Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lady Moon Replies . . . by Absolutely*Kate of Harbinger*33

Lady Moon Replies . . . 
  ~ by Absolutely*Kate

"I heard you."

"You heard from there? I spoke that loud, my thoughts?"

"Thoughts carry louder than words or water, my friend, and hearing is sensing and sensing is knowing. There is much you wish to know, eh?"

"Where do I begin?"

"You already have. Your gentle love for a daughter in a new stage of aging precedes you. Incandescent affirms transcendant and that kind of love always is."

"You're a wise celestial one, you are."

"Nah, it's the moonglow. From lowly earth you don't see perceptions in all the right perspectives yet. But there are some of you. Your kind are trying."

"It must have been the moonglow way up in the blue, it must have been the moonglow that led me to you."

"You're not the first handsome hunk of human that tried to ply me with Billie Holiday attunement. Now there's a great earthy lady. Expression with resonation knows no bounds. Boundaries never were all they were cracked up to be. Now take you -- "


"Yes Man of Earth, You. You already resonate and then call it melancholy out under the me."

"I do that?"

"Not all the time. Only when you catch yourself and have this foggy cloud of a notion of being grounded. Terra firma's not all its rooted to be either."

"What is, if I may pry into your sky destiny vision?"

"No pry. Your destiny was to start this conversation."

"You knew?"

"Remember Earth Man, I have time on my side, though your compadres bemoan it as slip, slip, slipping into the future."

"But my daughter -- "

"Lovely Leisel ~ and indeed she is, within true and through ~ is growing into the future which is her present. You'll share in different hues now, but it's all the same colour, your devotion. To each the other, it always is. Take your hot cocoa mug -- "

"My hot cocoa? Her hot cocoa?"

"Precisely. Absolutely. Timeless, ageless, soothing, sharing."

The sigh spiraled skyward. An answer came in the form of  a beaconed glissando. He felt the inner frisson touch an enlightened chord within, and without words, told her so.

They stayed like that . . . for about an hour under night sky. The "Farewell" he bid though, was far from goodbye.

(c) Absolutely*Kate, 2009 ~ of Harbinger*33, where . . . when very fortunate, you'll read MORE!

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Absolutely*Kate, believes in believers and writers who soar all the more. From the confluence of rivers, or thoughts or ideas, or spirit or heart, she lets what's around the next bend, my huckleberry friend, show her . . . her lamp-lit, moonlit or torching way. It's not a shy way and she doesn't suffer fools, which all harbingers well to aide and abet grand authors she has met to reach their reading following all the more, all the more. In the brave new year, there's much to be for the vast masted sailing of Harbinger*33, and its ongoing legendary promotional destiny. Likewise jaunty banners hoisted for worthy authors we all revere along our way. Many that we revere you'll meet here . . . AT THE BIJOU.


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LADY MOON is to be a series, a luminary collective philosophy between planets and thoughts and hearts and minds. Watch for it, as it continues to pluck at higher truths and higher selves out under any night sky. Honoured am I to once again duet with distinction and class which is this author's innate trademark upon writing walls we scrawl.

Aboard the mighty ship Harbinger*33, 
I'm simply, thus strongly honoured ~ there are all of thee.

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~ May *JOY* be You; FairWinds, Favourable Seas

~ Absolutely*Kate and the fine staff of renown AT THE BIJOU



Harry said...

Lady Moon hit my eye like a big pizza pie! I like the idea and look forward to when other planets chime in.

Anonymous said...

Mighty good spin on the Mulls wordsmithery.
No body does it like you do.

Harry, now I want pizza.

Carrie Clevenger said...

I'm so in love with all of it.

Unknown said...

Timeless, ageless, soothing... Words to describe this lil' bit of awesome...

Angel Zapata said...

Remarkable response, Kate. Fav line, "He felt the inner frisson touch an enlightened chord within..."

It was playful and poetic. Nicely done.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

HARRY ~ As usual, you capture the imagination with just a comment, and warbling Dean indeed. Not only is the interplanetary play a cosmic destiny . . . but wonders on wonders out under a night sky, you made Jeanette hungry again (after devouring all THE BIJOU's red & green peanut M&M's for the pizza you're servin' up). Thanks, dear one, thanks -- and would'ya get Jeanette another paper towel? ~ Katie*Girl

JEANETTE ~ I so love when you come to watch my luminary response to the classic mooning Mull and see me spin in orbit. (Harry has your pizza). Thank*you always for how gracious you are Goddess Mother of Brilliant Authors to us all. ~ Kate

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

CARRIE ~ I said it before ... we sure love YOU around THE BIJOU and will be linking your links in to the scrawl on the side'wall there so more good folks can find more of your unique take on the world. Much appreci'Katetion!

ANTHONY & ANGEL ~ How'd you do it? You found and plucked what tucked-in words I was most fond of myself. Your goodness humbles me, as I'm always in awe of how your words create new worlds to walk into. Thank*you fellow writer'guys, thank*you! (You touched my spirit and you know it)

~ Absolutely*Kate, who thanks Robert Morschel for Mulling Lady Moon with me . . . Do stay attuned for what shall spin next with THE MAN and LADY MOON.