Thursday, January 21, 2010

THE RETURN OF PRIVATE*EYES ~ By Absolutely*Kate of Harbinger*33

The Return of PRIVATE*EYES
By ~ Absolutely*Kate

The gaunt gumshoe with the battered fedora signatured his saunter  into the doorway marked “PRIVATE EYES”, knowing full gut well each stealthy step of stride would reopen the rapid-fire entendrees, double entendrees and even double-dog-dares which shot clean holes in their unabashed affliction of affection. 

She felt her former partner’s prescient presence prior to his shadow’s dimming of her old oak desk; twas always that way. “Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you still glad to see me?”, she deadpanned reflexively with what silver bullet gleam her eyes could counter-conjure. 

‘Damn!’, came the inner mutter-mumble, for indeed, he was glad to see her, and, being recently relicensed, he did have his pistol in his pocket after all. Other than that up-the-river slammer-time to clean up the mess from the unfinesse of the Paris fiasco, all that stood between them (besides the old oaken desk of course), was quite simply, (thus strongly), Paris ~ ‘Paris … cobblestones, cabarets and the inherent charm of that quaint cafe along the quay’. 

On the safer side of the solemn oak desk, her mind was racing . . . rapidly . . . rampant, (cool demeanor intact of course) — for mutter-mumbles aside, she knew Trouble when it sauntered through her doorway . . . .

{ To Be Continued }

(c) 2008, Author Absolutely*Kate,
 ~ Salvaged from the sinister September obliteration of over 200 writes at Six-Sentences.
  ~ We learn from sleuthing tragedies as well as Joys that are full. 

Absolutely*Kate is creator/producer and kleig-lights inducer AT THE BIJOU, to bring writers'raves into the hearts and minds of readers'faves. She believes in believers, *clinks* all grand things toast-able, and moseys Moxie's way. Currently HARBINGER*33, the book and ongoing promotion devotion, is getting Absolutely*Kate's billowing pulls on all the right lines to raise sails on the starboard side in publishing history's launch  ... where glories of 33 stellar authors' stories and illuminations of 3 stunning artists and 3 scintillating authenticators will lend the bloom to any compass rose. Why yes, four new books for authors' array are likewise underway. 

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THE WAY SHE LIVES ~ whole*heartedly!

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Michael Solender said...

Of all the dames, in all the gin-joints, punching up the coolest writes on the typin machines,you my dearie, knock em all out cold. No contest. You are coitainly packin heat with serial crying to be milked..keep it coming schweetheart..

Unknown said...

"...he was glad to see her, and, being recently relicensed, he did have his pistol in his pocket after all..."

The line of the day for me...

Harry said...

So good to see The Return Of The Private Eyes return. It's one of my favorites of yours as it was where you first caught my eye. Looking forward to a long continuation!

Kevin Michaels said...

Excellent (agree with Anthony - love the line "being recently relicensed, he did have his pistol in his pocket after all..."). Very cool and very Bogie-ish. Keep it coming!

Unknown said...

Ah, here's lookin' at you Kid.
Told ya this one would have a run.

- Bogey

Paul D Brazill said...

As dry as a martini. Great to see the return of the return!

Linda said...

Oh, this is a series? Cool... lots of poetic meanderings here, noir with a twist. Peace, Linda

Crybbe666 said...

Kate, this is definitely a hit. While agreeing with the other boys on that line about the bottle, I loved the feel of " clean up the mess from the unfinesse..." Something very cool!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the above. Just one thing when do we get part two?

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

"Aw Shucks" just doesn't say it, you guys. I'm twirlin' my dangled teal heels into the dirt from Paris where Epic*sode-deux is getting its mood and momentum into gear.

Merci beaucoup,most of all for how this piece once'upon'a'time led me into getting to meet so many of you. Life as I know it, has not been quite the same. SURE GLAD packin' that pistol made you fellers all so glad to read'me.

~ Absolutely*Kate