Saturday, February 20, 2010

EVOLVE ~ By Absolutely*Kate, captaining Harbinger*33

Intuited by ~ Absolutely*Kate

We are given the shadows and the light, both equidistant to themselves. It's not choosing either. It's finding out both are of equal sum of significant value. Mirrors and illusion give way to trust and inner-know. As nature abhors vacuum, lessons vortex in - the more we open, the more they flow. Evolve spins eons in a day.
(C) 2009 ~ Author/Muser, Absolutely*Kate
Published various literary sites; Quite at home here

Absolutely*Kate believes in believers, befitting a prolifically creative person, vibrantly alive and well.Writer/Designer, Promoter-Publisher at the confluence of two rivers in Connecticut's smallest city of renown, she is director of RiverView Studios where books are underway and creative collaborations are having their encouraged say.

Both HARBINGER*33, the upcoming book and ongoing author/artist promotion-sensation, and AT THE BIJOU are creations which bring her joy and pride . . . for Creative Writing Spirits are the wellspring of a life well'lived. SHE THANKS YOU THE WAY SHE KNOWS BEST, (wholeheartedly), for comin' 'round AT THE BIJOU to sit in our rows before Writers' Raves as they (naturally) become perpetual readers' faves. 

all next week!
~ The staff of eloquent renown . . . 


Laurita said...

"It's not choosing either. It's finding out both are of equal sum of significant value." - I love this! Beautifully put.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Laurita ... THANK*YOU! Thanks for "getting it and being such an integral light AT THE BIJOU yourself. That, to me, is very *significant value*. ~ Absolutely*Kate

Michael Solender said...

Ethereal and calming. you ubiquitous you.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Michael ~ That may be the nicest thing you've ever said to me (other than offering to show off your chef skills). I nod softly in your direction, good sir.

Thank*you. ~ Absolutely*Kate

Harry said...

Nature abhors a vacuum but I sweep and she doesn't mind doin' dishes. Bee-Yoo-T-ous K*G!

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing at Harry. Kate, another realm of your very interesting mind. Thanks for the insight.

Carrie Clevenger said...'re incorrigible! [laughing!] Kate, thank you for the lift!

EC said...

You have a beautiful mind Kate; equidistant, the shadows and the light - keep it flowin' that you do so well.
Harry seems to have found his flow too;)

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

From incorrigible Harry with his domestics evidently worked out . . . to lovely Jeanette, Carrie and Erin ... *THANKS* so much for your expressive words. You make me yearn to flow, lift, realm and dip into Bee-Yoo-T-ous all the more. inspiration comes from those great spirits all around us.

Guess that's Evolving.
~ Absolutely*Kate