Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PRELUDE ~ To Wordsmithers

Welcome to

of writers' raves and readers' faves
where we do it right, do it big and give it class.

Klieg lights are shining!

Illumination through history
is on its veritable showmanship way!



More than parades and football
are cookin' up
a delicious mess on
Thanks-Be-Giving Day

~ T H E N ~

The MIKE & MIKE Show!
on the first calendar turn to Tuesday in December
( Let'em snow, let'em snow, let'em snow? )

~ The Moon Chronicles ~
come shining the first Thursday in December

plus, pleasures profuse ~


What happens when across the pond splash-ripples with . . . ?
Come find out the second Thursday of Decembering!



~ Before the turkey comes the grace
Mine for fellow-writers, globally rippin' waves
all over the place.

~ For the tango, schmaltz and waltz when words
take to dancing; for reaching within, stirring around,
then plucking triumphantly out
what our inner spirits saw coming, all along
~ whisper's greater shout.

~ For muse and music . . .
resonating, resounding, crescendoing
and occasionally a symphonic cymbal'ic.

~ For smiles, smirks,
riles, perks and grins within.

~ For the beguile of piles of "yet-to-be" story files
where expressions meet phrasings
and turn streetcorners named desire,
to wander and wonder those roads less traveled,
simply (thus strongly) making all the difference.

~ For bylines and wry lines and meeting one's
finer higher self in the coupe de ville at Inspiration Point . . .
losing new virginities to scribing passion's
most alluring persuasions.

~ For publishing . . . and relishing . . .
and telling more than 33 . . . of our closest friends
plus colourful colleagues ~ "Hey! Check it Out!"

~ For all the shades and hues
and tint'alizations of your true blues,
my most colourful colleagues ~

. . . words . . . fail . . . me.

~ Absolutely*Kate


Anonymous said...

I can't wait. This site as great writers.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

You should know.

Paul D Brazill said...

Going well, isn't it?

Harry said...

". . . words . . . fail . . . me."

We can only imagine what it might be like if you didn't have such a dificult time expressing yourself! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving Katie*Girl and everyone else at the Bijou!

Jelena said...

You go girl! :) I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Very funny, Har ... have some pecan pie why don't you? *Scrumptious* is what jawin' with youse guys is all about.

Paul -- YES ... AT THE BIJOU has some up&coming stars to showcase with flair and distinction ... Keep on taking your now reserved seat. (You like the brass plaque I had the staff put there for you?)

JELENA! Yippee - I knew you've been in the balcony all this time ... Why, you'll be on the big screen as LADY*LADY INTRIGUE very soon, very soon ... hurry out and get more pens for autographs, OK Lady?

Jodi MacArthur said...

I'll amen to the whole poem, but this part especially,

"For muse and music . . .
resonating, resounding, crescendoing
and occasionally a symphonic cymbal'ic."

Happy Thanksgiving, Kate!