Thursday, May 19, 2011

JOSH ~ Absolutely*Kate's Congrats!


~ Best Wishes from Absolutely*Mom 

His baby bottle was shaped like a baseball. It was no novelty item though that he grew to naturally grace pitcher's mounds when he wasn't throwing his lightening arm and mind into double and even triple plays from his sure-footed shortstop stance. Took more than chance and circumstance for how the kid applied his know-how to ace exams in high finance as well as the hearts of all who came to know him. 

He's a hearty, good-lookin' 22 that always pulls through, and he's my son. He's pedaled bikes, delivered papers and successes as he routed his life into the greater world around him. Though he will likely trounce most in Madden's challenges and Xbox offerings of any imagination's pondering, I can hold my own in ESPN's Pigskin Pickems when sharing Subway sandwiches across couches during the season called gridiron. Simple pleasures, vast pride, such is the stuff the dreams for our children are made of.

He's a Red Sox fan and I root, root, root for the Yanks. Essentially, that's our major difference, for we both hold high the winning score that family, friends and loving laughter brings on home. My father's golf prowess is par for this young man's course now too, along with mighty sports skills in all endeavored fields of contention. Yep, his life is a wide open playing field and I'm betting high hopes on a lively boy who grew up loving a black cat named Lucky.

Josh graduates from Bentley University near Boston, this Saturday. His warm or wry texts from afar have gladdened this mother's happy heart countless times. His strength, higher than sadness, has steadied this mother's sorrowful heart during the loss of our beloved spark of mother and  grandmother who held tremendous pride in a tall, lanky good-looking guy who reminded her often of the fella she fell happily-ever-after with.

Yep. I can hear my Dad's voice, complete with the smile in it. It's loud and clear, higher than afar, "Josh has grown up into a mighty fine young man. Holy Mackerel! He'll go far -- you just watch and see!" 

I always listen to my Dad. I'll always root, root, root for my son. Best men the world and I are fortunate to know.

Best to you in all the life you go for, Josh.

~ your very proud Mom


Ifinder Ifindi said...

Glad, a blog of songs of a great heart and perfectionist. The reflections are Very inspirational and guiding. The narration so charming and lively. Thank You, Kate, for sharing so beautifull the Wisdom.

Mari said...

Super congratulations to you both, Kate! I'm hooting for your soon too, from far, far away. :)

Kevin Michaels said...

Big congrats to Josh as well as a "way to go" to his Mom behind the scenes. There's that saying about how it takes a village to raise a child - in this case, the love and nurturing of a family goes a long way!

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hi! Kate...
Congratulation! goes out to your son Josh, (What a good-looking lad too!) I too like the way that you incorporated your father's words and memories in your post with his hopes and wishes for his grandson, and your son...Thanks, for sharing!
[Once again, you, are in my thoughts...Out Of the "light" comes "light" not "sadness."]

Linda said...

Congratulations to Josh! And congratulations to you, super mom! I am sure you are beaming. Revel in this joy, AK. Peace...

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Congratulations, Josh! Wear your gown with pride and have a fabulous, fabulous day you'll never forget!
Kate, congratulations on steering your son the right direction. You have reason to be proud and even though your cat was named Lucky, luck has very little to do with your son's success. Enjoy Saturday!

Misty Hill said...

I felt a tear feeling the love and pride. A Mother's son is something special, isn't he. He should cherish your words.

J. M. Strother said...

Congratulations to Josh on his fine achievment(s). And congrats to you for raising such a fine young man. You should both toss some hats in the air.