Friday, September 13, 2013

THE ROOKIE Rambling the Rounds and Ranks of BOUCHERCON

R O O K I E  at  B O U C H E R C O N ?

~ Absolutely*Kate

Oh yeah, first time, virgin appearance, musing and schmoozing rough and tough elbows with crime-time greats. Noir Stars and killer-thrillers of our shadows' days.

All cliches come real in the zeal of this rookie ramblin' rounds of the ranks at
Bouchercon, this year in Albany's state of NY crime-mind: 

What? You've seen these guys around?

    Lookin' mighty forward to meeting up (again and first times) with Authorfolk we all know 'round our reading pleasures and the wiles of WebTowne:

Oh yeah.

Those who gut-know how the words should do more than snap, crackle and pop in serial tales . . .


'Best Bud' Kevin Michaels ~ 'Hero' Matt Hilton ~ Robert J 'Pally' Randisi ~ slinky lady Kate Laity ~ Noir-at-the-Bar star Eric Beetner ~ Moonlighter Vince Zandri ~ big lug o' tough Les Edgerton ~ secretly a Berlin, CT boy (shhh), now big West-coaster Joe Clifford ~ 'Uncle' Raymond Chandler ~ sharpest shooter of 'em all, who taught me and Nelle Callahan swell, Dorothy Parker ~ showman RapSheet schmoozer Ali Karim ~ new pal about New England'ville, ShotGun Honey's editor Chris Irvin ... and now me, Absolutely*Kate.   Uncle Ray Chandler and Miss Dorothy Parker will be there ... in how I shadow my spirit of intrigue. 

Yeah. Who hasn't read or read of these loaded luminaries?  

Watch for my 
hot commentary in the COMMENTARY, as this Lucky'13 BOUCHERCON rolls its dice at what comes out naughty or nice from these luminaries I know I'll be hangin' with.

Will Rogers out-genre'd his genre, but I'm thinkin' he'd have plenty to say about this hot shot time up in Bouchercon as September slings herself. 

" If you want to be successful, it's just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing." -- 

Me?  Them?

Gonna post some quips and quotes, cool shit and hot stuff at the end of each day at the bar -- er, a few panels -- where insider insights may prevail . . . swell.
* C L I N K *

~ Absolutely*Kate, rookie makin' the rounds
~ author / promoter / presenter of  ~ 

"The Shadows of Our Noir" 

the new  THE SHADOW KNOWS  excerpt site

plus Authors Rising  and The Espresso Cafe

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NOIR NATION as Brand Ambassador

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publisher Eddie Vega's Noir Nation 3 and Noir Nation 4,  our International Crime editions soon out the door

~ excited as all get out to come out this fall
in Nelle Callahan's debut novel

Sure, watch for gal gumshoe with gumption, Nelle . . . 

but watch in the next few weeks for


 of ~  "Who Said or Did What" 
at this brazen Bouchercon before me . . .

~ Gotta go pack, folks

~ Absolutely*Kate

( who damn well knows she shall meet and mingle with many more prominent authors, agents and publisher folks at this mystery / thriller / noir / crime scene bash )

. . . You'll see, oh yeah -- You'll See 


Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Make sure you get lots of pictures! And have fun!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Just 'cause you asked me to, Mrs Webster -- I do hereby promise.

And "thanks!"
~ Absolutely*Kate

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Indeed, It’s the people who make your Boucherconnoitering all its cracked up to be. Hot ticket KATE LAITY tells all of this show (that fits into her posting) ~

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: A Kate Laity bouncy overview of the wonders-views of Bouchercon 2013 . . . right here folks:

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