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NEXT STOP ~ By Laura Eno

Next Stop ~ By Laura Eno
The crowded elevator descended at a snail’s pace, stopping at every floor on its way down.  Silvia watched as people tried to shove their way inside the packed little box.  Normally, the rooftop dining on the 55th floor of the building more than compensated for the harrowing trip up there and back, but not on a Friday night…and not with her unpleasant companion.  She glanced over at Bob, expecting his usual complaints to begin at any moment.  He didn’t disappoint her.
“It would have been faster to take the stairs,” he grumbled.  “Why’d you have to pick this restaurant?”
“Believe me, it won’t happen again.”  She’d had enough of his embarrassing behavior.
He ignored her and added to his rant, oblivious to the dirty looks shooting in his direction from the captive audience around them.  Silvia wished the eye rolls had poisoned tips on them.
“I don’t know why we keep coming here.  The service is lousy and the food is mediocre at best.”
“For the ambiance?”  Her sarcasm went right over his head.  Bob kept right on complaining, inspecting his perfectly buffed nails while he talked.  Silvia’s lip curled in disgust.  She leaned against the back wall and closed her eyes, tuning him out.
What had she ever seen in him?  Whatever it might have been, it was gone to dust at this point.  She grappled with the irresistible urge to kill him, breathing slowly until the thought passed.
The doctors wouldn’t be happy to hear of that new development.  ‘Clinically depressed’ they’d called her.  ‘Avoid stressful situations.’  Bob seemed to go out of his way to make sure that didn’t happen, treating her like an albatross slung around his neck.  Maybe she should double her medication.  Though even at her current dosage, her mind wandered at times.
A man stepped into the elevator at the next floor, demanding her attention.  Cool, decadent, whipped cream over chocolate fudge.  Exotic, sensual.  She couldn’t look away from him.  His eyes sought her out, commanded her.  His smile whispered to the shadows locked deep within her soul.  The man next to her droned on.
“Walk away from this.  That is your desire, is it not?”
The velvet voice flowed from the stranger, caressed her with passion.  Offered up her heart’s desire, all for the asking.  Silvia glanced around nervously.  No one took notice of his words.
“I said, did you notice how the waiter sloshed the soup when he set it down?  Are you even listening to me?”  Bob glared at her in anger.
Silvia slid her eyes back to the man without answering, feeling the rush of emotion as she reconnected.
“Be done with him.  Leave this life behind.”
He lifted her hand, brushing his lips against her skin with a feather touch.  The sensation took her breath away.  He knew her; he wanted her.  Silvia felt an overwhelming need to go with him now.  He would take care of her.
“What are you daydreaming about now?  This is our stop.”  Bob shoved his way through the door and stalked across the parking level, not bothering to see if she would follow. 
Silvia turned back to the stranger, but he was gone.  The crushing disappointment loomed in the shadows, ready to chew her to pieces.  She stared at Bob’s retreating back, imagined blood seeping from multiple wounds, complaints lying stillborn upon his tongue…
“Are you getting out, lady?” 
The others looked at her impatiently.  She stepped out, stared at the business card now clutched in her hand…the one that hadn’t been there a moment ago.  The blank stock shimmered as bold cursive began to flow across it.
Damien – Hell, Inc.
Underneath, more words appeared. 
Silvia, call me when you’re ready.
She smiled and slipped the card inside her purse.

(c) 2009, Author Laura Eno
First appearing at Everyday Weirdness

Laura Eno lets the stories decide how long they’ll be. Some are flash and some are novels. She has a pet from the Underworld named Jezebel and a skull called Mr Fluffy who helps her write stuff. Various online publications of hers include 10Flash, Everyday Weirdness, The New Flesh, MicroHorror, Flashes in the Dark, Static Movement, House of Horror, and now, *applause* AT THE BIJOU.

Long for more Laura? (Laura says, "Who doesn't?") Avoid elevators and take the more rambunctious journey through the offbeat landscape of her imagination . . . which I imaginate to be akin to flashing neon -- over at A SHIFT IN DIMENSIONS . . . where she really lets loose.

LAURA:  Hi *Kate, I heard that - nice plugging in you do around here with the kleig lights and spotlights AT THE BIJOU. It's no wonder you understand neon. As to where my illustrious Double*Feature co'star Karen and I met, {whisper, whisper: It was in a dark cavern on a moonless night but I can't tell you the rest. I hope you will understand.} The BIJOU crowd may enjoy this happening interview of me though, that Karen did at Miscellaneous Yammering on one of her better Ten Questions day.

Thanks Laura! You'll take that skull with you, last seen teetering precariously on your dressing room table, right?

~ Absolutely*Kate
  and the fine staff of renown,


Linda said...

Ah, the dashing Damien makes his appearance. Fun stuff! "Complaints lying stillborn on his tongue..." may need to plagarize that :^)

Peace, Linda

Marisa Birns said...

Who needs Mr. Will NEVER Be Good Enough, when Mr. Sensual and Exotic is around!

Call Damien soon, Silvia!

Really enjoyed reading this story, Laura! Um. No pressure but...So what happens next???

Anonymous said...

I didn't want this to end. Tell us when she does/doesn't take a pill.
Silvia wished the eye rolls had poisoned tips on them. That's my favorite line. Welcome to The Bijou.

Michael Solender said...

Now that is one cool write, very, very entertaining turn of events, she'll be calling soon I'm sure.

Helen Ginger said...

Run Silvia! Run away from both of these guys.

Straight From Hel

Laura Eno said...

Thanks all!
A big thank you to *Kate for inviting me to have a sit in her wild theatre and throw popcorn!

Carol Kilgore said...

Excellent writing. Silvia needs to change her meds.

Harry said...

Sylvia has the right idea about being done with Bob but she might want to think twice about the charming Damien. His elevator ride goes down quite a few more stories. Looking forward to quite a few more stories from you!

Paul D Brazill said...

Hell of a ride.

Carrie Clevenger said...

If Silvia doesn't want to call Damien, I'll substitute!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

*33* points for Harry on "his elevator goes down a few more stories" < Yikes! You can't make good stuff like this up.

WAIT! That languishing lovely with her legs all propped up on the back of the 3rd row in her spikey heels - that amaZING Laura just did. Sylvia's mother called ... she said to share your popcorn.

SO GLAD you ran this 13th floor number up AT THE BIJOU, Ms Eno. It so surpassed saying, "4th floor - Lingerie". Hmm, or will sensual and exotic -- get there?

You wrote this last year. My crowd's getting happy-rowdy and I don't trust that Paul Brazill and Carrie were really checked for weapons at the door. WE DEMAND THE NEXT STORY -- AT THE BIJOU! (Otherwise, we let Jeanette loose - she's our secret weapon - once worked in more than a USO show - but that's another story.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

WELCOME MARISSA, HELEN AND CAROL! Trust you'll find the crowd AT THE BIJOU willing to share their accolades and jujubes with all of you ... uh, if Linda hasn't been too hungry in her pocket cache.

Please keep comin' ~ We can only promise you "Never a dull moment" ... but damn, ain't that a lot?

~ Absolutely*Kate and the staff of renown

Karen from Mentor said...

Love this story Laura, Oh and can you please stop putting popcorn down the back of my shirt? Or at least switch to the unbuttered bucket.....

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

I warned you guys about the popcorn. (Please don't type new stories until you've done something about those butter fingers.) ~ Kate

Lily Mulholland said...

Laura is the lady of the night, the queen of ... nup, she's simply one of the finest writers on the net. Loved it. As always!

EC said...

How do you resist a man with a voice like: whipped cream fudge-love the hubby but I might need the card for something else, you never know when a guy like that might come in handy.
Great story Laura.

Laura Eno said...

Thanks all for your wonderful comments!

KjM said...

"...whipped cream over chocolate fudge..."


Well now, Silvia's in for more than an elevator ride I suspect. But it has to beat what's she is dealing with now.

Delicious tale, Laura. As always.

Laura Eno said...

Thanks, Kevin! I looked at the date and wondered how I missed this being up but then noticed the 2010. :)