, so watch for the ink of his distinctive voice as we tell the tale of what happens to 33 who chose to take all fellow shipmates the higher as they page their talented craft . . . Join me please,  in pleasing yourself, following all of Anthony's intriguing works over at BUKOWSKI'S BASEMENT and in the upcoming HARBINGER*33 book and sensation, sure to shake some shelves and shiver some timbres.

SAILING DESTINY ~ Laurita Miller design

~ Humbly 

~ Absolutely*Kate

Author #2 Jack Kerouac:
Born Jean-Louis Kerouac, a French-Canadian kid in working-class Lowell, Massachusetts, Jack personified the Beat Generation he invented, but had his early story-telling ways inspired by -- who knew --  the mysterious radio show, "The Shadow"  along with novels of Thomas Wolfe -- quite a churning combo. Disillusionment entered the mix ~ a coach refusing a football star his playing glory let a Columbia scholarship skid by the sidelines, disappointment in a dad and the military and even the Merchant Marines led to -- what else - hangin' with depraved young Columbia students around New York, Berkley and Frisco and even zen'lightenment. Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Neal Cassady and Gary Snyder made their marks in his psyche, his road trips and some generous assists in his publishing history.

Spontaneous prose falling out as it may, without edit, fictionalizing or even thinking about it all that much reamed a single long roll of unbroken paper, On The Road, along with unpublished novels lugged 'long the way in a rugged rucksack. Kinda like Jack. Underground celebritizing from poetry readings circa '55, cast The Beat Generation into the limelight that opened Jack's rucksack to publication after publication. Regarded as the most talented writer o'the pack, Jack reflected back at rejection years against the "Snap to it Jack" role of Young Beat Icon to feed the public's taste for popular success. Older, sadder and insightfully more intelligent than literary critics charging "fad" expected him to be, Jack took his writing seriously . . . and his drinking. Moral and spiritual decline messing with one's illusions is a bitch, a dimming bitch who wreaks havoc on momentum. The sweet wine of Tokay or a handy bottle of Thunderbird answered.  

Look up JACK. Read him - inside --
where he snaps back at your own kind of conciousness.
~ Absolutely*Kate, exploring Authors

Author #3 Charles Bukowski:
perhaps best represented in his own tell of tale ~

"question and answer"
he sat naked and drunk in a room of summer
 night, running the blade of the knife
 under his fingernails, smiling, thinking
 of all the letters he had received
 telling him that
 the way he lived and wrote about
 it had kept them going when
 all seemed

 putting the blade on the table, he
 flicked it with a finger
 and it whirled
 in a flashing circle
 under the light.

 who the hell is going to save                                 
 me? he

 as the knife stopped spinning
 the answer came:
 you're going to have to
 save yourself.

 still smiling,
 a: he lit a
 b: he poured
 c: gave the blade
-- from The Last Night of the Earth Poems,
though much more a sense of Bukowski, the writer, the man, can seep into you when you journey on over to "THE BUK THING" at Anthony's BUKOWSKI'S BASEMENT . . . of course. One must always defer to another writer writing soundly of their hero's voice.

Go. Check out how Buk gets to Ant.
It's pretty cool.

~ Absolutely*Kate, exploring Authors

Read on daily for more
   Septembering, as

salutes 100 AUTHORS,

to mark new verves and storyline starts
in all wranglin' writers' big  thriving hearts!

~ Absolutely*Kate
and our fine staff of renown



Anonymous said...

Kate*, nice tribute to men well deserved.

Happy Birthday, Ant. You are a star....

EC said...

Ant, your name fits in so well with the others-
Happy B-day, Cheers! *clink*

Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks, Miss kate.

Great present you gave me! ;)

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Mr V, those savvy gals up there already said it best ~ you're deserving! And of course darlin', the best presents can never be wrapped. (that was my MaeWest accent - did'ya get it over there in Jersey?)

~ Absolutely*Kate

Paul D Brazill said...

Smashing. Ant & ank certainly float my boat!

Salvatore Buttaci said...

Since Anthony is the only one of the top three still writing, I'm asking that he accept the other two awards in their names.

Matthew S. Magda said...

What a great idea. How perceptive to show the interconnected themes of this talented trio. How truthful to show the unbreakable connection between the past and present as it continues to manifest in the continuity and creativity of these writers. Much joy in this.

Stolat, stolat Anthony.

ratatouille's archives said...

Born Jean-Louis Kerouac, a French-Canadian kid in working-class Lowell, Massachusetts, Jack personified the Beat Generation he invented, but had his early story-telling ways inspired by -- who knew -- the mysterious radio show, "The Shadow" along with novels of Thomas Wolfe -- quite a churning combo..."

Hi! Kate,
Thanks, for the info(rmation) about poet Jean-Louis Kerouac. I wasn't aware that Kerouac, was French-Canadian, but thanks, to your very informatve post now I know...
...I must admit that I'am not familiar with the Beat Generation..."yet"...with "yet"being the operative word.

Kate, thanks for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Laurita said...

Happy belated birthday, Ant. Isn't it good to know you're number one? ;)

Pamila Payne said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Anthony. We are ten days apart, I'm a September baby too. That Kate, she got it all right about you and your writer kindreds.

Susan Cross said...

Well, Ant, you're right where you belong. Kerouac is pretty well known around these parts since he lived in Central Florida while he wrote "Dharma Bums". His haunted home (translate: shack), is dedicated now by to a writers-in-residence program and he is hailed here as one of our greatest writers. That tells you how few great writers hailed from Orlando--Kerouac was here for a very short time but we want to claim him anyway. I'll best W.O. NJ will feel the same about you someday.