Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Androids Can Be Bored ~ by Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge

Androids Can Be Bored
~ by sexy Jelena, of course

Your tongue is freezing from licking my skin; you complain I feel dead, more dead than any other android you've ever been with.

The temperature I can regulate, but being alive is a tad harder. I make a cut on your tongue with one of my razor-sharp nails. Your warm blood brings in the taste of life you are craving and stops all the complaints.

You are drooling, bleeding, spreading and sucking your own bodily fluids from all over my body, approaching your climax, making me a wet and somewhat bored observer.

Yes, androids can be bored.

(c) Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge . . . 2009

* * * * * *
Ahhh Jelena? Do you all know her yet? You should! You should! This classy writer woman tempts and teases wordplay into where she conjures it to go . . . and then the caress and the satisfaction ... oh, oh, OH! She's been known to wear spiked heels and walk the edge ... but she has a keen eye for 'what's what' and 'what's goin' down' and 'comin' round' and she'll never be caught off guard, nor fortunately, those on her watch. She's that worldy in the aware of her care.

Worldy? Jelena and I share some heritage from ancestral Czechoslovakian days and I know ... I just know ... when I am traversing a few dark alleys I never saw coming, that she has seen the reality of the situation and nods later, "Yes, it was so." Comfort? Skills of the IT nature? Oh, this dame headed to a new fame is so much more than that. She's friend to no end to those from Sweden's warm cool side and (don't - please don't tell her I let this out), her racy side is the front for the depth of a real sweet savvy softy. No such thing as a coincidence when certain folks are placed in your pathways . . . you just come'up that more the enriched, you do.

What's that? You'd wish to understand her better? Well try some browsing of your carousing over at MISS UNDERSTOOD <>Most honoured we are to have you DEBUT this line of your sexy musings here AT THE BIJOU Jelena. Forgive me please for publishing this recent share you sent my way. It's SO ON TARGET, that I rather sense it shall touch many of our readers in their own unique ways, as most all of us are privy to the intutions which say, "Hey - She's one of us." (Or was that Joseph Konrad?)

"We haven't met IRL, but I feel that one day we probably will. :) For some people it is like that, it just clicks and you totally get them no matter which medium is used for communication, and for some other people, three lifetimes would not be enough to understand how they are and how they function. I have a strong feeling that for me you belong to that first group. :)"

~ Laughter and dancing eyes backatcha Jelena!

~ Absolutely*Kate and readers to remember your voice all the more


Carrie Clevenger said...

WOW! Short, sweet, and totally my bag of strange. Very, very nice.

Michael Solender said...

Hot!In a bloody creepy android sort of way!

Ryn Cricket said...

I loved this in so many ways, for so many reasons. Very powerful writing.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Sure figures Ms Ryn the lucky Cricket would make joyful noises to this one ~ that writer'lady breathes in passion as others do fresh air. Hmmm and the Solender likin' it *hot* -- surprises never cease. A Writer is a cool fan to have it seems.

Et moi? Love you always "stretching your voice" Jelena. Just as those good wise folks noted, you MOVE people with your edgey writes. Keep 'em comin'!

~ Absolutely*Kate and the spiffy BIJOU staff

Paul D Brazill said...

You just can't please some...people. very well done.

Crybbe666 said...

Very cool...I read this twice to make sure I go it all. Absolutely one of the finest things I have read for a few days!

Madam Z said...

Maybe "androids can be bored," but the readers of Jelena's stories won't be!

quin browne said...

jelena--you know i am a fan. this piece is a perfect example of why i am a fan.

Laurita said...

This was very, very cool. Loved the concept. Short, concise, and all kinds of awesome.

Jelena said...

Thank you all for your kind comments, and thank you so much, Kate, for having me here! :)

"I'll be back!" ;)

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Damn right you'll be back!

The *JOY* of featuring this debut was all ours, AT THE BIJOU, Jelena. ~ Absolutlely*Kate

Anonymous said...

Succinct, vivid and gross. What could be better?

Jodi MacArthur said...

I'm catching up on some hoT hOT HOT Bijou reads. And girl, you knock strange and HOT out of the ballpark with this one. Crimson, wet, and slithery climax. So NOT boring.

Good work, girl!

EC said...

Sexy, bloody, supernatural - always a cool hit with me!
Awesome Jelena~