Thursday, May 26, 2011

THE VILLAGE SMITHY ~ By Absolutely*Kate

~ By Absolutely*Kate  

It was a new town. It was to be her town. The kind of town you just wanted to amble around. And so she did. From the Essex train station, she gathered her weathered valise and leather shoulder bag, sauntered up Broad and sashayed down Elm. She crossed Genesee to see what she could see and meandered her enthusiasm along the bends beckoned by winding round Juniper Lane  . . . which turned enchanting when its tour de force hit the high notes of ample brass fanfare upon the Village Green.  
Over hill and over dale, a resounding gazebo band was practicing star-spangled standards of Memorial Day renditions. The jostling chatter of townsfolk interjected here, there and everywhere, evoking Norman Rockwell with sound effects. The butcher and the baker were haggling over meat on the street. No doubt the candlestick maker in the shop where forest green canvas awnings were flapping could wax eloquent over town goings on. What a wide open view to pan the panorama!
And so she did, and from her vantage near the street light on the streetcorner named Desire, she saw him, the most evocative character to jar her peepers so far, in all the travels in all the towns -- and even a few gin joints she'd known. She spied him under the spreading chestnut tree. Yes, that was where the village smithy stood. An urge warmed her bold, an urge lunged her fearless. Instinct pummeled nerves, to speak out to him if she could. "Well, move feet,"  Liza admonished, setting her stroll from the sunny side of the street to where shady leafed branches bid wonder and she hoped . . . welcome.

© 2011 ~ Author Absolutely*Kate
in a small-town large state of mind 
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Carrie Clevenger said...

I like where this is going Kate.

Helen A. Howell said...

What a sassy character you have here - I like here!

I also liked that you mentioned the Essex train station, it sorta reminded me of home, as I hail from Essex....

Helen -

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Then keep on sauntering along with the action pummeling nerves, jaunty Ms Carrie. See ya on the Village Green next weekend and thank you mighty kindly.

~ Absolutely*Kate,
re-opening AT THE BIJOU
for a tumult of enlivened action

Helen A. Howell said...

Ooops typo like here should be her! :)

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Well, well, welcome and full steam ahead! Look what the Essex train tracked in --

HAIL HELEN! Popcorn's on the house AT THE BIJOU to welcome you as *a new regular*. Find your fave red velvet seat and let the shows dance your own sassy spirit. My thanks, and Liza's too.

~ Absolutely*Kate
re-opening AT THE BIJOU
for a tumult of enlivened action

Author said...

Great stuff, Kate, nicely written and full of promise.

Harry said...

Yep, you've peaked our interest. Looking forward to seeing what happens!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back at The Bijou, Kate*. This looks promising. You have us set up for a beautiful story. Did You have to choose such an ugly guy? JUST KIDDING!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to a do piece on that traditional village vacancy. Mine's been missing one ever since my Brother left for Thailand!
Welcome back.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Oh Julie, Oh Har, Oh Lady J and Oh Colin the James ~

How I've missed the sensations of the incredible crew AT THE BIJOU, you, all of you. Appreci'kate the *welcome* more than you'll know (cue music) . . . and EVER am I grateful-Kate'full for the manner your kindnesses have bolstered me during the recent pack of darker days.

Lights are bright now (or getting there) ~ WE HAVE SHOWS TO PUT ON, PEOPLE! ... Write, write and give me the fuller delight of showcasing your spots and kliegs to the hilt, will'ya?

Oh yeah, and I'm real touched you like my Village Green scene. Thank*you, thank*you ~ Doesn't it feel superb when the words jog up 'longside you and yelp that they want to go tripping fantastic again?

Love'you guys,
~ Absolutely*Kate
re-opening AT THE BIJOU
for a tumult of enlivened action

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

@Jeanette ~

You're in the vision-biz by 'close association', so just blink twice when those brawny muscles are too hard on your splendid peepers, OK? (large grin here)

~ ~ ~

@Colin ~
Real insight there WriterMan on "the village vacancy". May your bro's Thai'time bring you adventures too -- I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places we were just beginning to conjure before my world came tumblin' ...

~ ~ ~

LOOKING FORWARD TO NEW AUTHORING, PUBLISHING AND PROMOTIONAL SUCCESS-STIRRINGS with each of you grand authors. Jools must be waaaay ahead of me in e-pub gulps and Har, we got a PRINTS & POPPER novel to hit the charts, powow pal. Keep your ear to the pavement (but don't get run over) for an upcoming announcement of a new major Authors' Pizazz firm rustling up its gusto now with myself and a mighty other published bloke. (Threw that 'bloke' in for my Brit/Aussie colleagues - you keen to my accent?)

~ Absolutely*Kate,
with energy on the re*sizzle

Salvatore Buttaci said...

Kate, is this like those movie serials that brought me back each Saturday to see what happened next? I love it!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

YEP SAL my pal! You keep on comin' back. You keep on lovin' it. And I'll keep pouring out the serial. Thanks WriterMan par excellence,

~ Absolutely*Kate
re-opening AT THE BIJOU
for a tumult of enlivened action

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hi! The Absolutely*Kate...
Kate, This is a great "bit" of business...great intriguing story, great writing and a great cliff-hanger too!
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

The Absolutely*Kate, is this your email address?

Because I sent you an email, but I'am afraid that the email ended up in spam.]

DeeDee ;-D

Steve Green said...

Marvellously done in your usual "verse in the prose style" Kate.

So many good lines in there, I like the line...
"character to jar her peepers so far,"

The word peepers always makes me smile for some reason I can't think of.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Fantastic Absolutely Kate! This is a favorite for sure, and I can't wait to find out what happens next!

I love this line: "The jostling chatter of townsfolk interjected here, there and everywhere, evoking Norman Rockwell with sound effects." Love it!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

@ noir's notorious Dee Dee ~
What a thrill to cliff hang a real thriller deal like the likes of YOU! (yes on e'mail address - will you please resend so the intrigue doesn't do me in?)

@ the eminent Mr Green ~
Does my peepers wonders to see your smile shoot a shout-out -- but man oh man, is MY smile huge with "verse in the prose style". Much apprecia'kation! (Steve, I missed your daughter's posting during funeral times, so kindly give me a one'up where to refind?)

@ the vivacious Deanna ~
Damn, but you just make me happy all over when I see your jaunty jiggle comin' back in AT THE BIJOU joint. How lovely does it get to trade word-wonders with the likes of You, dear lady?

~ Absolutely*Kate,
re-opening AT THE BIJOU
for a tumult of enlivened action

Unknown said...

So sassy, Ms. Kate... And I agree with Helen. There's a little bit of 'Essex' in everyone's everyday life.

Steve Green said...

Hiya Kate, here is your one'up for my daughter's guest post, the story is called

Betrayal. (Guest post from Louise)

and was posted on May 5th

Really sorry to hear of the funeral times, Best wishes. Steve.

KjM said...

*Katie's back in town!

"...evoking Norman Rockwell with sound effects." - if ever a few words could present an entire diorama, the preceding are they.

What a painting you present. All the characters are present and you give us just the hint of possibility.

Gorgeous flash, *Kate.

And no bad photo as header for the piece, either. :D