Saturday, March 13, 2010

THE PRINTS AND THE POPPER ~ Epic'sode 2: "The Clot Thickens" ... By Absolutely*Kate and Harry B. Sanderford of Harbinger*33



~ ~ EPIC*SODE 2 ~ ~

"The Clot Thickens"

~ By Absolutely*Kate 
Harry B. Sanderford

"Ah saay, ah saay . . . who the heck parked that fire-enginey red shiny flashy lights vehicle in my reserved T-Bird spot? Doggone it! Is nothin' sacred here AT THE BIJOU? I've been havin' nothin' but fun, fun, fun in that joy jalopy so that Dad never takes it away - - SAAAAAAY Eddie, Shoogs -- what's up with all the down looks perplexin' around here? Where's everybody's customary cheer? -- "

AT THE BIJOU's hometown hero Harry was cut off mid-exclaimin' by the zoooom of Zelda through the double hung virile mahogany doors. "There's a bloody mess in the Ladies' Room I fear!!!"

Sugar, though an indomitable damsel of distinction not ever frettin' distress, still reached for the solid comfort feel of Harry's black leather jacket's appeal, smilin' through her shivers at his constant attempts to be THE BIJOU's Author Fonzarelli. Zelda let loose with a zither of a 'splainin' as to why her hands were a tell'tale crimson and her face bright fright white. And was that Leon lingering under a pulled down fedora near a pile up of tumbled lime jello shots near Zelda's normal lucky row, row number 13?

I saw all this and I saw that well-loved Popper fella Eddie take advantage of the dames on the explain to whip his magnifying glass into range, down a little closer to the side'arm where Jeanette last was seen on the scene. That little bugger bent even further in his furtive investigation and whipped some scrap from the floor to his pocket. Hmm, wonder what that is. I'll have to get closer to see.


I'm the Phantom AT THE BIJOU. Naturally. I know all but don't necessarily tell all. The only two that really can perceive me, so far . . . is of course that communing Kate and somehow, vibrationally I think, the clever Clevenger, scary that Carrie. Leon might be on to me, but I'm not quite sure ~ a lot goes on under an astute detective-writer's pulled down dapper fedora. Not sure yet if anyone other than Zelda knows he's shadowing this BIJOU scene. I'm sensing Leon feels that too ~ he's moving rather stealthily.

Well let's watch the history of this mystery unfold, shall we? And where's Carrie? You see her?
"Look you guys! LOOK!
I saw a flicker in the balcony! Just now!!", Sugar's dolce vita sweet tones switched to shreik-frequency, bypassing several octaves.

Attuned, a low'range mutter of a man's deep rumble jostled the assembled theatre group, "Here's a clue, crew. That's the Professor, Katie's plum. In the balcony. With a candlestick. He says it helps him be authentic when reading ancient history.”

Leon Jackson Davenport stepped out of the shadows of the seat rows below the balcony startling a starting to be nervous Sugar and the already jumpy Zelda. Funny how he had a knack for appearing out of nowhere. He pushed his fedora back on his head and put a hand on Sugar’s elbow in a calming gesture, “Everything OK up top Professor?”

“I might be able to shed some light . . .” The Prof began.

 “You’re going to want to be careful with the crime scene there Junior.” Leon interrupted, turning his attention to Eddie who was now on his belly between the seats wriggling his reach up to the shoulder for something under the chair.

Eddie left whatever he was after where it was and sprang to his feet. “I haven’t disturbed anything Mr. Leon. Honest, just nosin’ around.” Mr. Leon might be the  licensed P.I. around here but as far as Eddie was concerned this was his investigation. “When did you get here anyway?”

“Don’t look now but here come the fuzz.”, Harry said nodding in the direction of the double doors that had not seen as much swinging since proprietor Kate’s Three Drink Minimum, 3-D Triple-Feature Thirst-days had been canceled. The promotion had been well received but male patrons routinely forgot to take off their cardboard glasses on their frequent and increasingly less accurate visits to the men’s room.  

Lieutenant Phillips was first through the doors followed closely by Sergeant Stine and they by three more uniforms. “OK folks, I’m not sure just what’s been on around here but I have a dead man in the projection booth, a ladies' restroom that looks a bit like the Tate’s place after a weekend with Charlie and one missing movie reviewer. We’ll be needing statements from the lot of you, so please get comfortable.” Paul Phillips, known as The Constable even though his accent was Australian rather than British was a no-nonsense and for the most part a fair and effective policeman.  “OK people, you heard the Captain,” Sergeant Daniel Stine barked. He had been passed over for Lieutenant in favor of his new boss and referred to him as Captain sarcastically. “Have a seat and one of the officers will be with you for any information you can lend.”

Zelda was first to speak up offering, “Lieutenant, the professor was just about to shed some light, I think is how he put it, Prof?” All eyes turned to the balcony  in time to see The Prof’s candle flicker out cloaking the balcony in utter darkness. “Prof . . . Professor?”

* C * L * I * F * F * H * A * N * G * E * R * !


Please return to next Saturday's Matinee
for the next gut-gripping epic'sode!

" The Prints and The Popper "


Pamila Payne said...

This is really fun. I'll be tuned in next week...

Shoogs said...

Egads!! The Professor is plum gone! I wonder if MaryAnn, Ginger, and Gilligan are still over at The Howell's Place...

KatieMae and Surfin' Cowboy, you sure know how to spin together! I'm going to go pop some corn and read it again!

Anonymous said...

I hope the professer is okay. Maybe he'll show up with Jeanette. Those two could figure something out, if they're still alive.

OMG! Someone check on Eddie. He was on his belly in between the seats. Has anyone ever seen one of those floors in good light?

Great fun ya'll.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention. I love the bloody hand print on the glass.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Hey ~ Welcome back Pamila! You always have a home AT THE BIJOU. (Just watch where you sit)

Poppin' sunshine Shoogs, you get points for "Egads'ing" in a theatre mystery saga. We're spinnin' grins and mighty glad you're doublin' your pleasure, damsel of non-distress.

JEANETTE ~ Gosh, I'm sorry (and lonely) - I've got absolutely No Idea where you and Prof's whereabouts are. Have to wait til next week's show.

Jed the Janitor, by the way, took personal offense to your dirty-floor comment. He's the personal master of the clean-sweep AT THE BIJOU.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

(( Thanks Jeanette for likin' my illustrative interpretations on the bloody handprint on the glass. Just wonder WHOM the prints fits? ))

Harry said...

I second the motion of J's mention of the bloody handprint, perfect fit. We wont aquit. Also laughing at Jeanette's "Has anyone ever seen one of those floors in good light?" Jed the janitor might be the master of the clean sweep but he draws the line at hosing down the out-house.

Sugar & Pamila keep tuning in. We'll pop more corn. :)

Jodi MacArthur said...

My oh my, don't those officers look mighty fine in uniform. Prof sure shed his light alright, shed it clean out.

I shall play Phantom of The Bijou on my piano whenever the phantom enters the scene. ;)

I still think Scary Carrie has something to do with all this. Did anyone check her pockets for silverware?

Pop me some more corn,Jed, and make mine extra buttery. ;)

*Good job you two* Can't wait for next week!

Crybbe666 said...

What great fun!! Everybody seems to have pulled all the good parts out so all I can do is add this: not everyone will be as they seem...I would keep a good eye on that Sergeant Stine...he is a shady character at the best of times (sorry, Dan!!)

Great work, guys - keep it coming!!

Matthew S. Magda said...

As an old radio show once said, "Only the Shadow knows what evil lurks in the heart of men (also women)." This is sure turnin' intrigue into one hell-of-a show with nuance to boot. Jeanette and the Prof are still kickin'. Right you be, Jeanette that the Prof and the J lady can deduce what is to be deduced. I say tallow it not be that candle, that quality of light was never cast by such.

Keep the bounty coming Katie and Harry.

Daniel said...

I think it's safe to deduce a certain "constable" will be the guilty party when all the candle smoke clears. That is if I have my way with the information presented. Nobody messes with MY promotion man, nobody... PS, the Prof's fine but who killed the candle?

Madam Z said...

Perhaps the Prof's old flame was snuffed out by someone's slender white fingers which were dripping with warm red blooooood...

Harry said...

Hmmmm, Constable Phillips main suspect is his Seargant Stine, who is not afraid to go over his head. meanwhile Madam Z may have just given her own cryptic confession. Curiouser & curiouser. I'm getting an idea.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

I thought there were too many lightbulbs goin' off in our heads to need candle'power too, Har.

((Next week's show is gonna be a killer!))
~ Absolutely*Kate

Michael Solender said...

Hal..a surfer? Surfing cowboy? You do it all.

L J Davenport said...

This is fun, lots of fun.