Sunday, December 13, 2009



~ By Absolutely*Kate

of Harbinger*33

She didn't die when they said she was to.

So it's easy to deduce without a Sherlock, Watson, that she sips pinot, tastes passion and savours possibilities while pushing away pointless logics. She careens through colours, lights candles rather than cursing darknesses, (crediting Eleanor Roosevelt each time she plucks that line outta her pocket), clinks a drink to regale a moment, heats up hoopla, and percolates the masses to a stirring cheer, somewhat akin to a fresh morning's cream pour into robust coffee -- you know that sensation of splash, don't you? Lingering fingering of caresses slow, slow tracing honeysuckle scented skin, along with eyes ablaze across a crowded room on some enchanted evenings (and afternoons), spark and jolt the joie de vivre which essences her whole. To go through motions, to put up with agita, to merely be mere, to echo-nod comprehensively when a knowing touch to a comrade's arm or a laugh which bellies up the whole room makes all the difference of the difference is what she advokates in a minute . . . as a weathered Judy Garland Christmas tune affirms ~

"Never let a minute sit there on the shelf,
for there may be in it . . . all of Time itself".

* * * * * *

The best reason of this spirited season is that *magic* does exist ~ within and at unexpected edges and around any next corner and ALWAYS when your laugh *zings* up your eyes at the exact moment you hear Alvin and The Chipmunks tell you what they really want for Christmas ~ and you wonder . . . can Snoopy and the Red Baron be that far behind(?) -- well, that's why I'm wishing good*stuff, good*cheer into all your holidays this memorable 2009 year.

~ Absolutely*Kate, fully living the more,

with Joys and Perceptions of grand people like you,

who simply, thus strongly read this right through


Crybbe666 said...

Oh Kate, as poetic and passionate as ever. Wishing you and your family all the very best in return. May you continue to zing, sing and bring your happiness and positive personality to us all in the new year!!

By the way, I think Alvin wants to hear about Snoopy, not so keen on the bloody Red Baron from Germany!!!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Paul, dear Paul I can hear your accent loud and clear . . . and I absolutely LOVE the idea of Alvin and Snoopy pulling positive forces, so that the RedBaron can just land his plane and peace on earth be all our mirth. Thank*you tenderly good friend, for your warm wishes and insights. The best o'zest is wished for your son to look up on Christmas*Day and say, "WOW! Do I have the coolest old man in the world, or what?"

~ Absolutely Christmas*Kate

Carrie Clevenger said...

I think that this is the best thing I've read all day. Poetic and compelling, yet a twist of tale remains. Gorgeous.

Unknown said...

I will now smile when I hear Alvin and the Cs this season...

Laurita said...

Magically woven words as only A*K can do. Your Merry Christmassing is felt across the miles, and the sea. I can feel the warmth of this despite the bitter cold outside.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

COOL CARRIE . . . you zapped me the way a damn Good*Surprise always does ... and I thank*you and then went touring your tour de force of wordsmithery ... WOW - stay here AT THE BIJOU, will you? We like YOUR style!

ANT ... I know Alvin will tell Dave Seville what you REALLY want . . .

LOVELY LAURITA ... Magic knows where *magic* goes ... so tis fitting, fine and divine that you can feel warmth in all the right wise ways. Let's always keep the cold outside, shall we?

~ Thanks and Happy Christmas*zing to all ye merry gentle'folk ... Absolutely Christmas*Kate

Anonymous said...

And my dear, Kate. Magic is what you bring to us.

Jodi MacArthur said...

Kate, I've read this several times and I keep forgetting to leave a comment! Beautiful, magical, and your Judy Garland reference at the end tied it all up like a red bow on a christmas gift.

You are our 'spark and jolt the joie de vivre'. So love you, girl. Thanks for keeping us focused on the truly important this christmas.

ps. I'm sorry I've been MIA. I have some serious, serious reading to catch up on blogs, ezines, facebook, everything. Will catch up here soon!