Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BIGGER ~ By Amy Hale Auker ... AT THE BIJOU


By Amy Hale Auker

bigger than you, bigger than me,
bigger than a bank account, bigger than a vote.
bigger than committees allocating funds for artistic projects yet undone.
bigger than the fight you had with your lover last week.

see how his eye is bigger than his wing,
as if at first he'll need to see more than he'll need to fly?

and his wing is just an L of bone,
dwarfed by the beginnings of feathers,
as if nothing special, but you can't soar.

he fits on my thumbnail, fits inside my head until I can't sleep.
the embryo of the universe cradling the yoke of the world
fit inside that fragile shell until it fell.

the stock market rocks back and forth.
the clouds build to the north.
there are questions calendars schedules songs tasks
and did someone call while I was away?

if  you don't want to see, don't look.

(c) 2010 ~ Poetess Amy Hale Auker 

AMY HALE AUKER is back AT THE BIJOU. It's a natural thing . . . 

The illustrious Amy Hale Auker writes and rides on a ranch in Arizona where she is surrounded by spiders, bats, lizards, weather, rock, hummingbirds and as much love as one person can breathe in at a time.  Her first book, Rightful Place, will be in the Texas Tech University Press Spring 2011 catalog and she has other works ready for publication when the rightful time arrives.  She just finished writing her first novel, and as a break for fingers and psyche, she is letting her imagination play with poetry... poetic prose?  prose poems?  Words.  Language.  Images. To view more of her work, visit DRY CRIK REVIEW

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Denise Covey Writer said...

Love your poem and your pictures..:)

Amy said...

Thank you, L'Aussie... I hope they were a little "wild and precious" for you today. (Thank you to Mary Oliver for those lovely words to live by.)

Anonymous said...

I love this, Amy.