Monday, January 18, 2010

“The only thing that you owe the public is a good performance.” ~ Bogey

HELLO. I'll be your host today, 'cause the last time I was here lookin' at your kid, Absolutely*Kate, she was hustling up some cinematic noir to come show ya. And no one, I'm tellin' ya, but no one shimmies up the hustle like your sister Kate. So, sit back, put up them gams and dogs and let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

First off, 'I made more lousy pictures than any actor in history. ... I came out here with one suit and everybody said I looked like a bum. Twenty years later Marlin Brando came out with only a sweatshirt and the town drooled over him. That shows how much Hollywood has progressed. ... I've been around a long time. Maybe the people like me.' ... Say, some wisecrackers call me a tough guy, but emotions? Hell, I run 'the gamut of emotions from A to B.' ... which actually works for me, because 'the whole world is about three drinks behind.' 

But that's showbiz, and so's what  character-study Paul Brazill calls this hideaway hangout ~ AT THE BIJOU ~ "a very tasty joint".

Keep comin' back this week.
The opening acts?
Schweetheart, they're killers.

Once upon a read . . . AT THE BIJOU came to pretty, not gritty Web*City. The streets were paved with the stuff that dreams were chock full of, and chock full suffered no fool with a pour-out of tantalizing, sensationalizing, and when more than just a little knee was shown ~ some say, down right nouveau nubile scandalizing. 

Vaudeville did more than take the next stage outta town (ba dum dum) . . . it was harbinger to herald what good showcasing was all about ~ tender tale'ing talents and a moxie mix of characters. Some shifty, some meritorious. Now the authors 'splaining the nature, plot summary and POV of such characters? Well hell, they're all glorious. That's why they're here, those that believe in believers and bring along a mighty good write on Double*Feature Tuesdays and Thursdays to light up your eye'places.

Such is the history vs mystery of a bijou ~ the name itself is French for "gem, jewel, something precious" ... and glimmer*sparkle it surely does ~ from a popular entertainment venue of merry moments to touring companies of fellow writers and auditions to behold this side of bold. Serious provo'katives lend ponder to what really matters and we realize Life itself is too sweet for any sour notes or clatters. Casey will dance with the strawberry blond, and the band ... plays ... on. Ditty, hum, (never hum-drum), lyric, lilt, sung to the hilt, (and up the kazoo), ode, opus, and in a Mayberry state of kind mind, even Opie too. Generous natures and spirited thoughts, what concepts bring and hearts begot. Drama divine and aw shoot - there go the crime scenes, who-dun-its and fantasies so fast that fiction flashes . . . festivities, film and even car crashes. Tender, touching and poignant too, with laughter ever after ~ the only way for You.

You'll find it all AT THE BIJOU
Writers' Raves for Readers' Faves

~ Humphrey DeForest Bogart, collaborating with 
notes found on the promotional desk of Absolutely*Kate


Carrie Clevenger said...

BIG intro dear Lady, from him even. I'm here, I'm here!

Michael Solender said...

Hey Schhhwwweetheart..of all the dames that walked into my gin joins it haddabe you! Here's looking at YOU, kid!

Unknown said...

Awesome... Doesn't get any better than Bogie...

Jelena said...

Oh, so sparkly, glittery, glimmeringly shimmery...

Jelena, dizzy from looking at Bogey. :)

Harry said...

Bijou be-you, Sparklin' Kate! You and Humphrey have out-done yourselves and that ain't easy!

Unknown said...

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, I'm glad she walked into mine too, Solly. Makes life interesting.

Bukowski boy -- let's see how awesome you're going to be. I hear things on the set, y'know.

Carrie and Jelena - Dizzy dazzling dames like you are great gal pals for Kate. She's never three drinks behind now.

And Har, you big Palooka - Out-doing oneself is what keeps the curtain rising. Glad you're one of the good guys in our Katie*Girl's repertoire. Some folks can never have too many good-guys.

Here's lookin' at you kids.
- H.B.