Friday, August 9, 2013

SeaPunk ~ " Now You Sea It " . . . when a chanty meets a challenge . . . By ~ Absolutely*Kate

Author Chuck Wendig, in his terribleminds posting had a not so terrible idea --

Create your own 'punk' lit -- past the hem and haw and cranks and wheels of  steampunk and valvepunk and his new specialty ~ home grown 'cornpunk',

I entered into the array of his fray with my stream of conciousness ~


Hope you dig some treasure buried here, 
and get a good gander at the pile o' punks
chuckin' up their stuff at Chuck's.

Oh yeah, *AT THE BIJOU* is back in town baby.

Gonna shine spots and kleigs on stories, glories, punks and shadows of our noir
You'll see  ~ ~ Oh yeah, you'll see.

~ Absolutely*Kate,
'cause the best shows in WebTowne must go on

Now You Sea It
~ By Absolutely*Kate

There’s flotsam. There’s jetsam, and never the twain shall meet – even when most folks don’t rightly know bad flotsam from good jetsam when they’re up to wading wet ankles in white kicky, salty foam brine. There’s knowing which cove on which semi-deserted beachwalk at which time of tides is ready, willing and able to yield up the conch catch o’ the day ‘neath the still pinch-your-nose stench o’ the big black creepy seaweed. Yep, there’s all that and a white soft slow-mo spiral of a seagull’s feather you catch in the palm of your hand and a scallop shell and the cobalt glass triangle that caught your eye on the last bendover. That’s the stuff of good pocket-fillings so’s your arms are open for the expected unexpected hunk of driftwood – beached when you weren’t here at this fine day’s mornin’ ebbtide.

     Crosscurrents and eddies that ain’t the name of your Uncle Ed’s son Ed, and tyin’ the cleat knot on the line thrown your way and barefooting the well worn pier at the hometown marina with that cool one waitin’ in the rusty red cooler ‘board ship is a simple pleasure high – kinda like the sky this time o’ getting’ ready for evenin’ sail. Blue skies, nuttin’ but blue skies, vast with peachy keen overlay -- and who really gives a flybridge of a damn when a cliché is actually worth embracing the stuff it got swirled out about. Yeah, this be the Life from mains’l to top gallant which is so friggin’ cool to say – but not quite as intensive as the boost your psyche gets when you boom out, “Come Aboarrrrrd!” as hearty response to that pal or bum who wanted to share a hunk o’ your day – any ol’ seafaring way.

Yeah man, watch those sandpipers skitter at the edge of the edge of true grit sandy wonder. This be livin’. Kinda full life grab you at every place worth being grabbable that ol’ Satchmo and Popeye sing chanties about.

This be seapunk.

Wave on, wave on.


~ Author Absolutely*Kate (c) 2013,
bringin' a chanty to a challenge 

Oh yeah, 


is back in town baby.
Gonna shine spots and kleigs on stories, glories, punks and shadows of our noir
You'll see  ~ ~ Oh yeah, you'll see.

~ Absolutely*Kate, 'cause there's no biz like show biz like no biz I knows

( Everything about it is appealing )

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