Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FRANKIE'S WAVE ~ By Harry B. Sanderford of Harbinger*33

Frankie's Wave
By ~ Harry B. Sanderford

It was down to him now, the last man standing and the only one left looking east on this chilly Saturday morning dawn patrol. 'Screw it', he said and set his coffee on the old Rambler's dashboard before grabbing his wetsuit out of the back seat and tugging it right side out. A quick towel change later he zipped up, unstrapped his board from the roof rack, grabbed it by the rail and flipping it once caught it one-handed before tucking it under his arm and trotting off down the beach. Near the water's edge he stopped to stretch and watched the lead wave of a new set build into a perfect feathery lipped peak at the exact moment that the first rays of sunlight topped the horizon glinting green and gold through the pitching lip of the un-ridden tube. It was a pristine and privileged sight witnessed only on rare occasions but on this morning such beauty was unbearable. This empty perfection would not last he knew as he turned his back on the surf to follow his shadow back up the beach.

(c) 2009 ~ Frankie's friend, Author Harry B. Sanderford

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ 

Harry B. Sanderford is a Central Florida surfing cowboy who would sooner spin yarns than mend fences. That's what HE will tell you about himself and his writing. I must tell you though, because I care and admire this hearty soul's reach and write, that this particular piece of his published peace is now running in kurungabaa, an Australian publication, " a journal of literature, history and ideas from the sea". CONGRATS to you, our Harry, a driving spirit behind the scene changes and curtains opening AT THE BIJOU, a generous writer pal to all who merit his respect.

Kenny Sanderford is the brother and the artist of the amazing painting catching the wave of Harry's surfer world words . . . Those words? They are the soul-felt respect and tribute Harry wrote in only Harry's way of careful chosen thoughts towards his close-as-a-brother friend Frankie, who left this world much too suddenly almost a year ago, but is vitally alive in the way our close-as-a-brother friend shares respect . . . and words.

Words always have the power to transcend.

So does your love Har,
Frankie knows.
So do we.

~ Absolutely*Kate,
the fine staff of renown and
friends, colleagues, readers of care,


Carrie said...

The story and the story behind it are very emotional. Loved the thought of the emptiness being somehow comfortable.

Paul D. Brazill said...

Lovely stuff Harry and a smashing picture from you bro!

Sugar said...

A pristine tribute and perfectly written.

Laurita said...

Beauty of a piece, Harry, and a touching tribute.

Jeanette Cheezum said...

That was such a beautiful time in life. The moments you two shared. Warmth of the sun, the smell of salt and the perfect wave. Very good to allow the emotions of remembrence, Harry.

Pamila Payne said...

Harry, this was really beautiful. The story told with images and the depth of feeling conveyed with so few words was powerful and clean.

Harry said...

Thanks so much everyone!

Jodi MacArthur said...

I think the last sentence is especially beautiful. A wonderful tribute to a dear friend. I've always loved your brother's paintings. How intuitive he was to have painted this one, it's a perfect match to your words.

Daniel said...

Harry, Great piece. It captures perfectly the love one should have for the sea. A pleasure to travel with you man.

Harry said...

Thanks JoJo and Daniel, and thanks again everyone. Frankie & I started surfing together in Jr. High. It's a tough loss but it does help having good friends like you.

Kevin Michaels said...

You nailed it Harry - just so well written. You truly captured the essence of surfing - the beauty of the day, the feeling that starts deep inside when the waves break, and the joy that comes with it. One of the best surfing stories I've ever read. Tight, concise, and vivid.

Linda said...

Beautiful tribute, Harry. Tight with the tinge of loss' melancholy. Reading it, I could almost feel the ocean's swells. A gorgeous memorial to your friendship... Peace, Linda

Harry said...

Thanks alot Kevin, I knew you would recognize that scene. Hope you get to see some of those dawn patrol tubes soon.

Harry said...

Linda you must have squeezed in there while I was thanking Kevin. Didn't mean to leave you out:) Thanks so much and Peace to you too!


HAR, so many of us wish peace to you always (we just like to let Linda say it first; she has an affilate program I think) ... I loved this piece of peace when first you were workin' your deep swirling feelings over Frankie ... from the coffee cup on the old rambler to tuckin' the board with absolute anticipation of how your trot was gonna meet the sea and set you all the more free ... I learned and *felt*.

Little salt'spray still in my eyes.
Frankie must love this Har.
~ Absolutely*Kate

Harry said...

And of course thank you Katie*Girl for all of your support throughout! Screw that green beer. Black & Tans all around!



Bukowski's Basement said...

Harry ... a wonderful tribute. Simple. Short. Sweet and very well written.

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