Tuesday, February 22, 2011

RAT PACK REVUE: "How Did All These People Get Into My Room?" ~ By Robert J Randisi

I thought I'd do a series of short posts--sort of work the lounge before I hit the Main room.

"How Did All These People
Get Into My Room?"
By ~ Robert J. Randisi

     As I wait for Book #6 to be published, FLY ME TO THE MORGUE (June, 2011), I realize the true reason I like writing these Rat Pack Books. It’s because, going back to the 60’s, these guys have always made me feel good.  Watching Dean on his T.V. show, listening to Sammy’s albums, watching Frank’s movies, has always made me feel good, no matter what was going on in my life.
     My favorite Rat Packer has always changed over the years. When I’m watching Frank in Tony Rome or The Detective or Johnny Concho, he’s my favorite. If I’m listening to Sammy sing “What Kind of Fool Am I” or “Hey There” then he’s my favorite.  But for the most part, it’s been Dino; his songs, his show, the roasts, his western movies (he’s excellent in westerns, especially playing the heavy in “Rough Night In Jericho”), and his supreme COOL.  Dean Martin has always been cool without trying to be. Even when he was Jerry Lewis’ straight man he couldn’t hide the cool.  That’s what has always drawn me to him.
     Which was why I featured him in the first book, EVERYBODY KILLS SOMEBODY SOME TIME, and took the title from one of his most famous songs.  For the most part my protagonist in these books, Eddie G., is me. He has my background, my love of Vegas, and he has my affection for Dean.
     If I could have been friend with the Rat Pack I would have, but I would have loved to be close friends with Dean Martin. Because Dean was, and always will be, the Man! 
(c) 2011 AT THE BIJOU debut ~ Author Robert J Randisi 

I went to the BIJOU and read about myself as mystery man. Perhaps my posts will give some insight. As well as my answers.
Your pally
RJR  (Bob)

Absolutely*Kate said you'd be cool Randisi. Man oh man, you know your stuff.


There's more Robert J Randisi musings,
with the razz-a-ma-tazz of BIJOU authors
Eric Beetner, Paul D Brazill, 
Kevin Michaels, Julie Morgan, 
Sean Patrick Reardon, Anthony Venutolo 
and that Absolutely*Kate ~


Saturday Matinees too.

Be there or be square.



seana graham said...

Nice icebreaker, Mr. Randisi. It's amazing how diverse all these guys were, no matter which one was your favorite. And they made it all seem fun.

Unknown said...

Robert, great to see you here at Kate's gin joint... I truly can't wait to dive into your books -- what a great idea for a series. Am I breaking the 7th writing commandment? 'Thou Shalt Not Covet Another Scribe's idea?'

Seriously, tho, these fictional mash-ups bring me back to when I worked at B&N and a book I saw there called "The Murder of Frank Sinatra" (or something like that - hey, it was a long time ago) that caught my eye.

In any case, I hope you stick around to see what we cooked up for ya, pallie...

Bob Randisi said...

Thanks for the comments, guy. I think I'll stick around for some Bijou popcorn.


Bob Randisi said...

I meant to say thanks GUYS. It's late, sorry.


Author said...

What a great start to the RPR. Could be expensive though - I already have movies and books I need to get my hands on just as a result of this one post! Those book titles are irresistible, as is the whole premise of the series. Very cool. Great fun. And murderous! What more could a gal want! ;p

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Great way to kick things of RJR. Broke out "The Man With the Golden Arm" to get in the mood.

Paul D Brazill said...

Smashing, Mr R. I'm a Dino man, off course. Have you rea Rat Pack Confidential? A brilliant book.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Naturally, I got grin when you said you liked Dean best. That Steubenville boy has always kept my heart's moon in da sky likea big pizza pie. But the "good feel" you got back with the '60's, the Rat Pack, that kind of music, those kinda flicks and lit ... yeah, the stuff that characters were formed from.

What's your fave Vegas haunt though? ~ Your pally, Absolutely*Kate, so damn glad you're hangin' AT THE BIJOU

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Popcorn's certainly on the house for you Bob, RJR, Mr Randisi sir, and o'course my fave ~ Pally. (I treasure that one, kinda in Frank's sidemouth to Sammy Cahn). As for the gin or scotch (single malt), you'll have to ask Anthony Venutolo there comin' up from Bukowski's Basement. He's not too far outta Hoboken at some Joisey exit, but he keeps our gang's glasses tipped off with top shelf stuff, kinda like his writing.

I see, natch, that you're charmin' quite a few of the BIJOU regulars. Authors Seana Grahm and Julie Lewthwaite/Morgan who know their way around a crime scene or three are flirting their professionalism like crazy. Hell, I'm goin' over to Jools to watch some of her flicks and kick'back with these other RAT PACK REVUE shows we got to screen for you.

Sean Patrick Reardon and Paul Brazill get gritty and swing noir like tomorrow's dying sometimes, RJR -- Matter of fact, Mr Brazill, over there in Poland and London is kinda responsible for nudgin' me up to the front row when you did your interview gig at Barnes & BeNobled. The rest, as they say - is history.

But with your writing mystery, man oh man - that's a lot of history. I'm putting the whole RatPack Mystery set on its own shelf to make way for some other Randisi tomes. See what you got us started on -- sheeeesh.

~ Absolutely*Kate

Matthew S. Magda said...

Interesting to know why your fascination with the Rat Pack developed. It is amazing how some things just go straight to our nervous system and lock us in. Robert, you obviously tapped into some wavelength of artistic contact with the pack. That feeling just leaps out of your words and taps us with that sensation. Eagerly await reading your next entries.

Bob Randisi said...

I've checked out you guys on your blogs, find that we all share the love of . . . something. Sinatra, The Four Seasons, Aerosmith, Elmore Leonard, vintage paperback covers. . .

Paul, Rat Pack Cofidential was a big part of my research from the beginning. Also saw the Sammy commercials on your blog. Great stuff.

I'm happy to be here with all of you.


Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...


ACT TWO TOMORROW . . . These RatPack shows must go on.

~ Absolutely*Kate Ziegfeld