Friday, July 16, 2010

SPELL: "CALLING FORTH A LOVER" ~ By Absolutely*Kate of Harbinger*33 ... {#Flash Friday Fiction Flies}

~ By Absolutely*Kate

"Move over. C'mon! Make more room for me."
"You can see just fine and you know it."
"Cut it out. You promised the very next Brew Batch True you'd allow me to see which ingredients conjured mood, moment and momentum best by the selective stirring up of you."
"Aw for literally crying out loud, quit your whiny belly-aching! You'll still garner all optimum results if you use portending powers of Man-ifestation jusssst right."
"It's not my belly that's achin'. That's why Druscinda, I need -- my heartache needs . . .  to see, to sense without pretense, to observe in full focus fantasia how to heat the peat and repeat this concoction to have on hand.  I want to be able to produce a bottle on the shelf for myself -- by myself. This would make such a difference when The One comes along."
"Janelle, sweet always anxious Janelle . . . we've tried this before, we've tried it on four. Daniel, Donny, Dave and Drew. The results? Always alluring, temptatious, tantalizingly true. Remember? Those dudes just kept calling, wanting more dates and flirtates and to go courting and trysting.  Tryst and Trust is a must. Tryst and Shout lets it out. *Magic* requires nothing and all but full-fledged out on a ledge open window of opportunity trust . . . Here dear, pour yourself a little more Sangria and go sit over there by the window. By the time you count out loud how many petals are on a blue hydrangea puff -- POOF! -- I'll have your potent potion batched for action. A true brew for a Lover . . . come rain or come shine."

"Oh good! You're making the batch that weathers well. That's always a swell spell. One - Two . . . Twenty Seven . . . Eighty Eight . . . Nine Hundred F-i-v-e . . . "

Blood Boil Kettle
2 teaspoons Needled Nettle
Eyelash and Mustache
Voltage on the Wry
Transmit to Receive
No other way to get by
Warmth, Heat, Fire, Desire
all simmer-steam-sizzle
in timeless-relevant Time
Generate for your mate
from depth of self you emanate.
To thine own self be True
Do ye batch what ye must do.

Druscinda turned and looked at the nestled heap o'sibling by the open window. Smiled. Her little sister was down for the count. Bewitched, bothered and bewildered only happens past Sinatra songs when Flow is redirected. We don't ask for love to come knocking and dancing down our door. We generate the heat of attraction, focus on shining a warm loving light out all the more. Positivity is a fact Jack. She smiled again, for her Jack knew. Now though, she must be nimble, she must be quick. She reached by her side and held high her pewter candlestick.
All the better to see, so not a drop would spill upon the Kazak rug below,  she carefully poured the remainder of the Sangria into the cobalt blue crystal Vinturi decanter. Smiled again. Remembered what she had first been taught: The term decanter is taken from the word decant which literally means to pour gently. Soul casting sediment passes gently when love pours. Belief be one's best vessel. Stir in one soft whisper chant to accompany the bestowing of a very good decant, this one  from her mentor in the sect of Glinda:  "You always had it in you, that power to give love. There's no place like love, there's no place like ~ ~ "
Sleepy stirs. Gasps and reaches . . . "OH SISTER! You've made the Batch come True. Thank You! Oh Thank You! Whatever shall we call his Brew?"

"Why, JANELLE #5. How could it be otherwise?"


(c) 2010 ~ Author Absolutely*Kate, 
 . . . who Believes in Believers
Visual Enhancement ala CarloAlessio, GBrummet, StevenDepolo


Wendy said...

I've been getting my Love Potion #9from Madame Rue down at 34th and Vine...I'm gonna change my ways and visit Druscinda!!

Love this, Madame Katie. It's full of fun and favorites!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Ahhh Ms lovely WendySugar'Mae ~

I do know the truths to be self-evident you won't Rue the day you let your potions be your passion up Druscinda of Glinda's way.

But *fun* and *magic*?
YOU always had that IN YOU!
~ Love and Alluring be thee,
~ Absolutely*Katie Mae, come what may

Harry said...

I got some love potion at the flea market. Got it all the way home before I realized it was Love Potion Number Nein!

Boil and bubble Katie*Girl, if Barry left any of that kohol around, maybe add a drop or two of that to a batch. :)

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...


What delight to down Barry's kohol in double bubble, no toil but a sense of the beginning of a tumultuous trouble! Now THAT would help us catch the wind as well as be the ones CHASING THE WIND! (shameless plug #33 for Sir Barry the Northern - click his name on the right side wall and SEE!)

I thought something smelled rather gestalt Sanderford. Dah, number nein, number nein, number nein - a far cry from the olfactory of that hot fraulein we've seen you with!

~ Absolutely*Katrina

Anonymous said...

There may be no joojoo in the sangria, but there is joojoo in your talent, Madame A*K and the mystical potions of prose.

Brilliant and fun again, that style and verve slipping into every imagination nook and melting in like Thomas' English muffins melting I Can't Believe It's Not Butter all over the cratered surface.

The delightful love of sister for an overeager li'l sister shines like the smoldering embers under a witch's bubbling black cauldron and makes the piece simmer and boil warm and wonderful, too.

You're among the finest and this one's no exception. You've woven another spell on me, A*K.

Anonymous said...

Kate*, you have outdone yourself; if that could be possible. Great write, now Drucinda will have to up her batch. She will get more orders than she can stir up. Send me some of that Sangria, in one of your magic emails.

Matthew S. Magda said...

This is a magical potion of delight. I especially liked "quit the whiny belly-aching!"..."the batch that weathers well" and the "nestled heap ol' sibling."

How wonderful that a potion could provide/fulfill the cure/need for anyone. Kate, nice and pleasurable release of a deep human longing.

Laurita said...

This was a magic potion, and I loved it.

Tess said...

Magic beautifully, mysteriously conjured ... in true absolutely fashion ...

Madam Z said...

Madam Z makes her own love potion, and it works for everyone but her. What is Druscinda's address?

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

MADAME Z of conjury ~ You can meet Druscinda at the streetcorner named Desire.

TESS THE TRUE ~ It takes magic to know magic. Nice wand that waved you in AT THE BIJOU!

LOVELY LAURITA ~ Potions and spells waft forth the best companions of the word-wise.

Thank*you trio of lovely lasses. Care for a glass of sangria?

~ Absolutely*Kate

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

MATT THE NON-MYSTERIOUS, you know me well and sense the subtleties of phrase and possibilities. Deep human longing is indeed what gives the world its most splendid spin.

SANGRIA DELIVERY FOR LADY J! Jeanette, you bring the rush of a blush to the sling of a soul. Bippity boppety boo, I'm so glad there's you!

JOLLY J DANE THE T ~ you're the swirl in the steam that makes any cauldron bubble. I'd toast you if you hadn't metaphored to muffins (where I roared in delight, I'm tellin' ya!) Your sensitivity in the bewitchy mood is pretty savvy too.

"Aw Shucks" thanks you insightfuls
~ Absolutely*Kate

Eric J. Krause said...

Good story. A lot of fun to read! I enjoyed, along with the content, the different fonts and colors. It made this magical tale even more magic.