Monday, February 21, 2011


"You know what we're doin' here?"
"Pretty swanky joint."
"Yeah, don't knock a posh gig when we got it, man."
"Hell, we've jived dives - 'member Buffalo?"
"Baby, we show-stopped the shuffalo outta Buffalo. We gots the smarts to rhythm up a damn good show. We always do. Let's do it too, AT THE BIJOU."
"It won't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing." 
"Hey, I'm ready ta swing."
"Count me in."
"Ya got no flack here."
"Then boys -- let's give these cats a thrill."
"This beats givin' birth to the Blues, y'know. This slick Absolutely*Kate chick is bringin' in other headliners. Writers, published author types with no gripes who've been around the track and back, and then could kiss and tell about it."

"So they got girls?"
"There's a starlet to water your heart in one of the acts, I hear."
"They got unwatered booze?"
"One o'them writers that's been on a magazine cover pours top hootch stuff Katie tells me."
"Hey, my Ma has that Joisey rag on the coffee table in Hoboken. That Venutolo kid knows how to do justice to a suit." 
"So this is a class operation?"
"Solid. Crime cahoots and international reps."
"Yeah. They pulled in Brazill."
"What a thrill. I hear he knows his way around a barstool."
"Our kinda backstage crowd."
"Then we're sittin' pretty."

"Pretty swanky, jes like I said."

"Yep. This RATPACKREVUE is gonna be one swell kick in the head!"
"Lotta canaries like that fine-feathered Julie Morgan bird chirpin' back at Bacall down by the docks ya know. I wheedled outta her sweet-talkin' that some of our chums are gonna elbow their sneak into our spotlights."
"Aaah. The more the merrier, I say." 
"That's what I said too when I threw forward passes at those lasses. But those broads are tough. They take no guff." 
"No one guffs like you."
"Look who's jawin'."
"Give it a break you guys. We gotta RATPACKREVUE to do and there's this heavy-hitter I'm hankering for more intel on. You fellas hear of this Randisi?"
"Nah, he's a mystery to me."
"But the rest of this BIJOU crowd - They don't pull no punches, huh?"

"Jes wait a New York minute there. There's a ringer who jabs the ol' one-two and never goes down."
"Yeah Beetner. He's a knockout to read."
"But Randisi. I tripped over his press clippings in the dressing room and nearly twisted my ankle -- "
"That your best dancin' foot?"
"Nah, I lead with my left."
"You'll be all right then. What's your beef with Randisi?"
"He some kinda powerhouse?"
"It's all a mystery to me."
"Me too. But I got the skinny on Michaels and Reardon."
"You always got your nose in the news."
"Lotta ink leakin' on those boys. Edgy as a Mindjacker goin' off the wrong ramp at a Lost Exit. Ya know what I mean?"
"I hear you brother."
"But Randisi and us - the Rat Pack?"
"Still a mystery."
"Absolutely*Kate though. She knows people. Show people."
"There's no people like show people like no people I know."
"You're nobody til somebody loves you."
"Croon away big man. Kate thinks people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. And get this -- Bogey said he'd look in, give her show a grin."
"Ya think he'll say, 'Play it again Sammy?'"
"Nah, that's just the stuff your dreams and movie shows are made of and he never really said it that way anyhow. But what about Randisi? Youse guys think we can loosen him up - call him Bob?"
"It's a mystery to me."



Saturday Matinees too.

Be there or be square.


"Schweetheart, you played da part in settin' up this show. Ya did that real swell. It's gonna be some humdinger, me and Baby can tell. I know Frankie's all hung up on Randisi as a mystery on Rat Pack spotlight. Tough to wrench the front line outta that squirt's mike hand. Don't tell him I called him a squirt though, will ya? He gets sore. What Dean have to say though, Absolutely*Kate? Betcha he's diggin' this."
"Your Sinatra secret's certainly safe sir, and just between you and me and AT THE BIJOU's readin' public Bogey, I've always had a sweet spot for Dean. I think you're real swell though for comin' round. Keep that breathless charm. Matter o'fact, I love you, just the way you look tonight."

"Thanks kid. Nice lookin' at you too. See, these boys had their beginnin' wit' me darlin'. You'll see. But Dean - what'd he say?"

"Pardon me,
but I've gotta run.
The facts are uncommonly clear.

"See you AT THE BIJOU Tuesday, Thursday and at
Saturday's Matinee for the RATPACKREVUE

"Excuse me while I disappear."
~ Absolutely*Kate

(c)2011 from the Absolutely*Kate Presents series
gettin' by with some help from her friends, 
a little RatPack personna lyrics
and a whole lotta excitement swirlin' about this great show.


Eric Beetner ~ Paul BrazillKevin Michaels ~ Anthony Venutolo and me, Absolutely*Kate

Julie Morgan and Sean Patrick Reardon

renowned RAT PACK Mysteries Author
 (as well as over 500'some other damn good reads)

But you'll see . . . 


Matthew S. Magda said...

This was the perfect way to introduce the Rat Pack series. It is how the Pack would do it themselves. That's their casual, yet sophisticated style with all the playfulness that brought out the boy-men in them. That's why they were so charmin' for all the darlins. Joyously celebratory and perfect. It's what Kate is all about. Bravo!

Madam Z said...

We'll always have Paris...or Hoboken. Wait a that a GLASS EYE?

seana graham said...

I got my cocktail and I'm all set for the show. So sing it, brothers and sisters!

Paul D Brazill said...

Ring a didng ding!

Author said...

The Bijou is styled, the stage is set, just waiting for the house lights to dim .... This is going to be so damn good!

Kevin Michaels said...

Bunch of cool cats, baby

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Yep. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing ... and we gots plenty of swing to sling 'round AT THE BIJOU. Why just the dash of our swirlcomestances send most of our red velvet seated audience up near the very front edges of those seats.

We don't sell as much popcorn when we keep 'em breathless, but we kinda like a captive audience doing that collective sigh thing, don't we? So, you'll never guess who nonchalanted into my projection room last night -- Yep. The great Randisi and he wasn't pullin' no magic show. The man's what he means -- He gave me a whole new script for our very next scene . . .

You'll see.
You'll see.

Comin' up today. Tuesday's gonna be your good news day.

~ Absolutely*Kate, dashing off to adjust the close-up lens ... just right.

Anonymous said...

***Great write.*** I remember hearing all the lp's my parents had. These guys were charming, even when they got caught. There have been several mini rat packs that have tried to take their place. NO WAY, MAN!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Yo Gang!

Ain't it a trip to see/hear our Lady JEANETTE trump out her aces with a "NO WAY MAN!".

Damn, that's as good as the super cool stuff Matt said up there (still got a rush of the blush on that one).

Z ~ you crack us all up, one more reason we love ya so.

SEANA ~ Best make a pitcher. This promises to be some show!

PAUL ~ Damn, but you ever say all the right things. Wait'll folks get a load of how you've really been the Doppleganger for Dean all this time.

JULIE ~ Yeah baby - Ambiance is so much of set-the-scene-mood pizazz. Speakin' o'pizazz, folks are gonna feel it deep when they get a gander of your star studded debut.

KEVIN ~ Takes one to know a pack of 'em, baby.

~ Absolutely*Kate,
actually snapping her fingers now,
in the zone ... I'm there

Doug Mathewson said...

Got my tux back from the pawn-shop, changed on the bus and was
on the strip before the started charging a cover at five.
The Rainbow Room at the Sands in nice. I like to sit way down the end of the bar
and read the results from Aqueduct by fish tank light. Floor Show Marquee promised
a Siegfried & Roy cover act (two retirees and some schnauzers). Then Wham!
Time vortex whirled and swirled, and ringa ding ding there I was!
Back in the day with our Rat=Pack boyz!!!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

I dig you Doug.
You're no Clyde.

Matta-a-fact, you brought *snap* back. And I know, I just know they wanted Mathewson to replace Lawford.

Thanks pally, for catchin' that bus to our swanky joint.

~ Absolutely*Kate and the gang