Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BRASOV ~ By Paul de Denus ~ as SexyTouch Fantasies Reach Out . . .

By ~ Paul de Denus

Tapio Gerr’s head was spinning and reeling, his alcohol consumption in full tilt charge of his out of control thoughts, the lonely thoughts; those lustful thoughts. Currently, he was lusting over the mysterious dark haired beauty standing several slot machines down from his… a provocative beauty with one long beautiful leg coiled around a barstool chair like a dark serpent… a wanton beauty he was convinced was watching him. He drunkenly sat plunking coin after coin into his machine as if it were a musical parking meter, thinking about how he might approach her and was suddenly startled to find her standing next to him, facing him, a full breast softly caressing against his arm as she slipped a card into his hand; then she was gone. He sat blinking, as if slapped and looked around, wondering if he had just imagined this fueled fantasy, then he felt the card in his hand; a business card featuring a cropped picture of a women’s leg with a hand draped over the knee, a pose that suggested someone waiting, the verbiage:  Bran’s Escort Service and scribbled on the back, Brasov (her name?) Room 41

To Tapio Gerr, a recent immigrant from Hungary, the name Brasov sounded vaguely familiar, he couldn’t quite place it and truthfully he didn’t really care now because nothing mattered anymore but one thing as he found himself weaving in front of Room 41. If he hadn’t been so drunk and maybe looked closer at the business card, he may have remembered and noticed several things; that Brasov wasn’t her name but that of a medieval town in Romania; that the hand resting on the sexy knee had long tapered fingers and fingernails … long and sharpened … and that now, a black descending shadow was racing in behind him.
(c) 2010 ~ Author Paul de Denus

PAUL DE DENUS:  I am a graphic artist and writer of personal essays.

ABSOLUTELY*KATE ~ And you certainly took a graphic twist on this sexy*touch challenge. With your flair for essaying images into memorable word-vignette form, what have you done to meet other writing challenges to your mind and psyche, Paul?

PAUL: Ah, glad you asked that one Kate ~ My recent personal challenge was to write 60 six sentence stories before my 60th birthday. Here they are, published in April, 60by60. My birthday is in September.
ABSOLUTELY*KATE ~ You made it with plenty of time to select all the colours of all the candles to celebrate a life which continues to meet all your success-filled challenges, Paul. Since you plugged your book so well, I'll guide folks to read more of your prosing at your site, ME THE OTHER TWIN. I'm sure they'll know it's YOU. 
Thank*you for being one of a kind
in April's fantasies to tantalize the mind,


Anonymous said...

Paul, you can't stop there. Now I will wonder forever. Great visual.

Harry said...

If Dracula drains a drunk guy does he get a buzz too? Cool take on the pic Paul!

Unknown said...

Creepy and delicious... Love the brevity of your tale.