Saturday, May 26, 2012



Grand Re'Opening This Weekend
with a *STAR* to light the firmaments
 past regular spots & kleigs. 

WHO? You'll have to come and spree . . . 

Be there or be square Toots. 
You too, Bub.

~ Absolutely*Kate 
your hostess with the mostest of moxie

( World needs more Moxie )

What's that?
Yep. Countdown is less than 24 hours.

Oh whatta Show it's gonna be!


Kevin Lynn Helmick said...

With Popcorn and Dots. "Oh boy," he said with excited anticipation and butery fingers.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

I just *knew* there was a reason for the red velvet seat arms to have that notorious tell-tale sign that prominent author Kevin L Helmick was in the theatre . . .

Unknown said...

Thank you for letting me have the last box of Jujubes, Kevin. You are a gentleman!

Kate... the popcorn is heavenly... even better than last time! :)

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Eddy, our faithful Popper, is putting lighter airs into his patented process, Veronica. Glad to have you back in your ol' fave row, and it sure heartens this dame's heart to see you kids sharin' cinematic treats so swell.

Show's starting at midnight.

Ryn Cricket said...

I love the new cafe! What an addition. Iced Latte makes everything even better!