Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MONGO COMES HOME FOR MOTHERBOARD'S DAY ~ By Mike Whitney of Harbinger*33

Mongo Comes Home
for MotherBoard's Day
By ~ the rockin' solid Mike Whitney

ChipDonor Max.v4 tried to bond with his humanoid output, but it taxed his resources, "So, Mongo, you chip off the old chip. What did you learn in school?"

Mongo stared and recited, "I was/am/will be a Cro-Magnon cave dweller, mated to a female mortal and binary fission father to a boy. Life in this past, uh, hunting very hard - everything is bigger than me."

RealParent™ Maxine rotated in place, touching keypads on both arm pods as she prepared RealFood™. Her chest screen glowed warmly; she loved having her boy home.

© 2002 RealPeople™ / Author Mike Whitney

MIKE WHITNEY never misses an opportunity for a curtain call! From Mongo, his hit creation of stage and screened space and creative cavewalls ... to the Music that keeps parts of the South humming a lot more than Dixie . . . all of us here AT THE BIJOU are proud to call his talents and charm the stuff that colleague-ships are made of. Watch for his chapter to call home in the upcoming HARBINGER*33 and a series of broadcast interviews on WLSO.FM with his pal and ours, rockin' Uncle Shag, getting to the heart and spirit of that mighty crew of sensational authors.

The hits . . . they just keep comin' . . . AT THE BIJOU. That's Show*Biz! That's class! That's distinction. Do read up more of Mongo's prehistoric past and futuristic beyond, AT THE BIJOU, where classics come to play ... come what MAY.

~ Absolutely*Kate and our fine staff of renown,
so gosh darn glad you've come around to show off 
your fine mind ... once again!

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Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

OH MONGO -- I mean, OH MIKE ~ you certainly couldn't expect sending out 'your version' of a hallmark Mother's Day greeting without it showing up AT THE BIJOU, now could you? We're always so glad to catch one of your showings. Thanks dear sir.

~ Absolutely*Kate and the fine staff of renown

Harry said...

mmmmmmm RealFood TM, just like motherboard used to make. Tasty as always when you dish up the Mongo Mike!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I love the title. You may have heard me laughing. I'm so glad Mongo could make the trip.