Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HOOK ~ By Jeanette Cheezum of Harbinger*33

A DAY AT THE BEACH?  ala CandlestickPark

By ~ Author Jeanette Cheezum

A beautiful sight caught my attention today. When a young couple dressed in the same colored shorts tried to get all their paraphernalia up the steps and down the boardwalk to a secluded part of the beach.
            She had a diaper bag slung over her shoulder and a cell phone attached to one ear; with the baby on the opposite hip.
The baby sucked on her pacifier while mingling her fingers in her mother’s ponytail.
He had a portable CD player strapped to his back banging sometimes on his Fob in one of his rear pockets. He stopped, aligned and lifted one end of the bottom of a storage unit on wheels. He steadied and gained momentum to conquer the cement steps.
While trying to keep up, I wondered what delightful or necessary items were tucked inside; surely, things to make their afternoon pleasant. We separated by a few yards and I thought it smart when he erected a tarp to keep out the sun's scorching rays. Probably for the baby or maybe when they ate lunch.
I was about to doze off when an odd odor circled the air keeping me from my nap. After a while I gave up and headed toward the water's edge; wet my feet and turned toward the young family. My Polarized lenses really did block out the rays—
I stood firm and then for a moment . . . marveled at their gall. The bong was in plain sight with the baby patting it, until the mother threw a towel over it.
What should I do?

Why just who is this prolific lady writer of site after site and insight to cite . . . whom so many of us find so outtasight? Well there's info aplenty in cyberwriting worlds about our beloved Jeanette, but here's the full scoop in one fell swoop (purloined from Jeanette's burgeoning press files):

JEANETTE CHEEZUM lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she watches the rolling surf for inspiration. You can find her work on a multitude of online writing sites. Listings of her prolific works are available at Hampton Roads Writers.org, or at a place many of us once met ~ Six Sentences. She has been published in three of Smith Magazine's anthology books, six of Six Sentences anthology books and with class and distinciton in Vox Poetica’s first book of poetry . . . and is always "at home" AT THE BIJOU in a showcased or supporting role of stories or stirrings. Browse around ~ You're sure to see her good works here, there and everywhere! Bestowed writing awards and as a semi-finalist in quite a few contests her prolific nature enters, Jeanette smiles proudly and serenely at her future horizons ~
Forthcoming: Harbinger*33
She has published over 445 stories, and hopes to publish her latest novel this year.

"Thanks" just doesn't shine the lights enough for all you are to us AT THE BIJOU, oh Goddess Mother of Brilliant Authors ~ Our hearts and shining eyes fully bestow it.

~ Absolutely*Kate
and our fine staff of renown



Unknown said...

Oh Lordy... a bong... man... Nice one, Jeanette

Wendy said...

Sweet Jeanette, you got me hooked on your family writing from the beginning, and then...a bong??? Good googly moogly!! You're something else!!! Loved it!

Anonymous said...


@ Kate, nice intro. I appreciate it.
@ Ant and Sugar, I'm always pleased to see your comments, Thanks.

Harry said...

Looks like the baby wasn't the only one to bring a pacifier. If I had to guess I'd say this is a true story. I don't have to guess to know it's a good one! Nice trippin' to the beach with you Jay C!

Michael Terence McNerney said...

Loved your use of the "hookah" (hook...aaahhhh!). The visuals you created remind me of everyday sights in the Haight. Great job, Jeanette!

EC said...

What happened to the good old days of rollin'? :)
Great to see your stuff, Jeanette.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Don't bogart Erin's joint my friend, pass it over to . . . whoops -- who woulda thought the HOOK would be the bong of Jeanette ... a smoke screen of high vibrations ascending through a seemingly day at the beach.

Way to go jazzy J!

Thanks so much for how you kept the two fellers so copacetic, cool and cohesive in this dynamic rendition of HOOK, LINE & SINKER!

~ Absolutely*Kate
and our fine staff of renown

Anonymous said...

Thanks ya'll for reading my flash.

@ Har Just the couple with the baby was fact.

@ Mike, I'm pleased you liked my work. Good on you for catching the Hook :) ah

@ Erin (Seeds) LOL

@ Kate I loved being the lead in for these two savvy writers.

foolishwriter said...


Great little story - nicely descriptive, with a cute surprise ending. I have certain thoughts about the couple, but I'll keep those to myself. Again, Very Nice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Foolishwriter. This was purely fiction. My prompt was of a couple walking in front of me on the beach.