Monday, September 27, 2010

TOP FLITE ~ By Absolutely*Kate of Harbinger*33

ON THE GREEN ~ Pic ala kailavanfossan
By ~ Absolutely*Kate

It used to be Titleist. Then the urge came to pass on the desire for "The Ball Choice of the Tour Professional". He was. He is. Professional and personal in every scorecard stroke of the periphery. No bogeys. All class on the grass, be it rough or well-trimmed.

So that's what she bought him ~ for birthdays, for Christmases, Valentine's Days, and for Father's Day of course, she stayed the course. Pretty easy on the what-to-get purchase list, and a cinch to wrap in the funny parts from Sunday's paper or later in life, in appropo bright zingy wrapping paper with a cheery centered blue bow. She'd add other treats of course, chocolate covered peanuts, a sports or life intriguing book, yet another Pittsburgh Steelers' prized piece of paraphernalia, a framed creation . . . but the box of Top Flites was always and ever a best appreciated need that would get plenty of use, stir immense pride and strivings on long range driving. You could say this gift was par for the course. 

He gave her love and protection, insight through laughter and a life-long attraction towards the innate goodness in all people you come across in the adventure of a day. He took a Dale Carnegie course once during early supervisory Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company days and shared his homework when she eagerly waited up in skyblue PJ's for that night's exciting return. Oh how he loved excelling at learning each new idea, skill or thrill. He shared the seminar session's lessons - the fine art of association-memorization, the reinforcement of positive thought to action, and both of their favourites -- hitting a rolled up newspaper on the table in the morning, shouting out loud, "It's going to be a GREAT DAY!" Amazing how the enthuse of laughter accompanying any reach beyond mere normality . . . makes the desired outcome have all the better chances.
Fortune favours the prepared mind, and his always was, cliche-inclusive, working smarter not harder, knowing Lombardi's "It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up" that counts. He stayed up, never complained nor let loose a negative thought. He encouraged without words, and his words were his noble bond.

He teased and he pleased. He was loved for 57 married and 3 dating years by his devoted Franny and forever onward by she and their thriving jiving five. He listened; he let you think your way through your thinking and then released the ultimate trophy: "Now you got it Kid!" He worked right alongside you before silently disappearing, getting you started in whatever job made something better at where you were at - picking up the front yard's grass-cuttings, stocking and blocking A&P shelves, painting a room, changing a tire, hosing your first prized red camauro, or his oft prized red tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupes and strawberries. He was garden, golf, gridiron, great father, grandfather, guts, gumption and grins. Oh those grins.

Got 'em inside me now.

So many folks ~ the kind he'd really want to have amble over to his back patio in Ohio for a cup of coffee and a poured conversation have reached me, the giver of Top Flites, about the legacy this semi-pro golfer and this all-pro Dad, hero and best friend has planted to grow on within me.

Thank*God they're right.
I'm goin' par for the course now too.

My father, Paul Pilarcik, lived vibrantly through the last day of summer, his season. Now that vibrancy, that spirit of strength lets me and swell-meaning multitudes know what Camus wrote is legacy-reality in Top Flite trajectory: 

"I finally knew in the depths of winter
there was within me
an invincible summer."

With still fresh tears, my gratitude is going long and going the distance, precious friends and treasured colleagues, in the way Paul would, from that always welcome patio ~ wholeheartedly.

Tis Top Flite soaring
  I was taught Life is all about.
I know it to be true ~

I wholeheartedly wish it unto you.

~ Absolutely*Kate, 
Paul's first kid


Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

In the "Even I Can't Make Stuff Like This Up" kate'gory ... check out the following obit on another sports figure, major league baseball player Al Pilarcik.,obit-pilarcik-0924.article

We're not sure if he's a relation, but my Dad was scouted for the Majors while playing USNavy baseball. This Pilarcik left the stadium 3 days after my father, at the exact same age of 80.

There's some kind of weird or comforting there ... as if they're playing catch now in a Field of Dreams. ~ Absolutely*Kate

Harry said...

Through your loving tribute I feel like I know Paul even though we never met. Beautifully done Katie*Girl!

Kevin Michaels said...

Beautifully written - a very loving and tender tribute......think your Dad would be more than proud (and slightly embarrassed by his daughter's sentiments), but that's what made him unique, right? Well done Kate.

Misty Hill said...

Kate, Your Dad would say, "Now, you got it right, Kid". I didn't have a father like this, but reading your words, sharing this person with the world, touched me deeply, made me feel he'd been part of my life, too, even though we never met. It also makes me happy for you. Your memories will be good and bring you happiness. :)

Linda said...

Beautiful tribute to your father. I know I would have liked him. I am so sorry for the loss of one of your guiding lights, but it sounds as if he will always burn deep inside you. You and he are both 'Top Flite' -- thank you both for spreading the love. Peace...

Anonymous said...

Brava, kid. He'd have been proud of this.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

I woke up. I made coffee. I said "It's gonna be a Great Day" (no matter how I feel an empty hole) ... and then I came here.

I'm crying now and it's a shining kind. HARRY and KEVIN ~ You've been through all this 'journey' with me these past few months in each your stalwart and inspirational ways. Oh how Paul woulda said, "You listening to those guys Kid?"

DEBORAH ~ So very grateful for getting to know your own heart this year. Dad woulda just sipped and smiled that 'almost' self-contained grin at how you just got to me now. Most likely he'd send you up to the fence and make sure you took some vegetables back home. You're such sensitive good stuff.

MIKE ~ Wow, it did my heart and glisteny eyes good to see You come'round and read this. My Dad's pride in me has always been what my strivings are all about.

*Thank*you*, thankyou, thankyou,
More peacefully than I was yesterday, ~ Absolutely*Kate

PS ~ Har and Kev - In a way Paul DID know you two - I shared your thoughts when I was back on the patio in August. He nodded. His eyes spoke ... swell.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

LINDA dear Linda,
I had to write you separate -- Do you think our fathers can meet up and share that their spectacular daughters are blessed in the knowing of each other. I am hugging how your spirit simply, thus strongly said all the highest things which matter to mine.

There will come a day I bring to your garden a perennial that grew in Paul's. It would be an honour to add more colourful *peace* to the lady who gives it in such abundance.

Gratitude, much,
~ Absolutely*Kate

Pamila Payne said...

Kate, your strength and ability to articulate so clearly, so beautifully not just how you feel, but how you intend to carry on openly, honestly, with pride, sorrow and reverence is an inspiration. You got it, kid. Indeed.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Kate. You've given a wonderful and beautiful tribute and it makes the hero or our heroine real and heroic to us too. Thank you for sharing him with us.

I'll keep you all in my prayers and know that I'll be thinking of you.

Warmest regards.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

PAMILA ~ As one of my heroines in writing lore, your benediction more than makes my spirit soar. Know I'm touched beyond how I can no longer see the keyboard.

J DANE THE T ~ How much your gut-stuff commentary always gleans to me. Your prayers I carry with honour, as is knowing the goodness that is you.

Gosh, Paul will be so proud to see both of your shelf-load of books at where I call home. He's all about getting excited at true successes. Thank*you, from our hearts. ~ Absolutely*Kate

Matthew S. Magda said...

Having met him and been blessed to enjoy his very special presence, I can say you have lovingly described that special Paul I came to know. You carry him with you in all that you do, and that is his loving legacy to you and others.
Paul knew all along and loved well.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

How can I thank*you Matt, when you were the next son he was fortunate to get to know ... I can only laugh that the very first of our collection of trips out to Ohio, when you were going to meet him during your April school break and The Masters were on ... you actually said, "You don't think your Dad is going to want me to watch GOLF with him, do you?"

Man oh man, you stayed on the couch with your books and your gradings, hardly touching them at all, talking about golf and life and having the kinds of silences men have when they begin to revere each other the more. He on his chair ... three days of bonding. Amazing how much further that took you ... as you go the distance inside.

Thank*you for your concerns and bolsterings I was aware was always there this past tough weekend when I knew Dad would want me to be reaching out to all others. It did help. I love you, as Paul 'does'.

~ Absolutely your Katrina

Crybbe666 said...

Kate, a special tribute from a special lady. Your pride, admiration, respect and love for your Hero, your Dad - is tender, touching and typically YOU! From what I have read from you, you have his grace, his style and his inspiration.
All our love, Kate.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Oh Paulie.

(Kate's just grinnin' -- real, real wide ... touched so deep inside.)

Unknown said...

Beautiful Kate, he would be really proud! Remember - it's the memories that will always keep him in your heart.

Anonymous said...

Kate*, you have sent your dear father off with a fine tribute.
I know he was so proud of you and the family.

Titleist are Tom's favorite, also.

Unknown said...

So lovely, Kate and heartfelt... What a loving, warm and wonderful tribute.

Laurita said...

What a beautiful loving tribute to a man who obviously truly knew what being a dad was about. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your amazing dad with us.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

What a tribute to be noted for tribute from three distinguished writers of this time and age and a cherished friend from childhood age ... grooving on.

Memories (and now sensations), indeed BEC, all the good stuff is within, all the time. ANT, you know how these feelings go, flow and make you more of the all you are you now become. Your Pop must grin every time you "go genre".

JEANETTE ... I betcha Tom woulda come back with some tales to tuck into his golf bag if the took his Titleist out for 18 with Dad's Top Flite soaring. Lovely LAURITA, I just wish beyond wishes you and I had our cup of coffee together there ... with Paul's interjections that pushed on so many more of your bits of wonder that make a day all the more of what it started out to be.

Sentimentally yours,
in appreci-kation,

Paul D Brazill said...

A fantastic tribute.Your Dad would be very proud, Kate.

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