Saturday, November 14, 2009

Peppers and Zen

I was troubled, inside kind of troubled, hide-it-from-the-world kind of troubled, the worst kind of troubled. Ambling through Stop & Shop's produce section, in quest-selection of perfect green peppers, on the way home from works on a Friday night, I sensed his presence, I felt his presence, but I couldn't see his presence . . . and then, there he was ~ a short, strong, older dark haired man, asking with a different kind of inner light, "Pardon, would you please show me where the smaller chilies are?". Instinct always rules when your spirit, even a troubled spirit, knows the grace of Open, so cart and purse left behind, I turned the proverbial corner with the mysterious gent to the hot pile of chilies, where his eyes danced and his hand grasped and pumped mine, tandem to an honoured blessing, "You are a warm and fine woman, undergoing some kind of trouble, yet instantly helped a stranger."

Perhaps the temperature changed or the warmth simply, (thus strongly) took on quantum frequencies, but in the next half-hour spent in fascination with the internal medicine man from Pakistan, my joining-in historical mate and I learned of four years of US citizenship, a most delicious curry recipe, Muslim influences into world-stretch, historical and governmental rhythms, injustices swallowed as pace of life, what classes of men are suitable for well-provided daughter matches, and the depth which intelligence furthers an individual. The parting was a hug and not a handshake; the proclamation, holding my gaze with his superb soft browns was, "Ah, you are a spiritual lady too?". Wanting to hold this moment, wanting this warming peace over where inner troubles fester, he answered my unspoken question, "We will meet again, when we are meant to."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I think he left Connecticut and went to Pennsylvania next,
helping my friend Zelda out with her own peppered thoughts.
I can only
trust so.

~ by Absolutely*Kate
~ of Harbinger*33

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Crybbe666 said...

A very cool story, Kate, as well as giving the reader a sense of satisfaction. A heart-warming tale indeed!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Well Paul, comin' from you and your scary stuff, it's so great sharing into the caring of your soft side too (Shhhh, I'll keep your secret, Tough-Guy). True story too - isn't it grand to know that 'not knowing' what's around the corner (even in the peppers area) can change life in a moment?

THANK*YOU ... Absolutely*Kate

Paul D Brazill said...

very nice indeed. Quite lovely, actually.

Jodi MacArthur said...

This is enchanting and heartfelt. The last line gave me shivers. Beautiful story, Kate.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Paul and Jodi, touched I am, heartfelt too.

Anonymous said...

When you're hot, you're hot. This gives a whole new meaning to produce. Spicey story and very heartfelt. I agree with, Jodi. That last line was killer. Good job.

Daniel said...

It's to the strangers we must turn when our energies churn. Is it not true you go to a bar to be blue? Hoping but not hoping some one will sit next to you.

Be it the produce section and a Pakistani medicine man or a dark, dank dive bar and a sympathetic drunk man, there is no escaping the fact that sometimes we just need to connect.

Like you just did, good job kiddo.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

D ~ told you I couldn't present zen or tao now without YOU around. Wish I could do outta body travel - I'd be that other in the dark bar near you, nodding at the barkeep, "His is on me."

Then again ... you and I aren't 'strangers', are we? Before stupidity stuff obliterated all my first year's writes back at old 6*City, you and I danced near a grand piano and your tux baby, was to die for. I felt your goodness then when you went all cosmic ... you can't obliterate feeling. You've got it in aces Daniel Stine and it will serve you and your dear family of lovely gals, just fine. So many of us are around you -- I'm gently laughint with my eyes -- the way this blog is positioned tonight, I'm right across from a red curtain as I write you. The good kind. The kind I ALWAYS wish you - the one where your show is always rising.

Love'ya man ~ Thanks -- I knew YOU would get this one.
Thanks ~ Katie

pegjet said...

The grocery store. Some of my deepest as well as silliest conversations happen in those aisles, and always with total strangers.
Nice capture of one of the many enriching encounters we experience in the seemingly mundane.