Thursday, April 1, 2010


Meanwhile, while the simple pleasure of late night scotch sips  ~ neat, just a splash, marks the rave review of The April Fools, Follies & Fantasies coming attractions this month AT THE BIJOU, we view an absolutely pensive Kate, swishing and wondering at her old oak desk, with the secret compartment. Shhh, this isn't about the secret compartment (not yet) . . . but more about her Chivas swishing and wondering, 

"What kinds of fools have I? In a world where AT THE BIJOU talent is writing lickety split as fast as their keyboards can tip tap type their mind's good spill into thrills . . . how are we ever gonna track down and keep up with all the places folks can seek and read our stellar authors?"

Another slow sip of scotch. A few more single malt moments. "Eddie? Hey Eddie. Thanks for workin' late tonight. New month opening Double*Features is big stuff. Saaay, any authors still hangin' around out in the theatre? Would'ya pause the film and turn the stage speakers on?"

"Thanks Eddie! Here, take this, a little extra, go ahead ~ take Mary Lou out for some special date Easter weekend. Tell her she's no bunny til some bunny loves her."

"Oh Miss Kate," snickers the BIJOU's chief popcorn popper and Ed of all trades, "You're so corny."

"So they tell me. Now scoot. Let me talk to the nice author crowd. Is this thing on? What do I press? Oh - got it. G'nite Ed."

"TESTING, TESTING ... Hey you guys, it's me, Kate. Barry, Anthony and Eric were good enough to hook me up some recording devices so when folks come in AT THE BIJOU we can sell popcorn longer by letting folks know some more about authors in our shows. Crowd Pleasers R Us kinda promotion. Would you mind answering a few questions?"

Paul Brazill: Do we get free passes for the film you just interrupted? I've only seen Bogey's Chain Lightning two times and wanted another watch.

Carrie Clevenger: Paul, don't you know lightning never strikes thrice?

Harry B. Sanderford:  Carrie, you ignorant slut. Whoops, sorry - thought I was talkin' to Jane at SNL. Don't you know that in some circles of writing, they say Paul Brazill INVENTED chain lightening? He's that flash.

Carrie, on the miff, slam dunks the remains of her supersized popcorn over Harry's hunky head, being sure to dribble the butter ooze down the back of his t-shirt. 

Anthony Venutolo, pulling out flask: Off the rim. Two points. 

Sweet Sugar: Don't forget to push the Milk Duds too, Katie! I meant to tell you I put a little too much moxie into the inventory order sheet. Oh, and Harry's the epitome of butter fingers now too. Eeewww!

Jeanette Cheezum: Go ahead Kate. It's all normal out here. And we like to talk about ourselves. It's how humble comes to town.

"Thanks Jeanette, Paul, Ant, Carrie, Shoogs ~ Har, you'll wipe down the back of your seat? 

Here goes guys ~ "




A First Thursday Alert.

"Where can folks find you writer folks when you're not shining under our glimmery kleig lights AT THE BIJOU?"


Teresa Cortez: I'm a punctual gal. I get to go first. Hi Kate! I'm at and

Paul Phillips: Hey Miss Kate, What a fine and fantastic flair you have ...what would have been a simple "can you please answer these questions?" is a pure work of art. That's why we love ya over the ocean :) As for my answer, well, here you go ~ My blog site is

Madam Z ~ Zelda Martin, Gypzee and telescoped as a dangerous Pirate Queen: ( I've been lackadaisical in my posting lately.  But I'll try to do better if I think anyone is reading it ...

Eric Beetner:

Amy Hale Auker ~ (Cita): I am working on a personal website in order to market Rightful Place, but am not ready to put it up yet.  Until then, go to and click on Amy Hale Auker OR go to and, well, drool?

Michael J. Solender: Katie, Katie always the promotin' lady. If you MUST KNOW: The NOT, of course.

Ryn Cricket: Facebook under my name Ryn Cricket or my blog:

John Wiswell: The Bathroom Monologues, I update it every day, and have for over two years. Have over 1,000 pieces of fiction on there.

Carrie Clevenger:

Barry Northern:

Jeanette Cheezum: At this time Six Sentences, Hampton Roads Writers or, plus of course one of my other homes AT THE BIJOU has a full selection of "me". Simply click my name in the following article, "Cavalcade of Stars". There are many of us!

Anthony Venutolo: Here's my two pennies ... My blog Bukowski's Basement ... It's primarily a showcase of prose poems, flash fiction, booze news, musings on book-related movies and TV shows and pretty much anything related to my favorite storytellers like Bukowski, Raymond Carver, Hemingway, Tom Waits and Springsteen.

Christina Vincent: I actually just registered my domain! I'm now at

Paul Brazill:

Peggy McFarland: or

Salvatore Buttaci:

Laurita Miller: – that's my blog which is mostly writing and photos. You can find me on twitter - @lauritamiller

Doug Mathewson:  is where I hang my hat, but more and more I work out of  

Erin Cole: Listen to the Voices

Richard Johnson: Don't have one really... I usually publicize anything current on my Facebook page!/Richard.Michael.Johnson?ref=profile

Kim Urig: This is the most comprehensive list of all the things I've published.

Pamila Payne:  and http://www.pamilapayne.  

Absolutely*Kate: AT THE BIJOU < CLICK LINK OR REALIZE YOU'RE ALREADY HERE. Scroll - Discover - Carouse - Browse ~ WRITERS' RAVES FOR READERS' FAVES. Proudly presenting Double*Feature Tuesdays and Thursdays ... plus Murder Mystery Matinees on the Weekend. Six Sentences, posterous, and when other promotional/publishing projects are sailing well, I'll return to Meanwhile at the Confluence of Two Rivers.


A First Thursday Alert.

"Hey, that's great directory assistance, you guys. Now ~ What are you proud of that's publishing where?"

Teresa Cortez: I'll be carving out some time to guestwrite at a few 6r's websites in the next months, writing at 6S and my own Wabi Sabi home. I love the Wabi Sabi aesthetic. Through that lens I see everything. (it's now or never though there's laundry to wash and kids climbing the curtains)... Hey Kate - I almost forgot - I had a piece published in the 6S Word of Mouth anthology coming this April.  See what kids do to a mommy's brain?  Anyway, hope it's not too late...(I needed to overdose on cheesecake to remember this tidbit) ...

Paul Phillips: I am proud of anything that gets accepted - anywhere. None of them are favourites, but I am most proud, I guess, of the stories I have had published at MicroHorror. It is what I like to write, and to have some work there, surrounded by the names of some of my favourite writers on the web, well...what can I say?

Madam Z: AT THE BIJOU and Six Sentences is about it.  I'm too lazy to send anything out anywhere else.

Eric Beetner: I'm proud of my novel One Too Many Blows To The Head, co-written with JB Kohl. It is a gritty crime/noir novel set in 1939 Kansas City amid the seedy underworld of the crooked boxing game. People seem to like it.

Amy Hale Auker: Rightful Place by Amy Hale Auker, being published by Texas Tech University Press, release scheduled for January 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael J. Solender: My noirish piece, Jimmy Row is featured at Disenthralled #6 here; I have work upcoming at: Writers' Bloc, Yellow Mama, Right Hand Pointing, LitSnack and in the soon to be released Metazen Ebook. I continue to feature other's nonfiction work at On The Wing where I serve as editor. OTW is Full of Crow's outlet for screeds, rants, opinion, perspective and intelligent commentary on issues of the day.

Ryn Cricket: I have a lot of things out there right now. The non-fiction that gets posted on On The Wing I've been pretty proud of.  I have "Educating an American" on Fictionaut, I have several posts on The Not, Stories that Lift, Red Room, and of course AT THE BIJOU.

John Wiswell: "Alligators by Twitter" is scheduled to publish with Flash Fiction Online in April. This is my first pro-rate sale. I love the story and am proud my humor is poking its way into bigger venues.

Absolutely*Kate: Poking into bigger venues is always grand pride stuff John!

Carrie Clevenger: "Tidal" was accepted for Best of Friday Flash anthology 2009, I was invited to participate in the Chinese Whisperings group anthology project for 2010, published in Lame Goat's Howl: Tales of the Feral and the Infernal, Featured author in Forever Nocturne Magazine March 2010.There's some other stuff but I forget what and where. Google me if you're that curious.

Barry Northern:

Jeanette Cheezum: I’m really proud of what I’ve done this past year. (2009) I published 160 stories of various sizes, all over the net and in a couple of books. This year so far: I’ve published 52 stories, in four new books, forthcoming HARBINGER*33 and finished my third novel.

Anthony Venutolo: Proud? Well ... I'll be honest. I'm never usually happy with my output . I will say, though, that I'm supposed to have a chapbook published this year sometime from the outfit behind Zygote in my Coffee at Tainted Coffee Press (with fellow writer John Grochalski) that would make me pretty proud. I think when our Harbinger*33 book comes out, that will be a pretty great moment because everyone in it is extremely talented.

Christina Vincent: Aside from my debut AT THE BIJOU this month, I've been featured at the comedy site The International Society of Supervillains as Lady Unpleasantries (list of 20 articles here) and have had two shorts featured on MicroHorror (links here), and may soon be featured on another site!

Absolutely*Kate: Yes indeed! Watch for Christina's debut throwing her pen into the Fool's gold ring of April, AT THE BIJOU ~ Next Week!

Paul Brazill: Well, it's just been nominated for a Spinetingler Award so I'll go for The Tut at Beat To A Pulp

Peggy McFarland: Shroud Magazine, I was the Flash winner in Issue #7; getting the story I co-wrote with Tim Remp into Absent Willow Review's best of anthology, Every Day Weirdness, but that same story appeared AT THE BIJOU

Absolutely*Kate: One of my all time romantic faves, Peggy. Gives flush-fiction a whole new splash.

Salvatore Buttaci: To those of you who have already ordered my book FLASHING MY SHORTS, can I impose on you to write a customer review? If you have already done so, I thank you! If you haven't ordered my book, you can go to the same above site and order a copy. I have been getting very good feedback. Readers seem to like the quick read, and the 164 short-short stories in my book are of all types that include humor, horror, SciFi, alternate history, crime, murder, love--you name it! One of the folks who ordered my book e-mailed me to say she's read the book three times so far and her reading pleasure just keeps on growing!

Laurita Miller: I’ve got a few stories coming out this spring and summer in various anthologies. I’m not certain of dates yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

Doug Mathewson: I am very grateful to everyone  who was kind enough to run my stuff.  Crazy Six Word fiction all the way through the work I have done with The Boston Literary Magazine and Big Table Publishing. Special thanks to Crys at Shoots & Vines for featuring my work Christmas weekend.

Absolutely*Kate: That Robin Stratton at Boston Literary Magazine and Big Table Publishing is a first class heart of gold act Doug. World needs more classy sassy dames!

Erin Cole: The horror story I am proud of isn't publishing anywhere — nobody wants it.  Why?  Maybe because editors like the same old shit that makes them comfortable or it just really sucks.

Richard Johnson: Only thing coming up in the near future is I'm in 6S Volume 3 - And I'm just out in the 6S Book of Love.

Kim Urig: I am proud of my works at the NOT and AT THE BIJOU, where my dear indulgent friends allow a non-fiction writer to dabble with essays and more poetic pieces. I love to mingle with all the creative minds assembled in your space. 

Pamila Payne: Right now the best thing I have up is AT THE BIJOU, Madge Takes Off.  I'm writing pieces for Disenthralled and The Journal, to be out soon.  A new short Madge piece to follow up AT THE BIJOU is also in progress.

Absolutely*Kate: Believing in believers, I'm most proud of currently promotionally/publishing HARBINGER*33 ~ 33 stellar Authors, 3 sensational Artists and 3 scintillating Authenticators in our fine writing profession. Harbinger, a herald of good things to be. HARBINGER*33, heralding greatness manifesting destinies. The waves are all good tidings in the superb synergy. Much as is now onstage AT THE BIJOU, a source of klieg light pride for Writers' Raves become Readers' Faves. "The Prints and The Popper", a serial cliffhanger running weekends AT THE BIJOU written with the terrifically talented twist-of-the-phenomenal-phrase Harry B. Sanderford, as well as the Phantom of ourBIJOU is a thrill to create as well as reread with characters who seemingly "come to life" (or die). Check it out!

A First Thursday Alert.

"Whew! Tough acts to follow, but ~ What are you working on in your cave or your mind or your back and forth pacings for potential publishing zeal of appeal?"

Teresa Cortez: I'm considering writing a screenplay, a fusion of Juno and Prince of Tides ... is that even possible?

Paul Phillips: Currently working on a modern version of the Pandora's Box legend. Started out as a 2k word piece but has now grown to over 12k. Getting pretty sure it won't get accepted at 6 Sentences now.

Madam Z: Hmmmmmm ....

Eric Beetner: JB Kohl and I are at work on a second novel and that is going well. I am also finishing up my third solo novel and hope to make headway with an agent for said novels in the near future. (don't jinx it!) 

I have a story in the upcoming Harbinger*33 you may have heard of. I have a story in the debut issue of Needle magazine, a real live print-on-page, swat your dog-type crime fiction magazine. That will be out next month. Another story in an anthology Murder on the Wind which will be out soon.
I routinely publish shirt stories on the web as well. I'll be appearing at the LA Times festival of books in April and have been invited to the Men of Mystery conference in October. Hopefully there will be more stuff in between that, otherwise I'll get bored.

Absolutely*Kate: You? Bored? Now that's a mystery in a conundrum. 

Amy Hale Auker: Short Stuff (collection of short pieces and poems) illustrated by Peggy Krantz, Don't Talk to Strangers (sequel to Rightful Place) and ... drum roll ... The Story is the Thing, a new novel by Amy Hale Auker (publisher and release date to be announced soon).

Michael J. Solender: Later this spring my essay, Unaffiliated, will be featured in the print anthology, Topograph: New Writing from the Carolinas and the Landscape Beyond, published by Novello Festival Press.   I am excited to have my work featured alongside of several distinguished and prize winning NC authors. Additionally my work will be featured in two other anthologies, The Best of #fridayflash by Jon Strother Publishing and 365 Days of Flash, Daily Flash by Pill Hill Press.

Ryn Cricket: I am working very diligently on a novel about my Great-grandmother, a collaboration on non-fiction with Kim Urig and whatever else inhabits my mind in between.

Absolutely*Kate: That's how I first met you Ryn, thinkin'  Grandma was expressing through you and mighty proud!

John Wiswell: About a dozen short stories, and trying to figure out which I can finish in my current frame of mind. Also a potential novel or flash fiction serial, "The Sun Doesn't Rise." On the side I'm helping edit a world history textbook for some teachers in Nevada. And there's always what I'm going to post tomorrow on the blog.

Carrie Clevenger: Gritty, honest fiction from the mind of a bassist vampire: (Crooked Fang) My constant work in progress is highlighted at (The Reading Room) known as simply 500.

Barry Northern: I have ideas for two more podcasts and a book about being a writer in the 21st century. I'm also starting work on Season Two of Friday Fables, which I'll be rechristening later this year. I also got a good idea of how to finish my nano novel, which has kind of fizzled out until now, and I'm putting the final touches to a mermaid short story that I'm quite proud of before I send it out to Fantasy Magazine!

Absolutely*Kate: Barry, the mermaid tail-tale which you let me read made me cry. That's a good thing, right?

Barry Northern: On the one hand I feel guilty to have saddened you, and on the other I am jumping up and down with joy that I got the reaction I was aiming for ;)

Jeanette Cheezum: I plan to re-edit my first to novels and send them out. Then take more time with the family.

Anthony Venutolo:  Wow... It feels like there's something always on my back burner. I've been working on a comic book for a couple of years now called "Lucky Town." It's a hip, edgy drama that follows the trials-and-tribulations of Rory McClain, a tattoo artist in Atlantic City who suffers from panic disorder. Between his combative stripper girlfriend, a disaffected best friend and a scheming boxer, Rory must teeter a thin tightrope before he falls off the edge of sanity. 

I also have dabbled in scripts but never have sold one. "Dull Hobo," featured last month at AT THE BIJOU, is a script that I think would be pretty good. That project centers on a music geek who travels deep into the old south when he hears of a musician (who was long thought dead) turn up in a sleepy Delta town. He finds much more than he expected.

Plus there's always a short story or two in flux. I'm really thinking more and more these days about a book of some sort. Kinda like MY LIFE IN THE NEWSPAPER TRADE ... not sure fiction or non...

Christina Vincent: I did write a novel last year called The Occult Consult that I'd posted on Blogger as I was writing it (horror/comedy/thriller/gross), and I'm kinda sorta trying to suck it up and edit it now so I can get it published. Will either self-publish or send it out to real live agents like a big girl. But, I've also got a historical romance kicking around in my head that I may write under an obvious pen name and e-publish.

Paul Brazill: Still writing the serial Warsaw Moon for disenthralled.

Peggy McFarland: Several short stories, have more out there awaiting their fate.  Watch for The Red Door and Independent Living (fingers crossed)

Sal Buttaci: Here are my "Poems of the Week."

Laurita Miller: I’ve got a few things in the works right now. I’m working on some short fiction, a few songs, and still piecing together my novel. I just wish I could make more time to write. I feel inadequate when I read everyone else’s accomplishments.  Also, I’ll be running a writing contest on my blog in the next little bit so watch for that.

Doug Mathewson: Busy busy! Very active right now the - weekly poetry show Full of Crow, and monthly fiction show with Blink-Ink. I co-edit Blink-Ink (50 word fiction) with Lynn Alexander. We do regular updates at the site, a monthly show, and a quarterly print issue. I am doing a lot more in the way of MP3 recordings, and have an absolutely* huge number of stories and poems in the works.

Erin Cole: My horror story that nobody wants.  

Absolutely*Kate: Erin, not just 'cause you're crackin' me up at each of your pithy answers, but AT THE BIJOU sure wants your crappy old really cool horror story . . . after all, Listen To The Voices debuted my first (and only) horror tale, APPARITION.

Kim Urig: I recently have gone in a slightly Kate-esque direction and begun to work with two authors helping promote their books. One is a novel that will be released in 2011, by my friend Taylor Stevens (she has a Facebook fan page) and another is a young missionary Aaron D. Taylor, who wrote a book after spending a day with a radical jihadist. I am very proud to help them share their words with the world. Myself, I'm quite busy encouraging peaceful and honest dialogue on Lifted on Eagle's Wings. I believe I have a book (or 10) in me someday, but for now, my energy is more productive in other venues.

Richard Johnson: I'm working on a couple of Plays right now - One a screw with your mind Mystery and the other a Historical Drama. Oh yes and that amusing Fools and Fantasies ditty I'm doing for Kate AT THE BIJOU!

Pamila Payne: I'll be giving my first public reading in October and am working on new short stories and flash for an evening of scary stories, read in the dark.  Also, I have a Bella Vista Motel novella in 2nd draft stage and am considering splitting my first Bella Vista Motel novel up into three shorter novels.  Oh yeah, and this is a big deal to me: I'm recording my audiobook reading (voice acting) Demo mid April!

Absolutely*Kate: Setting sail HARBINGER*33 is the major promotional-publishing destiny well underway. "Dean's Girl" about a RatPack romance (aren't they the best?) is fine-tuning for guest*finesse at the inimitable Paul Brazill's. "The Journey Is Everything" will make a more serious appearance in possibilites at that loveable Michael Solender's NOT. Harry B. Sanderford who knits a yarn with his eyes closed, is punching out a full book with me (as opposed to a half-Nelson) of our courageous fighter, "Sweet Chili Philly". (Leave room on your bookshelf, will you?). Editing awaits on "Sam's Song" my political/noir novel of NaNoWriMoJo'ing with the writers' crowd Barry Northern kicked into action. Following that ~ four compendiums are in works ~ JOY*THERAPY ... CULTURE*TALES ... KINGDOM OF AGREEDOM CHILDRENFOLK*TALES ... and the sultry WOMEN*LOVERS*FRIENDS&MOTHERS ... plus I garden, walk beaches and play music that soothes the soul . . . back to this posting ~


A First Thursday Alert.

"Damn. No wonder the packed crowds AT THE BIJOU admire you Authors and your terrific talent so gosh darn much!

But what about that other side ~ that fills-your-spirit kinda stuff? What's the best thing that happened to you - not writing related - in the month of March?

Teresa Cortez: My two year-old turned three (March 28), the age they become truly human.  This means more creative freedom and fewer days of banging my head on the motherhood wall ...

Paul Phillips: Two things stand out this month: First, my lad being invited by the older kids at school to go on stage and play guitar at the end of term concert - that was pretty cool, made me a very proud Dad. The other was that I got another year younger...I will celebrate my 21st again very soon!!!

Absolutely*Kate: Happiest Birthday candle wishes come true Paulie, to you and your Aussie accent too.

Madam Z: The arrival of Spring!  And the daffodils, crocus, and tulips it brought with it.

Harry & Sugar unison: Oh Zelda ~ You've such a flair for the dramatic!

Madam Z: What's life without drama, without flair? Just ask Kate!

Absolutely*Kate: Just decaf Zelda. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that zing.

Paul Brazill & Anthony unison: Doo wop, doo wop, doo wop . . . 

Eric Beetner: Hmmm....I think watching our new daughter Grace really find her place in the family. We brought her home from China last December and she had a rough transition but now she is really happy-go-lucky and thriving. We'd like to think it is at least 10% that we are awesome parents. We are probably wrong.

Amy Hale Auker: I am working cattle horseback every day for the next few weeks ... writing will happen soon, but for now I must earn some money!  And I am finding wild and precious in each day.  What is the center of YOUR longing? 

Michael J. Solender: Sweetie and I have finalized our plans for a 3 week tour of Southern India in October. We've done the north now want to see the other half of the world.

Ryn Cricket: It's my four-year anniversary teaching where I am, and I had an outstanding evaluation, and I am the most asked-for teacher in the department.  (Too bad raises have be frozen)

John Wiswell: Undoubtably the vacation I took to Massachusetts with a friend. Eventually it flooded, but all the time there was necessary relaxation. It was also the first real test of my knee since the injury in January, and it showed I was recovering well.

Absolutely*Kate: Yippee that!

Carrie Clevenger: I won a special award at work. It let me know that while my writing seems to be growing exponentially, I am not slacking off in the 'day-job'.

Barry Northern: Yesterday I had a lovely beef roast dinner with Yorkshire puds and sticky toffee pudding with custard for desert.

Jeanette Cheezum: I continue to fall in love with my husband every day.

Anthony Venutolo: I stepped on the scale and saw a number I NEVER SAW BEFORE. I used to work out 4 or 5 times a week. That number reminded me of what I need to do and get back to doing

Christina Vincent: My cat has taken to petting me by climbing up on my shoulder and smacking me in the face with her tail.

Paul Brazill: I discovered a great shop that sells oodles of different types of Czech beer!

Absolutely*Kate: Paul ~ Na zdrowie! That one is named after my mother's family. You mean ~ I have Kozel relatives with a brewery? -->

Peggy McFarland: Planned my trip to NYC!!!!  Anyone want to meet me, we will be at The White Horse Tavern (I think that's what I was told) on April 30th! It's my first time to that city (I know, pathetic!) but I'm a goin'. Hope to meet some of your faces and match them to your names.

Salvatore Buttaci: Sharon and I wish you all a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter!

Laurita Miller: I had a lot of family time in March which was great. I don’t get enough of that. (I am enjoying reading everyone’s accomplishments and plans.)

Doug Mathewson: Also I have been helping my daughter and her family build a run and pond for four girl Magpie ducks (the white and black kind) they will be getting in May. Our four-year-old grandaughter tells me when the ducks can quack, they will come to their new home. Turns out this is true! Quacking is some standard, some established measurement of developmental maturity in ducks. Who knew? The ducks will be named after characters in children's literature. Harriet the Spy is for certain, Madeline probably as well. She and her little sister still have time to decide.

Absolutely*Kate: Doug, you know this SO quacked me up.

Doug Mathewson: Quack quack! Tell ya a funny word processor story one of these days, Night Capt'n.

Erin Cole: I attended a graduation at the police academy and heard a speech that blows everything I write away, especially my horror story.

Richard Johnson: I just finished a run of four plays, back to back - three acting and one directing. The directing overlapped with one of the acting gigs. Suffice to say, I need a break, so I can get back to some serious writing ... I haven't had time for almost six months, because of all the performances and rehearsals.

Absolutely*Kate: And you played Van Helsing,the guy  trying to kill Dracula, rave rumours have it?

Richard Johnson: You remembered, Kate. No wonder why I've accepted the job of being the new resident Drama Critic AT THE BIJOU. Folks are going to see a lot of Richard Johnson in these cushy red velvet seats for Double*Feature sensations. Now what's this about a PHANTOM AT THE BIJOU??

Kim Urig: Mom pride, definitely. My younger daughter has mastered More than a Feeling on the electric guitar that she is planning to play at the school talent show and my older daughter just had her high school musical stage debut in Bye Bye Birdie. Without question, motherhood is my most creative venture, ever. 

Mal Allen: I would just like to wish all my loverly friends down AT THE BIJOU, a very Happy, Holy and safe Easter season, and may the beautiful BIJOU continue to inspire and motivate all those who wish to share in the beauty of the written word, cheers, ... xx  

Pamila Payne: March was a month of reconnecting with some online friends I had drifted away from, and finding new ones that I really dig.  I made actual face to face contact with an online friend I met through Twitter and attended a poetry reading in her home, which didn't suck, and in fact was wonderful and made some more new friends while I was there.  Opened me up to a whole new range of ideas that I hadn't considered before.

Absolutely*Kate: You, and a range-of-ideas-unconsidered is a far reaching thing Pamila. I, as many, are fond and proud to call you Friend. So's my sidekick Esmerelda ~ she has real vision and sees your Bella Vista Motel novels making movies happen. Ask Harry ~ he'll tell you.

Harry: You should be doing all this for $$$, Pamila. Heck, we all should and are and will be.

Absolutely*Kate: I'll most certainly join the warm ranks of our stellar authors up above . . . IT'S ONLY WITH THE HEART THAT ONE SEES TRULY. That's most likely borrowed from St. Exupere's The Little Prince, but my terrific trio of kiddos do it for me too ~ soaring in their own lives, hitting me with full-fledged humour and sarcasm (lines I wish I would've written), and giving back to the world, in each their own ways. I'm humbled by how they live and how much is ahead. Prof lights my world with sagacity and romance, literature, music, movies and river walks. Writing, writers, creating and creators spiral my soul.

Thank You!
The Authors
in the theatre
for this Q & A to 
let you know them
all the more ... 
are No Fools,

~ Absolutely*Kate
and our fine staff of renown 

 Barry Northern: Kate, I'd be ever-so grateful if you could spread the word about the new competition I've just launched over at my blog! Congrats on the fun-goings-on over at AT THE BIJOU

Absolutely*Kate: You  heard the classy gracious man, right folks? NEW COMPETITION @ Barry's ~


And Remember to watch for NEW CONTEST @ Laurita's ~

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Carrie Clevenger said...

Wow, this is a lotta shoutin' Kate. Go get some tea and rest that weary head. We adore you madam. ;)

Harry said...

What Carrie said! :)

Anonymous said...

Captain, when you set things up, it's with pazazz and style.

Paul D Brazill said...

Well, what a busy bunch!...Kozel, the best. Ask Dave Zeltserman!

Laurita said...

Craziness at the Bijou today! I love all the goings on we've got going on. Yay for us.

FreshGreenKim said...

Kate*Absolutely, you are the best! thank you so much for this showcase you lovely lady... and how fun to assemble us under one marquis! You do DO IT BIG!

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In Agree*dom with is so very cool to see all my faves in one spot.
BIG is always best...and you, dear lady, always do it best!