Friday, September 2, 2011

ELECTIVE CHOICE ~ By Absolutely*Kate ... #FridayFlashFiction come to life, in but 100 words

As reported by  ~ Absolutely*Kate

The fat thrills of Beverly Hills wore thin on the pragmatic Clampetts. Possum vittles passed 'round the cee-ment pond in a pretend world could only circle so far. New York was where they longed to be. So Jed loaded up the family and moved to Albany. Political machines, with no movie stars.
The wrong turn had occurred off Route 80 while Jethro was at the wheel, fiddlin' new radio station buttons. Jed, being the commonsensical head of the family, made the best of the new location. Granny still says his congressional incumbency is a hoot.

Oil's well that ends swell.





 Smashing stories told in 100 words or less . . . with aplomb.

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And mine? Doggone it -- 100 wordings, on the dot!


~ Absolutely*Kate,
happy as rockin' chairs on a summer porch
that you good folks come round,
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Unknown said...

I love the spin you put on this Kate... Who'da ever pictured the Clampetts in THAT neck of them thar woods?

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Comes times it takes a man of the people to reach the people. I'd vote Clampett for Congress. And thanks Mr V.

Helen A. Howell said...

Oh the Clampett's - wonderful! I'd vote for them too!

Harry said...

Don't tell me Ol' Jed's a Texas Tea-partier! :)

pegjet said...

New York, then of all places, Albany? Interesting imagination you've got there Kate.
Fun read in 100.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Well good then, Jed has HELEN as an international lobbyist of great savvy. This bodines well for the campaign.

HAR, no how, no way -- Jed's a clear thinker not a fearmonger. Dem Clampetts are Democrats. (But your pun was an ace pulled outta your sleeve, natch - and Ellie Mae's been askin' for ya)

Ms PEG! Have missed your on-target insight aim and ever a sense of wonder. Real glad to catch your smile at my imagination. It just had to veer N off '80 a coupla hours.

Thanks fellow authors I sure do admire. Wanta go over to Governor Drysdale's for a coalition meeting later? ~ Absolutely*Kate

Blaze McRob said...

Jed's needed in Washington right now.

Lovely tale, me lady!