Tuesday, July 27, 2010

REAL LIFE DANCE ~ By Amy Hale Auker

~ By Amy Hale Auker

We sat on red rock at mesa's edge
as clouds came on, as storm rose up,
saying prayers for rain,
dancing in the dirt.
We felt it today on cooler concrete,
toned-down asphalt with no glare on our skin
under wet clouds.
We looked on the website
Doppler radar
Channel ten?
We smelled it out an open window.

Have you ever
sat still
on red rock,
on a mesa,
Have you ever danced
for rain?
In the rain?


 We were here.
We knew granite, pipestone,
water coming up in the fall,
water going down into sand.
We had seasons,
animal guides,
mouths to feed,
old men smoking at sunset,
We knew
which leaf
to slap from our babies' mouths –
We built walls,
knapped flint,
hunted for food and hope,
ground grass seeds into flour,
dammed and dug the spring,
skirted the tracks in the dirt,
ground that doesn’t lie.

We are here.
We know Dillard’s, Arby’s,
what shoes to buy for fall,
driving directions to the stadium game
over at the buzzer,
no one wins.
We have schedules, plastics,
calendars, power,
strangers with fake smiles,
old men rolling in chairs,
We feed
our babies formulated wonders –
We build cities,
send text,
hunt for stuff,
call mom on her birthday,
sort packaging into bins,
look at bank statements,
numbers that never lie.

Come see the wind,
hold the sun,
hear the rock,
taste the flight of the swallowtail from bush to bush,
smell the clover dampness.
Come to the creek,
the million song mountain,
the real world,
where we left footprints,
(c) 2010 ~ Author Amy Hale Auker
Visualizations ala Laura Travels and James Neeley  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Amy (or Cita as some of us around writers'worlds have known her) is in a rarified state of prolifics and prose. It's as if you're barefoot and wading your way along a creek and then, way up ahead you see a lithe spirit. Son-of-a-gun, it's lovely Amy and you know you just want to sit and talk, ponder and laugh on that rock there. You'll move on feeling deeper and more splendid with another angle of peering at your world.

I think *ease* happens when you accomplish, are attuned to your 'nature' and are confident at a plateau where waiting for what's next to simply (thus strongly) come around the bend is its own sense of reality. I sensed that about the now of Amy, but wanted to know a little more for sure.

ABSOLUTELY*KATE:  So Amy, if you had your druthers, what would your superb and natural vision see happening for you in your writing and life'ways?

AUTHOR AMY HALE AUKER: We live, right now, in a world where Wall Street bankers are rewarded even though they have created nothing of value in a nation where everyone knows what a McDonald's french fry tastes like. I want to write about the real world where things grow up out of the ground, where the miracle of life happens over and over again, where people can and do survive without malls and movie theatres.  I want to produce something of value from a place where the bats fly, the lizards do pushups on the rocks, the bears leave barefoot prints in the dirt, the hummingbirds do a rain dance in August, spiders weave for their food, and poetry is in the chrysalis and the cocoon.  I believe that what you put out there is what you get back, and that if we do the good work, stay true to the creative process, we will be rewarded.   
See? I told you.
Amy's creating splendour
from the natural grace within.
Soar Amy Soar!
Thanks so much for natural flair
you brought 'round again,
~ Absolutely*Kate
and our fine staff of renown


Unknown said...

Hey Cita... Glad to see you round these parts. Great poem ... Like a picture postcard.

Anonymous said...

Cita, this is an amazing poem. I loved the trip through a peaceful life. I miss reading your work. This impressed me; your hopes of writing the gentler life and reminding us of life out of the fast lane.

Kate this was an awesome short and sweet interview.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...


Sir Anthony and Lady Jeanette, it's so good to feel the sway of our Amycita back AT THE BIJOU! When she comes in from outdoors all gentle and prose'aic, this is always her home away from home.

*blush* Thanks Jeanette on the interview part -- but geeeez, don't you guys all get it by now? When you're hangin' with the true talent you mighty writer'folks are to me, it just comes out what to say to have YOU have YOUR SAY.

~ Appreci'kation Amy/Cita and all the fine fine writers showing off their best stuff AT THE BIJOU.

Saaaay - Ant? Jeanette? You two up for a Double*Feature yourselves? Get together and play off the same theme - Remember folks - you heard this glimmer to be here first! ~ Absolutely*Kate

Harry said...

Always a pleasure reading your stuff Amy. Now, it may be possible to "survive without malls and movie theatres" and I get by just fine without malls myself, but once in awhile it's good to make your way out to the Bijou.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Oh that Harry.
Always thinkin'!

Amy said...

Anthony, Jeanette.... thank you for reading, thank you for liking. As usual, I am in awe of our A*K and her vision and her generosity. Harry... You know, sir, I thought about that AFTER I had already sent my words to Kate!

Again... thanks to you all. I am ready for spring and seeing some books in print. Amy