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THE PRINTS AND THE POPPER ~ ~ Epic*sode 9 ~ ~ "Chain, Chain, Chain" ~ By Absolutely*Kate and Harry B. Sanderford of Harbinger*33

It's Baaaaack!






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and the original mysterious start of it all ~

~ ~ EPIC*SODE 9 ~ ~
" Chain, Chain, Chain "

~ By Absolutely*Kate 
Harry B. Sanderford

"Carrie you realize just whose papers we have here? You'd better be reeeally tricky when you sneak them back to the guy."

What? Me run the return gig? Why not You, Big Guy? Why do I get stuck with the tricky jobs? Oh - and WHO, just who is it that has you, oh great Phantom AT THE BIJOU in such a tizzy?"

"Who you callin' a tizzy Lizzie? Why you - you - "

"Hang on to your facade there Phantom. The guy back at the Lucky Shot evidently rattled your chains. Admit it."

"Damn it Carrie. Ghosts shake chains. Snow tires clunk around with chains. Chain gangs get notorious with chains. I'm of the sophisticated apparitional variety. I'm a classy dude, I am. I'm an illustrious aspect of imaginary fancy.  I'm -- "

"Can the pomposity Phantom boy. Who's the mark that yanked your spark?"

"Why Carrie - you wound my pride. And as an astute aside, you metaphor practically as prolifically as he."

"He? He WHO?"

"Why Paul. The notorious Paul Caracas. InterNoir. Writer. Plot-deplotter. More a specialized savant as solvent than a generic go-by-the-book solver. Can discern where a crime scene is going before the brushstrokes on the canvas are even dry. Why -- "

"Now who's living the high life in Metaphor City? Geeez Phant, you're tellin' me someone called in a ringer this quick at what's goin' on AT THE BIJOU? You heard what we heard while we hid from Lieutenant Phillips' lowdown layed down to the BIJOU femmes. The mystery of the prone projectionist, bloody bathroom, Cheezum chase and balcony bash doesn't even have history yet! All these crazy calamities occured TODAY!   You're either way off track at what train of thought you're puffing at, or that's pretty far advanced high falutin' thinkin' on someone's part . . . I think."  
"I think I can. I think I can. Whoops. I mean - I think so too Carrie. Now, how do you think you're going to smoothly get this dossier folio back to the Euro-feller before it's missed?"

Clevenger's exasperated sigh passed right through the Phantom's transparent left eye. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What traversed though through her transparent friend was apparently apparent to Kate, on the other side of the BIJOU's pass-through secret wallway. Despite Lieutenant Phillips' charming accented assurances of "All will be well ladies, all will be well", this was turning into much more than an open and shut case around her spirited theatre place, AT THE BIJOU.  

What could possibly happen next and how were they going to get to the bottom of all these dangling dangers? It was half past time to make the call she thought she'd never have to make . . . 

* C * L * I * F * F * H * A * N * G * E * R * !

Cliff*Hanger? Why that's no cliff'hanger (yet). (But there were some clues.) The whole BIJOU crew is taking time off to celebrate Mother's Day, (so we don't get yelled at). We'll be racing back next weekend with ~ The Prints, The Popper and the Preakness!

Harry and I sure thank*you kindly
for reading the weekend epic'sodes of
our murder mystery matinee.

~ Absolutely*Kate
( So you think my Mom will like a boat
instead of a book or bouquet? )


Please return to next Saturday's Matinee
for the next gut-gripping epic'sode!

" The Prints and The Popper "


Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

SEE YOU NEXT WEEK FOLKS ... but ... be warned to ... be surprised.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Over-Hype? Me?

Nah, it'll never happen. But do know beloved readers that the cool gizmo which shows off three other great writers' writes in a kind of slot-machine roulette matchup to tantalize your interests is doing a kind'of flukey thing and you just may see three rows of three instead of the nice enticing one row offering.

Tell you what ~ You pick what you wish to see further and know I thank you for comin' round and being a part of the heart of what we all are here, AT THE BIJOU.

Glitches? Hell, they can work themselves out - I'm just glad I had this opportunity to tell you I'm glad you're around. ~ Absolutely*Kate and the fine staff of renown

Wendy said...

This ain't no 'chain chain chain of fools''s cool gizmos and enticing gadgets...three's an absolute charm, Kate and Har.

Looking forward to Preakness right in Shoogs backyard fun!

Gathering libations for Black Eyed Susans...official drink of the Preakness for Sugar Shack CLINKS! Three Fangers, my bookie, is calculating my wagers for winnin' too!

Happiest of Mother's Day to the Hot Mamas At The Bijou!

Anonymous said...

I think the phantom has been up to his/her old tricks. I left two comments here earlier and they disappeared. I only remember part of one of them. We'll all meet back here.

I know it will be a ring dinger of an epic*sode.

Harry said...

Nice job this week Katie*Girl and Saaaaay, when you buy your Mom that Mother's Day Vessel, will it come from a Boat-ique?

Sugar, looking forward to a round of your famous Black Eyed Susans!

Happy Mother's Day Bijou Girls!