Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Jazz ~ Cocktails ~ 

The Lush Life ~


Put on your high hats and your high heels. 

High ideals? Hell, they're optional.

But order a high ball.
Or a Mickey Slim, a 1940's fave
of all the swell high rollers.

You're gonna need a brazen belt 
for the New Year's "Cheers" lineup.

It is  Lucky*13  after all.

You'll see.

You'll see.


c o m i n g    c i n e m a t i c a l l y    s o o n


   MICKEY SLIM sauntered in the upscale new cocktail lounge AT THE BIJOU joint and barked out, "The usual".

   The new girl, Evelyn, looked at Shirley who squinted at Doris (who knew nuttin' just comin' outta the chorus). They'd seen Mickey around, were even familiar with the swagger of his saunter, but just weren't up to snuff on how usual his usual was poured out. The guy had a crisp edge none of 'em wanted to see flip over. Somethin' sour must've sloshed the careen of his world. Put it this way - The guy wasn't whistlin' any happy tunes.

   Yikes. What to do? What to do?

 Life is perfect timing. Always is, always will be. Fortunately for the bevy o'beauts behind the bar AT THE BIJOU, Marjorie and Ruby shimmied in their own swish and saved the day. They knew where that maven mixologist Sugar Mae had hid her book o'tricks. "Peachy keen! Here it is - right next to the whiskey sour mix." 

   Shoogs had scrawled copious pink notes on both the regulars and the high rollers' choice of refreshment libations. Shoogs was always sweet to please:

The Mickey Slim for Mickey Slim is a cocktail drink that I predict will have a very short-lived popularity around town. It's a killer, I tell you, a risky killer ~ 

   First you jigger in the Gin

   Then 1 pinch DDT punch. 

   You heard me. Many countries ban this DDT ingredient, 'cause the effects, like absinthe, don't really make any hearts grow fonder. Could have something to do with what an insecticide is set up to do. Then again, Mickey's a dangerous old bugger.

   I add a little ice cold water and plunk in one sugar cube.

   Girls, when you push it towards him on the counter, lean in with all the bouncy cleavage you gots and repeat after me ~ 

   "Here's your poison, Bub."

   Mickey loves drama with his drink. We are AT THE BIJOU after all. And Katie says our shows absolutely must go on!

   At his swanky corner table, Bogey chuckled, "The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind."

   He reminded the girls, and Mickey too, who had glassy eyes and a wide-ass grin, "Katie's looking to run some fine 40's film gems on the Lush Life. Cocktails and swells. Spread the word, will ya?"

   The feller who came in with Sugar plugged his 2-cents worth:

 "Yeah. Tell any Authors ya know worth their salt to spiel their best stuff. Don't order the Mickey Slim though. It ain't worth the gulp."

   Sugar Mae giggled, clung to the blue-eyed guy she came in with and took up her pink pen again. Wrote the submission guidelines: 

Friends of  AT THE BIJOU,


Lush Life Stories
to run through Oscar's Greatest Night
under 1000 words

Absolutely*Kate and Film Crew

   Mickey raised high what was left of his green cocktail, matching a peculiar shade of his face. With good gusto, he mustered his mutter to all gathered at the swanky new cocktail lounge AT THE BIJOU

   "T'anks folks. Can't wait to see dese screen gem shows."


c o m i n g    c i n e m a t i c a l l y    s o o n


You'll see.

You'll see.

It is  Lucky*13  after all.

~  Absolutely*Kate
( sipping scotch, single malt ~ with a splash )

Photo credits:

StepByStep.com  ~ Mickey Slim cocktail
Maltese Falcon ~ Mr Bogart
Sugar Wendy Staley - Mr Sinatra and She
Jazz ~ Absolutely*Kate's collection


Harry said...

Great to see the Marquee lit up At The Bijou!

Tell Doris to make mine an old fashoined and hold the DDT.

K. A. Laity said...

Good to see the Bijou is back, Pour me a Chastity Flame: I got the third book in a trilogy to write...

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Well folks ~

I sure am happier (and quicker) than a slow gin fizz that AT THE BIJOU has finished renovations on The Swanky, our new cocktail lounge and no such thing as coincidences just pour forth. Click that "Chastity Flame" link ~ Our sultry, swiggin' lady Laity is up to sexy cahoots of her own luscious lushness:


"You know I’ve got a sexy spy novel called Chastity Flame; did you know there’s a drink named after her, too? Because it’s Friday, I think some of you might be thinking about happy hour, so here’s a little drink you can try out. It first appeared in the Noble Romance Christmas Bonus Recipe Book. I was hoping I’d have the sequel to the novel done this summer, but moving to Ireland has taken up far too much of my time! Never fear, it’s at the top of my list once I get settled in Galway.

”Never despise a drink because it is easy to make.”
~ Kingsley Amis, Everyday Drinking

When I created Chastity Flame, my sexy government agent, of course I had Ian Fleming’s Bond in the back of my head. While working on the sequel, Lush Situation (which draws its name from Richard Hamilton’s piece, of course), I decided that Chas needed a drink just as memorable as Bond’s “shaken not stirred” martini. Et voilá! I give you

The Chastity Flame:

2 measures gin (I recommend Boodle’s or Tanqueray Rangpur)
1 measure vodka ( I recommend Zubrowka, Reyka or Stoli)
A generous dash of bitters (is there any but Angostura that will do?)
Lime garnish

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker with plenty of ice, but don’t dawdle or it will get dilluted. Strain the chilled contents into martini glass — or a tumbler if you’re a heathen. Garnish with a lime slice and a shot of lime juice if you like that sort of thing (I do). It should be the color of Chastity’s amber eyes and be rather lethal, but then again, so is its inspiration. A perfect accompaniment for a stimulating book."

~ A*K ... gulping just how cool the Lush Life *clinks* among talented colleagues. You'll see. You'll see. It IS Lucky*13 after all.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Ahhh, Screen Gem Sanderford ~

I knew you'd be co-producing some good swigs o'your own once we got The Swanky up and running for a new year run of Lucky*13 shows. Figgers you'd take your jiggers of bitters with the sweet, rinse and repeat. But always with a twist. The Lush Life must always be a drink and a *clink* that has a good twist.

Get yourself ready in that other Director's chair there, Pard -- we've got a casting call slew AT THE BIJOU already. Gonna be some mighty fine showings of shows stirring Oscar's Greatest Nights, don'tcha think?

*clink* ~ Absolutely*Kate, proud as Planter's Punch to be opening red velvet curtains again

Wendy said...

Oh this is just glorious! The Swanky. The Lush Life. You. Me. Oscar and a martini. I can't wait. Now where'd I put my notebook...

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Your famous hot-pink notebook?

Oh Shoogs, wherever could it be? The boudoir, the bar, the bottom drawer of that dresser under lock and key? Word goin' round AT THE BIJOU is between what folks are drinkin' and lettin' slip most tenderly to you -- there are a lot of slick secrets you've been jotting down. Hmmmmm, a story there perhaps?

But The Swanky -- the Lush Life -- a month of Oscar's greatest nights and more than martinis . . . you promised you'd make a pitcher of cosmopolitans -- didn't you?

So glad you're taking such splendid charge of the whole front lobby/lounge. BIJOU business is va va booming!

~ Absolutely*Kate

AJ Hayes said...

I'll take it traditional, see. Stem martini glass dat's been in de freezer for exactly two days. Martini and Rossi a'course. Flash chilled wit Liquid nitrogin. Plymouth Gin (de original gin in de original martini) kept exactly 1 degree less cold dan de glass for de two day period. Olive fresh imported from the hilly gardens of Southern Spain.
1. Take glass from freezer with thermo gloves
2. Slow pour 3 measures Plymouth into glass. (surface of gin has got to be dead calm)
3. Carefully slip toothpicked (cedar toothpick from Lebanon)single olive into gin (making sure surface of gin stays the same dead calm).
4. Remove cork from Martini & Rossi bottle (never use a bottle of vermouth with a screw cap. Dat's barbaric) and gently wave over surface of gin (about a half millimeter above) without disturbing the surface tension)while softly whispering "vermoooooouth" so yer breath barely carris the slightest bit of the essence of the vermouth toward the surface.
5. Serve at once.

TIP: Serving the Martini is best accomplished in a true ice bar -- air temp 28 degrees Fahrenheit -- to achieve the desired effect.

'NOTHER TIP: When breathing over Vermouth cork it's best to have two 29 degree F. ice cubes in yer mout'
Youse got dat, Dollface? Snazzy!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Lebanon cedar ...
Avoiding barbarics . . .

Knowing how to whisssssssper the truth o'vermoooooooth . . .

You're such a pushover to please, Clyde
~ Katie -- abso'vermoothly

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