Tuesday, May 4, 2010

* SPORTS OF KINGS * ~ A Daily*Double from Absolutely*Kate and Horsey Harry of Harbinger*33


~ A Daily*Double from
Absolutely*Kate and Horsey Harry

Jim Dandee opened the Tampa Bay Downs Daily Racing Form with customary crackle to jaded eye, as his gaze glazed over the chess set his kid had made him for Christmas, plasticine royal blue and hunter's green of deeper hue, sitting on the side table ~ the king somehow toppled, clearly in his view. It was a sign he knew, what sort would work itself out soon enough he thought, righting the fallen ruler before returning his attention to the form . . . not all clues would just present themselves.
Yes, there it was ~ "Clueless" was running in the sixth and with what Monday's meteorologist Mandi precipitationally predicted, a muddy track it could be -- gul darn it, his majesty's crown was again down; hadn't he just - - - whoa it up there Nellie! A photo-finish flashbulb popped enlightening like and Jim Dandee pulled up mid-stretch to restoring royalty to his horizontal highness, poked a nubby finger under the running line and followed it out to see that Clueless was out of monster mudder Dam "Topple Two Times" and in the irons today was none other than Elvis (the king, baby) Trujillo!
Thoroughly bred to bet a hunch, Jim Dandee was no pawn of fate come lately, and odds on, how could he be rooked with the king of jocks strapped on Clueless ~ hell, heaven can wait, for when Elvis took off from the gate 35 wins straight from his native Panama, then 55 from Mexico City set the pace for the race of three graded stakes titles from South Florida to Churchill Downs -- kerplunk -- the royal chess piece took another clunk -- unconfused, "Why that's a triple crowner," Jim mused.
Third times a charm
and at the finish-line rail Jim Dandee patted the plastic talisman and slips of paper in the pocket of his lucky blue-green shirt feeling the first drops of anticipation, perspiration and Meteorologist Mandi's predicted precipitation as E.T. gave Clueless the reins leading into the stretch in the rain and all the king's horses stared idly at the backs of all the kings men, no longer subject to their round-heeled ruler's reign. 

(c) 2009 ~ Authors Absolutely*Kate and Harry B Sanderford

Absolutely*Kate and Harry B Cool Sanderford wrote this one up in a challenge-each-other-the-more duet of double entendrees. They "got game". The sighted insight. They went ... as always ... for the Win in place to show.

~ The Phantom
in the know

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Anonymous said...

This story gives us an insight to the races.
Somehow I think Harry and Kate have given us the real scoop, not poop on the races. Great job you two.