Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Part 2, STREWING ~ BREAD*CRUMBS! ~ of Authors to Authors . . .


Presented by Absolutely*Kate
because knowing our Authors
makes Reading/Writing great

COME OUTTA THE WOODS ~ pic ala Kay Nielson
Come out, come out, wherever you are. Authors AT THE BIJOU are strewing BreadCrumbs in the brave new year to bring you outta the woods. Into the light and the clearing, the enlightened and endearing, these astounding Authors offer up their own morsels of pride in recent savouring.

Trail them. Know them.
Groove and dig them.

*AT THE BIJOU* strews spotlights
into 2011 with BreadCrumbs
  to finding your own ways for picking up
the trails of Authors you know a little
and those who read and resonate just swell. 

It's all about the Journey.
~ Absolutely*Kate 
and our fine staff of renown

The response was overwhelming when I asked for links of worthy writings that AT THE BIJOU Authors were damn proud of . . . Here then, a sprinkling of some here and some there and won't you please come back for a whole new handful strewn next Tuesday . . . 

John Wiswell of Harbinger*33

The ones I'm most proud of? Hmm...

"Alligators by Twitter@ Flash Fiction Online - first pro-rate sale

"I Hate Gay"  @ BATHROOM MONOLOGUE - by far the most clicks of anything I've written, and if I've done a decent thing with constraints, it was probably this.

  - just like this one.
Happy New Year, all.

Happiest NewYear to your proud prolifics
dear John . . .  ~ Absolutely*Kate

. . . Come Trail more WISWELL
      on January Tuesdays . . .

And leave John a morsel of your mumbles
in the hearty Comments of thy theatre row, below

Leon Jackson Davenport of Harbinger*33

Hello all -

As per the request of a Special Lady that struts her stuff with a lion's share of moxie and confidence and does it in teal heels, 2010 was an interesting year for me.  It started with a publisher taking on the task of finding an illustrator for my children's book: "Ice Cream Soup."

I decided to hunker down and polish all of the stories in my portfolio, and to submit them to various mags.  I got some complimentary rejections mixed with hopeful comments and one of my stories, "The End of Forever" was an Honorable Mention in the October Issue of Allegory Magazine.

I took the time to compile a chapbook called "Above the Clearing Sky” which is available on Lulu.com.  It was graciously reviewed by Paul Brazill on his blog; "You Would Say That, Wouldn't You?"  This year, I'm working on the second book of a Science Fiction Trilogy for younger readers called "ABC and the Raiders" and a novel called "Moonstone."  
Also, Mr. Jacob Gunn will make a return visit AT THE BIJOU with a very wild and hopefully intriguing mystery.

So, good writing and Happy New Year!

Regards -

Teals and struts and real big grins salute your book-ings
oh dapper Leon. Illustrations stir, as do anticipations
for the return shot of Jacob Gunn . . .  ~ Absolutely*Kate

. . . Come Trail more DAVENPORT
   on January Tuesdays . . .

And leave Leon a morsel of your mumbles
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Carrie Clevenger of Harbinger*33

This is where it's going to be, 
and has always been:

One site. One story. My love in words. Come meet Xan Marcelles.

Love in words is a big bite good Carrie.
Best ever to yours . . .  ~ Absolutely*Kate
. . . Come Trail more CLEVENGER
    on January Tuesdays . . .

And leave Carrie a morsel of your mumbles
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Sean Patrick Reardon 

A few breadcrumbs from me to my new, very talented, writing goomba
and her most excellent friends.

My crime thriller 'Mindjacker" was published this Fall and is
available in print / ebook at Amazon, B&N, Apple, Sony, and Smashwords. For a peek, check it out here:

More of my crime themed shorts
 were published online this year:

"Crank Shot" @ A TWIST OF NOIR

Most importantly, I met tons of great writers and had a complete blast
reading, learning, and commenting on all of their blogs.

Congrats to everyone on 2010 and I hope 2011 brings even more success

to all of you.

Sean Patrick Reardon
Grateful to grow along with the witty wonders of you
this year oh Sean Patrick . . .  ~ Absolutely*Kate

. . . Come Trail more REARDON
      on January Tuesdays . . .

And leave Sean Patrick a morsel of your mumbles
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Jodi MacArthur of Harbinger*33

Hey me lovelies,
Here is the summary of my '10 . 

My creativity went to the high heavens, and
The Wicked Woman's Booty sails on the high seas along with Devil's Eye, Xscents, Glass Voyeur (the two and half novels I wrote). The usual wallop of fiction you can find at my website.
Love and best to you all,
Embrace of grace to splendiferous you,
  ever generous to writers' worlds, our beloved Jodi  
~ Absolutely*Kate 

. . . Come Trail more MacArthur
   on January Tuesdays . . .

And leave Jodi a morsel of your mumbles
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Jeanette Cheezum of Harbinger*33

Hi Harbinger*33 and AT THE BIJOU readers,
I just wanted to tell everyone thank you, for this past year. Most of you have made me laugh, cry or scared the bejeebers out of me. I am very proud of you accomplishments. For me to be a part of the H*33 group is humbling. Let’s go forth this year and show the world what we can do.
I am proud of how much I have accomplished this past year.  
I published 200 stories in ten books and online, added a chapbook to my credits with an honorable mention. Then wrote the scripts and added movements to two animated videos, one for three children’s stories I compiled for Barnes and Noble Pub-it. 
Paul D. Brazill chose me to be in the top five crime short stories for my What’s in the Cellar @ Thrillers, Killers’N’ Chillers. 
At Vox Poetica my favorite is Blossoms Bring New Life however; it’s in their second book and not online.
Yes 2010 has been a good year. 
Thank you for asking Ms *Kate,
Love and Respect to all,
Jeanette Cheezum/GMOBA 

Wow GoddessMother Of Brilliant Authors!
How proud we are of your happy hustle!
    ~ Absolutely*Kate

. . . Come Trail more CHEEZUM
     on January Tuesdays . . .

And leave Jeanette a morsel of your mumbles
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We've run out of room 
but never worthy AUTHORS ~
 . . . Come Trail next January Tuesday . . .

. . .

. . . PAMILA PAYNE . . .  

. . .

. . .

. . .
. . . ROBERT CLAY . . .  

. . . & always SAL BUTTACI . . .  


. . .
Kevin Michaels . . . Amy Auker Hale . . . 

. . . Paul Brazill . . . Susan Cross . . . 

. . .  Linda Simoni Wastila  . . .  Eric Beetner  . . .

. . .
Peggy McFarland . . .  Sandra Davies  . . .  

. . .
Sugar Wendy Staley . . . Zelda, Madam Z . . .   

. . .  Harry B Sanderford  . . .  

. . .
& Absolutely*Kate  . . .  

plus more
morsels of 

. . .  John, Leon, Carrie  . . .
. . .  Sean, Jodi, Jeanette  . . .

TRAILS LEAD ON . . . pic ala crawfishhead
 May Author Trails delight you well,
for my buddy Bob Frost would tell you
those less traveled . . . make all the difference 

Hansel & Gretel opening
artworks ala Wagassial

Happy Trails to you,
and popcorn

~ Absolutely*Kate
and our fine staff of renown



Carrie Clevenger said...

Great series of features. I appreciate your work in helping make the little fellas known Kate. <3

Jodi MacArthur said...

cool baens, Thanks K*te.

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

A*K- Thanks for the nod and providing all this great information. So much to read and discover, can't wait.

Anonymous said...

What a lineup. Such talented people.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

The lineups, the talent, the cool magic beans leading to towering fantasy lands of Tomorrows are all You and the pretty darn spiffy Authors who meander their grand stuff in AT THE BIJOU every featured Tuesday and Thursday (and sometimes even Sunday Murder Mystery Matinees) (wink*wink - Har?)

My honours, my gratitudes to all these beatitudes . . . and being in the vibrance of our collective colleague and welcome new'guys *zing*. (It's always about the zing).

~ Absolutely*Kate,
with real big grin

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Back@ the cool Carrie:

Like you guys' big talents would ever let you relax into bein' little fellas! Namaste, A*K

John Wiswell said...

Glad you enjoyed a few of my selections, Kate. Fun to look through this trail of others.

Anonymous said...

@John W. I love your arped sense of humor.
@ Leon J. Congrats on all your accomplishments this year. You are a diversified writer.
@Carrie, Great shorts. Neat site.
@Sean Patrick Congratsd on the book. Amazon did a nice job. I checked on Charles in Charge over at TKnC. Great!
@Jodi You have been a busy girl. Between beautiful sites and horror stories.
Thumbls up to all.

Kevin Michaels said...

Great trail of crumbs!