Wednesday, September 7, 2011

100 WORDS TO PLAY WITH ~ Absolutely*Kate Insider Scoop on Nick Triplow's New STATUS STORIES

100 Words to Play With!
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Speaking of which . . . 

NICK TRIPLOW, words-worth
100 words are playing now with panache and dash! 
Acclaimed Brit author Nick Triplow has introduced a site of Status Stories tinged with tight telling circumstance. Short doses of high fiction make you cry, coo, cringe and of course come courageously back for  more.
I've got a few showing ... and Miss Millie and I carouse daily over gin fizzes the variegated presentation for good readers' gruesome, grace and goodtime guffaws. Go. Get a gander. You'll see. 

~ By Absolutely*Kate

Frankie and Joannie were lovers. They smooched in the park, they danced after dark, and in the raucous rolling nights, how they tendered new sparks!

Insatiable itch was, Frankie spread his love around. He loved all over town. Dinah at the diner, Penny at the 5 & 10, Margie at the dairy. Small town rumours swirl . . . fast as Joannie's tears, poor girl. Some whisper faster when Frankie fled town. 

Townsfolk now tender kind words o'er the picket fence as Joannie picks posies ~ daisies, delphiniums, lilacs, larkspur . . . vibrant, lush and lavished. Joannie smiles at what fine fertilizer Frankie's body yields.

© 2011 ~ Author Absolutely*Kate
now playing happily with 100 words @ Status Stories

That's the spitting image of Editor Millie the Mink up there,

~ By Absolutely*Kate 
She wore the trench loose, easier for fast moves. He lunged from behind but she'd expected that. Something about cowards and shadows give themselves away.

"Wouldn't shoot if I were you." He dared.

She glared. "Since you're not me and lookin' what's left of your pitiful future down a reflective 45, what would you do, wise guy?"

"Guess I'd aim straight, little lady." Bravado was his best side; choice of words, his worst.

"Last bum dubbed me 'little lady' had his flatfoot Florsheims stuck in the gutter -- with him in 'em."

"Hell Nelle, I missed ya."

"Been a while, Jake."

someone always returns to a crime scene

© 2011 ~ Author Absolutely*Kate
now playing happily with 100 words @ Status Stories

Photo drama circa shadow-images

100 Words on Nick Triplow
founder, concept-artist or mad godfather of the cool to gritty Status Stories

Nick Triplow? Writer of South London set crime novel 'Frank's Wild Years' and the successful heritage books, The Women They Left Behind and Distant Water. With partner in crime-writing Loz Harvey, he has co-written the script for 'Ted’s Return Home', a short film about Ted Lewis, author of classic British crime novel Get Carter. Originally from London, now North Lincolnshire, Nick's currently writing the official biography of Lewis, teaching creative writing, making final edits on Frank's Wild Years and planning re-writes for his next novel, the street-legal conspiracy thriller, 'The Paradise Man' - introducing Max - aka Inspector Mark Lomax.

Short Fiction 
in 100 words or less

Try it. You'll like it.
And . . . so quickly!


Anonymous said...

Nice promotion Ms. Kate*. I'm sure there are 100 words to play with in most of our minds.

Now that Frankie appears to be quite the know what I mean...spreads the seeds. We'll have to keep him in our sights.

Spread the word, keep your daughters inside.

Harry said...

As Jay C. says, Frankie liked to spread his seeds. Now he's fertilizer.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Ain't that the latest dirt, Lady J and Harry B.

Thanks you BIJOU beauts!
~ Absolutely*Kate, who likes to garden too (hmmm)

Helen A. Howell said...

Now Frankie may be dead, as Joannie gathers flowers, while she wiles away the hours, thinking no love
foresakes her, or double dates while she's around.
A smile spread across her lips, as she glances to the ground!

Oh Frankie was it worth it, chasing all that skirt!

KjM said...

Diggin' up a little dirt on Frankie?

Short, and sharp. Just how I like 'em.

Nice edge to these two, *Kate. I look forward to the continuation of your Gal Gumshoe. Jake better talk fast - and chose better words.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Well if it isn't PayDirt and the man who knows his way 'round Shadows . . . the illustrious Ms Howell and the magnanimously spiffy Mr Mackey readin' me right between my tight lines.

Mighty big thanks for the broad smile curves you two threw 'round my sharp edges. ~ Absolutely*Kate