Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In the Ritual of Art
By Lydia Stefanovska

In the ritual
you hold
between the words
and the cigarette smoke
you sweeten your coffee
with 33 sugar grains

Through you centuries
grooving the lines
of the saints' faces in the carvings
as the light
plays through your fingers

(c) 2010 ~ Poet Lydia Stefanovska 

Trains Have Mercy

Lydia Stefanovska

Everything passes
only the trains have mercy

to repeat crossings
of names written on the luggage
a habit

to stay wavy
with confessions
for poured coffee when caressing

 And a silent commitment
to see us off on the road
where we are longed for
by the lost pieces

(c) 2010 ~ Poet Lydia Stefanovska

She is warmth and art and prose and introspection. She is LYDIA and I enjoy knowing her through her words and her art until one day, in a land when far away becomes near as Macedonia, we shall *clink* . . . as true friends who admire well the other's works . . . tend to do when pouring out becomes the natural necessity.

LYDIA:  "In Biblical Macedonia, every path leads to OHRID.The person coming to Ohrid is at first amazed,and afterwards, deep within his soul,bows to its marks, which simply encourages you to understand or maybe to wonder - why certain places have been chosen to be different, praised and unique in the whole World". 

Thank*you dear Lidija for gracing the stage
with a share from the heart of your mind. It dazzles. Your homeland, from St. Sofia's of the 10th or 11th century into present day at water's serenity . . . simply mesmerizes. The Prof and I shall anticipate a lovely tour with how you further share your world ~

Much more of Lydia's heart and homeland, poetry to photography, exists back at her site on 6 Sentences, that place of streets and venues many of us have first come to know each other's voices.

~ Absolutely*Kate 
and our fine staff of renown
stopping in at Macedonia someday, along Prof's big trip to Turkey 


Harry said...

Lovely Lydia!

Linda said...

Lovely poems. I like the serenity invoked with the sense of ritual habit. Peace, Linda

Anonymous said...

Lydia, You have a beautiful way of orchestrating your poems.

Laurita said...

Lovely use of language. What a deep calming effect your words have.