Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CRACKLE ~ By Zelda Martin of Harbinger*33

By ~ Zelda Martin

I met him on the stairs.  I was going down into the basement, as he was coming up.  The stairs were narrow. We stopped, at an impasse.  His head was level with my hips.  He looked at my crotch before he looked at my face.  I tried to say "Hi, Danny," but my voice was stuck in his eyes.  Smokey green eyes, they were, topped with dark brown hair, surrounded with smooth olive skin.  He reached out his hands, put one on each of my hips.  An electric charge crackled across my groin. "Don't, Danny," I think I said, or maybe thought I should have said.  But he did, and I did, and we did, and we did again.  And then I heard someone else on the stairs, and I was almost sorry I had ever come down those stairs, or at least thought I should have been sorry.
Turns out I was sorry that I wrote the above paragraph, because Stanley came into the room while I was typing it, and asked to read my story.
"Who's Danny?" he asked testily.
"Oh, no one.  I just made him up.  This is just a fantasy.
He shuffled off to the kitchen; I could hear him making popcorn.  He eats it without butter or salt.  That's just one of the differences between him and me.  He likes his popcorn and his life plain, unadorned, unflavored.  And I like mine with lots of butter and salt, and sugar and honey, dripping with hot, juicy, melting, sticky stuff, at least I think I do, or would if I could, I think, but I don't actually know, because, so far, the condiments have been in depressingly short supply.

Danny could have flavored my life very nicely if I had let him.  But I didn't, couldn't, wouldn't, because I was married, but I wanted to, oh so badly.  He wasn't a fantasy.  He was a real, live, hard-muscled, flat-bellied Adonis who had worked with me in the factory, a long time ago.  Those green eyes of his were like warm probes, sliding over my body like butter melting on a hot skillet.  Everything in that paragraph was true, right up to the electric surge part, anyway, but at that point, what really happened was that I grabbed my voice and used it to say, "Excuse me," and turned to let him pass me...
...And when he did, he pressed against me, slid his hard chest across my breasts, and then reached behind me and slowly ran his hands down my butt and gently squeezed my thighs...
Damn.  There I go again.  Another variation of the story with one beginning and a thousand endings.  Oh well.  Maybe it's better this way.  I never get tired of him, nor he of me.  Neither of us gets old and fat.  He'll always have a flat belly and a stiff cock. 

The smell of popcorn fills the air.  Geez.  It even smells dry with no butter.

theatre lighting ala Max Wo
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Anonymous said...

I think we have a red hot mama, here. Only her thoughts are put on hold when her real life man comes around. Her writing doesn't crackle it explodes.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Way past "the impasse" Madam sexy Z, you had me on the line of all time ~ "but my voice was stuck in his eyes.". Holy connotation ... and my breathing felt it too.

Real interesting interplay between the Stan and the Dan and the dry and the buttery hot. LOVED THIS as every woman everywhere must ... then again, you know that ~ your writing is nothing but that which churns the senses.

~ Absolutely*Kate

Harry said...

Dreamy Dan crackles with sizzle while poor old Stan leads the bland with extra fizzle. Hot Tamales Madam Z you sure spiced up the Bijou today! Always a treat!

Wendy said...

Oh la la, Madame Z, your Danny Boy got me all hot and bothered. This story is the perfect combo of sweet and salty. You can write him over my way anytime! We'll eat chocolately caramel, nutty, butter crunch popcorn and dream up a few more Dannys.

Unknown said...

I love the longing in this one Ms. Z. Very very well done...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like the way the electric current crackles across her groin on the stairs. Nicely worded, Madame Z. A great drifting fantasy befitting a bored woman. Well expressed! :)

My word verification code is "licks" for this entry. How fitting. :)

pegjet said...

Z... that was HOT.

Laurita said...

Yowza! This surely did crackle. All my hair is standing on end. Every woman should have a Danny.

Kevin Michaels said...

Love the tension and loved the sizzle in this.....off to take a cold shower. Well done, Z.