Wednesday, March 23, 2011



  By ~ Absolutely*Kate

"I call upon you to draw from the depths of your being — to prove that we are a human race, to prove that our love outweighs our need to hate, that our compassion is more compelling than our need to blame." 

~ Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, in acceptance speech on Oscar's greatest night for the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her compassionate works in AIDS research and other world concerns. Naturally, the 1993 ovation was the longest in the Academy's 'standing' history. 

Talent . . . tantalization and tender tumult tends to take a star sky-higher where ascendancy shoots wide its orbit. From "Come Home Lassie" making an official star of the little girl who once danced at a precocious age 3 before the Queen and little Princess Elizabeth, to a film oeuvre of over 50 screen gems, lady Elizabeth Taylor was It.

"Only a fool speculates
about the life of a woman!"  

So true. You'll catch no speculation from this author ~ simply, (thus strongly), a string of memories worn the way Liz would play with pearls. Ahhh, the movies we watched, Mom and I, me with a guy, late nights on a remote catchin' a classic gliding by. She made the mood and the movie come all the more alive, didn't she?

 Starlet, bombshell, temptress, class act of her own right, calling her shots, having her day, her sensational years, her lingering legacy. To live, love and laugh big is huge. Embracing life always is, past the problems, past the pains, past what perhaps pulls your public closer to you. Her tug had that pull, didn't it?

"I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I'm not afraid to look behind them." 

She opened doors. True, she slammed quite a few with Dick Burton, but her spirited heart always reopened any grudges to welcome her back on in. London born and bred from February 27, 1932 to what an American stage actress and a British art dealer (Sara Sothern and Francis Taylor) could instill through a cherished vital way of loving, Liz Taylor, along with Marilyn Monoroe of 'those times' were America's grand glam. 
  “I have a woman’s body and a child’s emotions.”

 Scandals? Sensations? Didn't it go with the territory that celluloid glory wanted to put on parade? Liz was a genuine classic who knew her true self . . . and graciously, generously, gave that self to the world splashing around her. Extending both hands to colleagues to take them the higher was signature Liz.

“It is very strange that the years teach us patience – that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.” 
Screen presence, passionate personna and perceptions vitalized private kisses to public romance. How Hollywood could the kleigs from the heart's reach shine?
"I was rushed into womanhood
for the movies. 
It caused me long moments
of unhappiness and doubt."

No doubt stardom has a price to pay, but taxing didn't fully take the toll that crushed lesser spirits, like poor Marilyn.

ElizabethTaylor endured. As we're running the RAT PACK REVUE here AT THE BIJOU, I can clearly hear Frankie sing to a fellow dame colleague he held high, "You'll reach a star because there are such things. So have a little faith and trust in what tomorrow brings." Hmm, Randisi must have left the radio cranked up while he was writing in the night. I really can hear the croon of that tune, and I'm hoping Ms Taylor can as well.

“I’m a survivor – 
a living example 
of what people can go through
and survive.”

 Affairs of the heart and playing the part get a classy classic lady more than just by.

“I’ve been through it all.
Baby, I’m mother courage.” 
Royal, shining, glitterati before there were even papparazi, taking a million for making more than millions simply because as she indicated with violet eyes a'blinkin' as to why the question was posed, "You'd be dumb not to."

No stooge on stage or life, Liz loved, Liz lived . . . fully.
"I've always admitted
that I'm ruled by my passions."
"I've only slept with men I've been married to. How many women can make that claim?"
The RAT PACK radio must still be on up in the projection room AT THE BIJOU. I hear Dean warbling a last caress to how Liz staged romance, "I've got my love to keep me warm." I hear glasses and clinking too. Probably Anthony Venutolo came in for the top shelf hootch stash that only Paul Brazill knows about (well, and me), and is doling out. Harry Sanderford is rummaging around our film library, arguing about screening "Butterfield 8" and Eric Beetner's lobbying for "Raintree County" and Montgomery Clift. That screenwriter purist. Julie Lewthwaite/Morgan is using considerable femme joie de vive, Liz-style, to wile Kevin Michaels into pulling a switcheroo of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?", but I see Sean Patrick Reardon cagily sidling up to "Giant". Me? I'm achin' for "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof". RJ Randisi? He's being so aloof. But I figger it's "Sandpiper" he's hankering for.

We're all hankering for you Ms Taylor, sending our wishes to the celestials where you've flown to the moon to play among the stars.

Thanks for all these memories.

You're one heaven
of a dame.

~ Absolutely*Kate
and our RAT PACK crew
Will someone turn out
the BIJOU lights?
Another star is shining."
(c) 2011 ~ Musing Author, Absolutely*Kate
All quotations from Elizabeth Taylor's spark of mind.
All cinematic photos from film archives, well flounced.
Frank and Dean were singing RAT PACK songs
because, hey Jack ~ that's what those cats do. 
Join us this weekend for more RAT PACK REVUE with above-mentioned author stars of renown.
This  Tribute piece is dedi'kated to my beloved mother, Frances Pilarcik, a contemporary and fan of Liz Taylor. Mom introduced me to the wonder of movies, believing in romance and classics in everything. She's in the Cleveland Clinic getting a hole in her heart fixed up to make her whole again. I figured she'd get a kick showing her friends she appeared with Liz Taylor AT THE BIJOU
Hey, this beats a Hallmark. Get better Ma, I love ya!  ~ Kate 




Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Kate, that was a wonderful tribute to a wonderful, wonderful woman. Elizabeth Taylor was truly one of those larger-than-life legends and the world will be a duller place without her.

Madam Z said...

A sad reminder that we all have to go sometime. Your tribute was lovely, Kate.

KjM said...

"...Baby, I'm Mother Courage..."

That you are, Liz. That you were. You said what needed saying when no one else had the courage to - and you said it with style.

The world would be a little less bright today - except I remember that Absolutely*Kate is in the house.

Ah well then, everything's comin' up roses

Unknown said...

A fitting tribute to 'The Last Movie Star'

... Dim the lights at the Bijou tonight.

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

What a great tribute to LT, and I hope all goes well with your mom's operation and she has a speedy recovery.

Kevin Michaels said...

A well written, beautifully sentimental tribute to a wonderful actress and the last of those larger than life stars. I think there's a whole generation of Madonna, J-Lo, and GaGa disciples who could learn a lot from an authentic icon.

Harry said...

A beautiful tribute A*K! Nice dedicating it to Franny too. Get better soon Mama Pilarcik!

Anonymous said...

You did her proud, Kate*. I got to meet Dame Elizabeth and her husband then, John Warner, here in VA Beach. She was beautiful and he was a sweetheart. I've followed her all my life and when we were in Switzerland last fall WE went to Richard Butons grave. A very interesting place. I wondered if I was standing where Elizabeth Had.

Carrie Clevenger said...

Oh I have tears, thinking of all this life here in this piece, never enough, never to encompass an entire person, no. Liz led a full long life. She lived and loved and wow. Yeah. This was a real stellar performance Kate.

Anonymous said...

Lovely tribute Kate, and a wonderful introduction for what's to come here at the Bijou this weekend - I look forward to it!

I absolutely adored Liz - who didn't? She was just so...graceful, to say the least.

Thank you so much for the memories, and much love and positive energy for your mom, I hope she's feeling high as a cloud real soon!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

“It is very strange that the years teach us patience – that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.”

Haunting, that line into a living reality, really living. I think when you become a higher star in the celestials there is but a preeminence which can sense all. Ms Taylor must have that alluring smile on full throttle now for all the goodness you exquisitely fine folk share at the Real MovieStar quality she brought to big screens and likewise awe.

And "Aw shucks" ~ I just wrote and designed what flowed. Ain't that the way when you're impressed and you care? This writer's craft is somethin' to share.

Gracious Appreci'kation on kind words and kindnesses sent with me on the road lovely Franny's way.

Do come back on the weekend for the Rat Pack interviewing Robert Randisi of all varmints.

~ Absolutely*Kate and
our swanky staff of renown