Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GOOD WRITING ~ By Robert Crisman . . . as Fantasies Come to Play ~ AT THE BIJOU

By ~ Robert Crisman

Someone once said somewhere that good writing doesn't hit you over the head. Rather, it has to be subtle. Whoever said that has too narrow a view.

Good writing sometimes left hooks you and spits in your eye, or makes you want to creep out of town and live six states away. Or take over the town that you're in.
Good writing changes the shape of the light in your eyes and that's it.

Good writers, I think the best, also bring the "big things" right down to earth. They throw light on the general, so that particulars finally make sense. This, after all, is not a "nonsensical" world.

(c) 2010 ~ Author Robert Crisman

Good Writing tried The SexyTouch *challenge* on at a place where only 6-sentences tell it like it is. I tendered the intrigue of this photo and spurred the stir of worthy writers to fling fantasies as perspective would have its say. Oh those good writers, changing the shape of the light in your eyes.

Following are Robert Crisman again, a few you know and a few rather new, making their AT THE BIJOU debut. All are most welcome to keep on coming back and hanging 'round their perspectives' bright gleam.


~ Absolutely*Kate
and the fine staff of renown



Michael Solender said...

Crisman knows a thing or two about the written word. He has catalogs full of great writes to his credit. None of it subtle either.

Anonymous said...

Nice intro.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Thanks Jeanette for your usual gracious charm on noticing the lead-in impact some tough hitting words tend to shout out. Sure felt it when I read how the hip Mr Crisman shot from the hip on writing ... as our knowledgeable Mr Solender notes with style - subtle not needed here to tell it like it is.

Good writing, great writing, grand writing all grips you ... soft sigh echoes where read follows.

~ Absolutely*Kate, AT THE BIJOU

Paul D Brazill said...

Good pice. Crisman is a well tasty writer.