Friday, October 1, 2010

ACQUA DI GIOIA ~ By Absolutely*Kate of Harbinger*33 . . . ala #Flash Fictionata

By ~ Absolutely*Kate

The ocean swallowed where once she merely existed, and she delighted in it. Her breathing lessons, while others took up tap and jazz, rumba and pilates had certainly payed off. 

To stay submerged meant avid discovery through new liquid swirling worlds. Pools of glory? Absolutely. A mermaiden's zest has begun its beguine when shore things are no more. No longer a firm-footed need to stand one's ground . . . when fathoming deep in dreams is splash come true.
Waves rock blue ... pic ala S@ilor
Tail of Tale swishes. Layer upon  shimmery scale layer flashes iridescence just right, blinding bright. "Azure, aqua, teal and tourmaline, lend me your hues!" enthuses Marinella swimmingly, off the volcanic shoals of Isola Stromboli. Earthly learnings serve the damp damsel well. Bold breast strokes careen her glistening torso back and forth, forth and back, towards her favourite of the archipelago's seven sister isles. Pointedly past polite decolletage, Marinella's neckline stretches and angles to better view her Homeric review of the kingdom of Aeolus, lord of the winds. Grottos, nearly hidden coves and a smattering of coral beckon but here glides a moxie maiden on a merfolk mission. Lilt goes the mantra/tune in her reclaimed sea heart and it's as if Aeolus himself conduits charm a tutti, through all his mighty wind messengers. High and clear wafts musical lure's tonation. The sound carries, childlike in wonder, wizened in awareness ~
"Essence of Joy . . . Essence of Joy".

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Ahhh, what's this, eh? Fresh tail to taunt our down below?"
"Yes V, I see. The vision's easy on the ogle too. But she's still so fresh and wet behind her fears. You've got plenty of hook-ups in the sea. Leave this one alone Vincenzo, leave this one be." 
"Aspet Adalfieri! Basta! Enough with your blustering brouha. I pick 'em, choose 'em, love 'em, leave 'em and leftover lonelies can meander their own tears back to the moonlit sea. Why, you should extend kudos -- Tis a salt provider be me!"
"Tis more a cold-hearted orb that rules you, Knight."
"Your blues are getting moody Adalfi. Definitely need new material. Come, let's approach this she sensation at sea. This one looks harmless enough."
"Vincenzo, Vincenzo, whattsa your mama warn you? No mermaid ever swam nor shimmied that had not the power of sea and storms under whim of wanton command. Do you know what you're getting into? There appears to be more than simple eye delights with this one. For instance, her jewelery. Tiffany, not Davy Jones."
"You've got a keen eye for bridging multiple worlds Al, I'll grant you that. Your intel serves me well, but mating merfemmes is where my potency lies below the sea. I like to make waves not dodge them."
"Tempestuous seas, help us please. Ward us from the murderous willful. Keep us from the cursors of the dominion -- "
"No wonder su madre dubbed you Noble Oath. Come on. She looks to be inviting fun. Venequa!
"Credo nello Spirito Santo -- "
"Where's your fire Aldafieri? I intend nothing fishy. Let's go have our waves with this mer, just for the halibut."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Leave the shore on the sea of life.

We sink if we don't swim.

Seek what eludes you. 
Better still when you know not the way. 

Onward. Answers inhibit.
Why ask 'Why?'. 

Through mists of time paths unwind
to greater shores. 
Dive, dive! 

Free winds release you. 

Grasp e'er la mer! 
All tis there to find
your way, the only way ~ ~ ~ 

Remember bella, 
cares are not cares if they anchor burdens.
When they lighten tis right. 

You always have the power
within  you."

Aye, the gusty gutsy wind lord Aeolus admired the tempestuous message as much as the comely muse who tendered it there, disguised seamlessly like silk morphing breeze. This one was ethereal, spectacular. This one could be the One. This one, his airy playfulness had dubbed Glinda della Winda one blustery night of tumult's tantalization, where more than hungry eyes and insistent grasping, giving, lingering heat and open taking, deep, deep, deep, breathe/howled her say. Glin, intense mate of fate, certainly had wisdom of passion. 
He nodded. Benevolently. She was giving now without measure, exuding free magnificence o'er the watery universe to the serene seekings of this nova bella, this Marinella treading depths, discoveries and more, shoring up cross-currents off Isola Stromboli. Off the northeast tip of Sicily, this world, his world was un mundo away. An unerring smile creased his face. (Naturally it was divine.) The mermaiden had perceived the echo, was tilting her tumbling tangle of still sea-strewn tresses, the better to listen still. She heard sea lore by the sea shore. His weathered pal, ol' Sol cast a single luminating strand to dance waves 'round this poignant moment. Perfetto! 
But alas for the merlass. There are times perceptions do not arrive on time and the world is full of flounderers, dying to be free. This could be one of those times. Poised in perspicacity, the better to drink in Glinda's message of the journey to Acqua di Gioia, Marinella failed to sense the dreaded threated approach of mermen's brawny arms making mincemeat of the sea.
Aeolus saw. 
Unfortunately he always saw trouble.
Ill winds repulsed him.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
H o p e f u l l y ,
t h i s   t a i l ' s   t a l e
s h a l l   s w i m  o n.

"Credo nello Spirito Santo -- "
(c) 2010 ~ Author Absolutely*Kate

Mermaid of the blue photo ala garnathan'
Rocky wave coast ala S@ilor
Glinda sketch ala dark hylian

Author's Notation ~

I have missed simply letting loose and writing, writing where winds or muse bade guidance. I have taken time off from the cerebral world to be with my Father, my hero, as he left that mere world and became part of a far greater beyond within, blending now with my pen-sive spirit senses. 

I have received multitudes of goodness from fellow writing'folk and real nice readers who have become friends and shall be cherished. I have smiled because the radio god at my side told me there was a Wind advisory and flood watch as I wrote this. I have returned and it feels a different good.

~ Absolutely*Kate


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you break out in song, in that distinctive and powerful voice of yours, A*K.

All my warmest wishes and prayers to you in this time.

Harry said...

I'd have to read this 10 more times to "fathom" it entirely. It does indeed have your signature flourish and it's so good to see you back!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Spirited Thanks Har and J Dane the T, both LitWit heroes to me. I imagine I resurfaced by diving in and in the process of swimming light, went deep. A good story to ACQUA DI GIOIA, Essence of Joy reveals itself.

It's all about the distinctive journey. It always warmly is. With the shimmer of flourish intact. ~ Absolutely*Kate

Crybbe666 said...

Kate, so good to see you writing again. The depths that you reach and then swim back up through in this piece is amazing. Can we have more? I must read it again. I am going to se if I can out-read Harry!!!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

PAULLIE the Aussie charmer/disarmer ... I so wanted to reply with a dignified ritorno-commento, but I'm still gigglin' from you new Quest to "outread Harry".

Thanks Paul. I needed the giggle and sure appreci'kate the welcome back to the wonder and lure writing holds for me ~ above and beyond the seas ... Absolutely*Kate

YEP! There's more to this mermaid's tale ... tail ... well, you know what I mean

Matthew S. Magda said...

This is wonderful. It makes one feel like one is caressed by soothing water and hovering in a swirl of beauty. It touches the sublime and the longing in all of us for transcendence while at the same time leaving us with that sense of wonder-uncertainty that is often an unsettling, but yet seductive delight. Reading Acqua Di Goia takes us there. Splendid Kate.

Paul D Brazill said...

Lovely flow.Some of your best work.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you writing again and back at the Bijou. This was a lovely story. You pointed the pen well/posed the fingers at the keys in record speed. Kate* style. All is good.

Pamila Payne said...

Kate, it's wonderful to see you swim through the words, you swish and flourish like Esther, a blue dance that brings joy even in deep water.