Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Enchanting Ladies and Virile Gents!!


~ proudly presents ~

of historically futuristic proportions.

Yes, you heard me and you heard me well ~

It's the MIKE & MIKE show

. . . and "OH!" what stories they have to tell!

They leap ahead . . . they go back in time,

they scintillate ... they titillate
and they make your inner clocks just chime.

Yes fine finessing Folks,

gather in your milk duds for these dudes

and careen your popcorn's mighty crunch . . .

I wasn't sure which to run first ~ Mike ... or Mike?
Hmmm, and then, upon three or so reads (they were that good),
I knew in my soul'spirit forth&back,
that Mike
had to precede Mike ...
you'll see ... sit back.

on Double*Feature Tuesdays & Thursdays
this is the only way it goes . . .

~ This has been an Absolutely*Kate
promotional *joy* for your viewing pleasure

Author Mike Whitney is writer of wit and flair (and flare!) with no words about to give his dogma or even his instant back-to-the-back-to-the-future karma a scare. He's worth more than billowing words aboard the mighty Harbinger*33 to me ~ he's music (playing in the Lido Lounge nightly); he's a stalwart voice in any unnecessary storm. He sees it comin' and calls it like it is and your inner-grin just grows and flows. I'm pretty sure he was on the front cover of your Woodstock album too. Check it - you'll see. And trust me, you want to be part of his audience entourage all the roadie days of your life. *THANKS* Mike for this mighty share. ~ Absolutely*Kate

Now this other open Mike o'Mikes, Author Michael J Solender, is a news'man with a nose that knows what most of the rest of the world doesn't smell coming ~ he's that astute. He's a host with the most over at the esteemed "NOT" ... but more than that, oh so much more to me, he's straight, he's gentle-tough, he's true and true. He tries to switch and bait'ya with his ascerbic notations, but the guy's heart is so big, I wonder if they enlarge doorways in the Carolinas as we had to do upon the premiere literary-witeray voyage of the Harbinger*33 just for him to slip'slide in. And his writing sure does ~ it slip'slides from hard-hitting, cockel-warming news featuring to storylines you never saw coming and then tuck in your back'pocket to bring out again . . . and sometimes, just sometimes, for the crowd's viewing pleasure, the man of wit and tender, can rightly write as chamaleon. Pulitzer? Not yet. But it could be comin'. *THANKS* MJ for this bookended wonder. ~ Absolutely*Kate


Paul D Brazill said...

Like Frank and Dino!

Anonymous said...

Don't speak too soon. I've heard Mike W. sing but not Solender. LOL, Mikey, now ya gotta do it and it's all Paul's fault.

Michael Solender said...

Only in the shower and that's because I never..oh nevermind...

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

That's giving open-mike a whole new vista ...