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"This is something I wrote and published on my own blog. It's one of my favorite stories. If you'd ever wish for "recycled" material (from FreshGreenKim, naturally!) I'd be happy to share this little tale. "  ~ Kim

 Dancing with the Clouds
By ~ FreshGreen Kim Urig

She wore ruby red glittery Mary Janes. My children had similar shoes in their dress up box and I always smiled when they wanted to wear them in public. Perhaps they fancied themselves a modern day Dorothy, swept away by the tornado of activities, but with an assured way to still return home.

Magic shoes have always captivated me. I know when she put them on her feet, she was charmed, too. I would have snapped a surreptitious photo if cameras had been allowed, but we were at the Warhol museum and photography is prohibited. The irony was not lost on me. A museum devoted to a man who never met a photo opportunity he didn’t like, didn’t allow photography. I was tempted to sneak a photo, but security cameras were recording our every move.  Big brother watched more carefully than I did. I wonder if the not so hidden cameras saw the red sparkling shoes.

Magic shoes in Warhol’s magic cloud room, a room filled with silver Mylar pillow balloons, migrating slowly around the room propelled by fans. The art is interactive and kinetic, with clouds floating gently around the room; brushing the people, moving away, and drifting near again.

It was enchanting and starkly juxtaposed with the macabre exhibits on the same floor of the gallery. Prior to discovering the Clouds, we saw suicide photos, grisly car accidents, skulls of many pop art colors.

Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists because he looked at everyday things in ways nobody ever had before. He saw art in soup labels and newspaper headlines. It was art because he said it was art, not because it had ever been even noticed prior. He boxed the contents of what appeared to be the equivalent of a junk drawer and called it a time capsule. The museum encased his unused Christmas cards, pens and business correspondence in a display and we looked. We nodded our heads, knowingly, and looked a bit more. The voyeur was thrilled to glimpse, and even gaze. He made people look twice.

Because I couldn’t take a photo, I looked twice at the little girl in the ruby red slippers. My eyes followed from her feet to her head, filled with ringlets and bright eyes and a giggle that echoed as the clouds drifted around her. The children in the cloud room were simply grateful to play and have a respite from the galleries. The clouds floated by shining and reflecting her glittery shoes.

Children swinging their arms, batting the clouds like makeshift volleyballs, the clouds were indifferent to the glee and continued their steady calm drift. The children danced with joy. The ruby red slippers sparkled against the shiny silver chrome of the little girl’s wheelchair.

Her mother wheeled her back out and I knew, her shoes were indeed magic. For a moment in time, she danced in the clouds.
(c) 2009 ~ Author Kim Urig
Enchanting is as enchanting does. Kim's writing, thoughts, feelings have that power of good magic, spiritual depth ~

As Kim says ~  "I am an artist and my medium is letters. I like to arrange them into words and use the words to paint my vision of the world. I guess my writing if we had to capsulize what I write... like my life, is an expression of how to live in harmony with ourselves, our planet and our creator."

The turns Kim's life have taken (in a tale at Michael Solender's NOT) stretch her reach ~ in writing and promoting worthy people, causes, concerns. In short and in full, she makes a difference:
KIM:  The whole promo thing is really just energizing good karma, I couldn't "not" share the lovely people I see out there. Like you, I believe that's my gift. I am able to see talent in people and I feel it is my duty to tell everyone.

Humility seems Kim's surge:  "I suppose I'm a fringe member of this talented group of artists. I know who all you are, but I'm not much of a flash writer, so it's more as an observer and cheerleader. Fiction takes a lot more time than I have these days .... (I have a lot of side writing jobs that require my immediate attention and since they PAY, I must go there first.... sigh, to be PURE artist, instead of 99/100th.....:) (which is why I"m up at this unearthly hour, but the moon...... is nearly as incredible as the sun was setting..... AH Spring!)"

KIM: When I was trying to figure out how to best market my work and what I love to write about, the green was a "gimme", something I am passionate about in life,  so I focused my blog into "Our Daily Green". The plan all comes together. I've written a lot of stuff, in a very scattershot approach. When I would read green articles and see the horrific political posturing that swirled around them, I felt "gosh if only everyone could just talk to each other instead of calling each other names"... that was the impetus for the "Lifted on Eagle's Wings" mission. 

I look forward to sitting and sipping a cup of tea, wine, or even water... anything would be refreshing. You're the wind in the sails of all these writers. I love what you do and am thrilled to have something I can share AT THE BIJOU! I always wanted to see my name in lights! 

Thank you again, Kim

Thank YOU Kim, for the facets of the share
of your fresh spirit here, AT THE BIJOU.
~ Absolutely*Kate and our fine staff of renown 


Harry said...

I remember a little girl who loved her ruby slippers (she's grown now) and was proud to wear them everywhere. Nice observations on the irony of not being able to take pictures in the Andy Warhol museum and on a little girl who cannot walk still having favorite shoes.

Kass said...

Absolutely enchanting and touching. So well written, you're not hit over the head with Kim's craft, just carried along by the compelling account.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Kinda like the way the clouds drift on a perfect summer's day, right Kass?

You just sense or know the drifting is going on as you continue on, on, on and then, when you find out all over again how *feeling good* feels . . . you realize you're dancing too?

That's how I experienced Kim's writing-tell ~ as enchantment. ~ Absolutely*Kate

Michael Solender said...

AWW - loverly. Just like U!

Gabriela Abalo said...

Great writing Kim, I enjoyed the ride at the Warhol museum... your tale is very touching.


FreshGreenKim said...

Thank you, everyone!
Kate, for putting my name on your esteemed marquis!
Michael, for always inviting me to contribute wherever you're posting. Your encouragement is invaluable.
Kass, for moving to that village where I live... :)
Gabi, for repaying every kindness in kind. You radiate loveNlight...

FreshGreenKim said...

oh my goodness.... and Harry, for a man who knows the magic shoes can bring. You must attend the Warhol sometime. It's incredible.

Anonymous said...

Kim, this was a beautiful spin on someone handicapped. A special way to express one girls thoughts and dreams.

Jodi MacArthur said...

You are 'freshgreen' Kim I follow on twitter! Yay, I had no idea. I remember reading your work at Mike Solender's, but hadn't put the two together.

I have to say, Kim, this piece brought me to tears. Pure enchantment. Don't we all step into those magical slippers at one point or another? The end is what teared me up, the little girl in the wheelchair. Wonderful.

Also, I loved this from your quotes above, "what I write... like my life, is an expression of how to live in harmony with ourselves, our planet and our creator." That is just beautiful. So glad to know you!

FreshGreenKim said...

Jeanette and Jodi, thank you so much for your kindness. I must tell you, my best tales are true.

I am a member of the Warhol museum and last year on Mother's Day we spent the afternoon there. I suppose I like to think I'm like Warhol in that I see art in unexpected moments. The minute I saw the mom wheel her daughter wearing the red slippers into the cloud room, I couldn't wait to paint it for my readers.

I am so grateful to Kate for sharing it again!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...


Your writing is that deft swash of the mind's view come to heart, oh fellow Ohio'gal. THANK*YOU for gracing AT THE BIJOU with your warmth and charm. Do keep on comin' back! (Probably better to sit closer to Jeanette than Carrie though).

~ Absolutely*Kate
and our fine staff of renown

PS Is the Warhol museum in Pittsburgh? Isn't that where Andy had his first soup'er experience before becoming a center for the Steelers?

FreshGreenKim said...

Dearest, yes, it is in Pittsburgh, at the confluence of THREE rivers. It's a fascinating way to spend an afternoon. If you're "back home" soon, please let me take you there. We'd have a lovely time.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

I'm going to take you up on the lovliness of that offer Ms Kim ... Can't wait for an artist to meet up with another artist -- oh, and hometown Pittsburgh'boy Andy too! And (smile-beaming), I sure know all about the confluence of the THREE RIVERS!

~ Absolutely Steeler*Kate