Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sunday Morning . . . & . . . Morning Shave ~ by Sweet Sugar of Harbinger*33

~ By Sugar – Wendy

She let out a contented sigh as she awakened wrapped in his sleep-warmed body under rumpled sheets and felt his chest swell and return as he slept unaware of her. Extinguished candles, crushed rose petals, and heady red wine lingered in the air from their first night together. She allowed the sensuous scents to fill her with arousing memories of the deliberate touch of his fingers and the need of his mouth on her. Awareness of a slight change in his regular breathing brought her smoky green eyes to meet his knowing gaze. Her awareness of his intrusion into her thoughts brought a rose flush across her neck and chest. His slow shrewd smile provoked a shameless shrug from her as she slid beneath the covers to find him.


~ By Sugar – Wendy

 It was usually on a Saturday morning when she watched her father shave in the aqua-tiled bathroom of her childhood home. She recalled the smell of Burma-Shave mingled with steam from hot water running in the sink. He would squeeze shaving cream in the palm of her hand and use that tickly bristly brush to lather it to white mountains of whipped cream and then lean down to have her spread the frothy mess on his cheeks. She had wondered what it felt like to move a razor over tender skin and asked questions about what it felt like and why he had to shave his face and why God had put hair there. Her mind-ride back in time was interrupted by her lover’s strong hand layed inquisitively on her arm. Content to be in the present, she stroked his stubbly face that had left a pink blush on her neck just minutes before, smoothed the spicy woods shaving gel over his well-loved cheek, and as his smiling brown eyes gazed at her, finally knew the feel of a razor over tender skin.

 (c) Sugar - Wendy 2009 ~ of Harbinger*33
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Sweet Sugar-Wendy is a well-loved woman in this world, by all whose lives she graces. It could be the beat, beat, beat of her huge heart, or that she channels Mae West through every fibre of her being. You figure. She's class, she's action, she's moxie, she's minx . . . and damn . . . she knows how to use it . . . with a soft tender turn of the words . . . which just grrrrrrrrrowl . . . and then . . . purrrrr.

Aboard the mighty ship Harbinger*33, she shakes enchanting libations at The Sugar Shack Lounge (where MusicMike Whitney croons most evenings, and nautical know-how is chugged down again and again) . . . but more, much more than this, she's a First Mate of topsail know*how checkin' with the Captaine that all lines are runnin' ship'shape. Always takes spoonfulls of Sugar to make the editing go down.

Everyone needs more Sugar, and you can find the tender twist of the phrase that speaks emotion in motion at MORE SUGAR < right there! (Watch your heavy breathing and breathy sighs)

Topsail thanks to you valued Sugar-Wendy . . . The world needs more Moxie and that's why e'er we need You! Honoured we all are that your sweet caring attention to professional details are so lively aboard Harbinger*33, sailing to its publishing journey of manifesting destinies.

~ Moxie shared and shimmied; FairWinds, Favourable Seas

~ Absolutely*Kate + readers discovering Sugar sweetness all the more



Crybbe666 said...

Sugar, always a pleasure. Sunday Morning was sexy and Morning Shave was adorable. I always come back to reading your work. Must be the magic & the moxie...

EC said...

Very nice pieces Wendy - your descriptions and flow of thoughts are smooth and sensual. I especially liked the Morning Shave - I love to watch my husband shave, especially when I get to hold the razor;)

Harry said...

Rumpled, heady, arousing, and honed razor sharp? Yep, Sugar lays the blade on your juglar, but you trust her...more you love her, even as she pulls the blade up.

Madam Z said...

"Sensuous scents...arousing memories..." A lovely morning-after review of their first night together.

And I loved the child's wondering about Daddy shaving - why DID God put hair there, anyway? And such a nice segue into the present, with her husband's "well-loved cheek."

Daniel said...

Sexy and sweet. My little girls like to watch me shave and there's nothing in the world like curious little faces turned up, watching your every move.

Morning sex is the best sex, hands down.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

I'm sorry. I came here with some hearty comments and am still laughing at Erin with a razor in her hands closing in on her husband . . . then Daniel leaving an open-ended pun, hands down. (You can't make stuff like this up, folks)

Shoogs ... you know the old lamp light hid under a bushel line -- well, that's how your writing expressionism tends to gleam. Trust it and honour the honour you see others give your sensuous flair for putting emotions in motion. Smooth sexy connotative stuff, your stuff. "Extinguished candles, crushed rose petals, and heady red wine lingered in the air". < Yes, that's what they'll remember AT THE BIJOU tonight, with a faint Burma Shave aroma. Congrats to you soft writer*lady. You rocked the house.

~ Absolutely grinnnin' Kate and the renowned staff of THE BIJOU

Anonymous said...

Sugar, I loved these two tender pieces and the recollection of her father.

Laurita said...

Sexy and sweet - exactly as Daniel said. I enjoyed the lazy feel of these.

Angel Zapata said...

Deliciously sensual. You captured the very physical movement of love. Liked them a lot.

L J Davenport said...

Sugar, your pieces are sweet and sensual, I liked them a lot.

Jodi MacArthur said...

"Her awareness of his intrusion into her thoughts brought a rose flush across her neck and chest." I loved this line, sensual and sexy.

The shaving story is fantastic. It holds such nostalgia and it has to be one of my ultimate favs on 6s.

I simply love your writing, Sugar.