Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SALUTING LIFE ~ Absolutely, by Paul's kid

" What would Paul Pilarcik do? "

{ That thought ever guides this author }

~ Absolutely*Kate, his first happy kid

~ A loving rendition of Dad waving his good-hearted goodbye. With great humour he cared, shared, listened, encouraged and drank cups of coffee with folks who made his world what it was.

Paul's world?  Where you worked smarter, not harder . . . gave all you positively got . . . cheered yourself on in the same  exuberant way you shouted out to others ~ "WAY TO GO KID!" . . . where you kept a big pile of thinkin' inside and a larger smile with eyes that actually spoke, outside. Where you rooted for family, golf scores, the Steelers and back gardens to flourish. Where you never gave up.


~ Kathleen Marie Elaine Pilarcik

© 21 September, 2011, honouring an amazing Life,
 one year gone from only this earth.

Paul Pilarcik lived like his best season
. . . through the last day of summer.


Anonymous said...

I'm there, Doll. And I'm throwing that cuppa into the stone fireplace when I'm done so it can never be used again for a lesser purpose. Cheers. CRASH!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Yet another in the pile'up of reasons I love'ya FedoraFella.

Madam Z said...

Oh Kate, this is a lovely tribute to a lovely, loving man. You are one lucky lady to be Paul's kid.

And aj, I love what you said here, so I'm following suit. Cheers. CRASH!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

I kinda like the mess around the fireplace, like I kinda like you guys on a day when the extra smiles feel real good. Thanks Madam Z ~ Fortunate am I to hear your *crash*.in all grand entrances you make.

Paul would've laughed with you so much, so much. ~ Kate

KjM said...

Excellent, *Kate. And, for that matter, excellent *Kate!

Nicely, elegantly, done.

And yes, a toast to the man and the family. CRASH!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Well, I'll keep bringing in more pottery mugs if we're gonna *crash* them fittingly so at each good soul's share of this tribute.

My *thanks* as always Mr Mackey for how wondrous your conveyance brightens up a room. Uh, watch where you walk there. ~ Kate, absolutely loving how you guys mark good intent.

Misty Hill said...

A big smile and wave to you and the cup of love from which you sipped.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna pour that hot cup of love for Paul and you tomorrow morning.

Jeanette Cheezum