Friday, July 2, 2010

GAME OF LIFE'S CLUE ~ By Absolutely*Kate, #Flashing Fiction

~ By Absolutely*Kate

A lost marble is on the roll. The train set and race track and Alf stuffed critter who knows what it's all about has been sorted and stacked near Barbie's clothes and Beanie's babies and the game board boxes, Chinese Checkers and a still working Donkey Kong gizmo. Walkie-talkies send silent messages rolling to baseballs, golf balls, Nerf balls and a stuffed Mickey and Donald missing one eye. (Donald did always seem to be winking at something, didn't he? He'll get by.) Squirt guns hold their own with the plastic swashbuckle of the one eyed pirate's sword ~ but I really think the Boston Red Sox giant foam finger could take 'em both on.

I found the 6 of Diamonds near some pieces of Bridge-It and three plastic triangles that used to make quite a colourful tower stack. That raised the collective ante nicely in the LoOsE PiEcEs BoX where the Sorry markers got more cheered up with each new arrival. Baby dolls and a large Little Mermaid leaned against the Lincoln Logs and seemed to call out fetchingly to Matchbox cars speeding by, "We're not just Tinker Toys, ya know." 

Yes, it's a tender Mom doing her time back in time ~ the archeological dig-it in the basement of decades that played well. Perhaps some treasures will make it to little cousins once removed, or are those second-cousins or -- how does that relate again? Or perhaps the yearn to play again will make temptation relate. Did you see? In the box with the hand-held Jeopardy and the hand-held Wheel Of Fortune games, there was a hand-held Insultinator spouting all kind of colourful crazy buttons to push somebody's buttons. Wonder how good the batteries still are - this one is just ribbing for a once over.

Twister's not shouting but Othello considers it a Question of Scruples to Bamboozle instead of Boggle. He can Connect Four to Stay Alive by being a MasterMind with the right Clue and Password. I look Upwords, past the greated Parcheesi which has no Monopoly on reminiscing like this . . . but Inklings indi'kate . . . this is the Game of Life.

Colour my world 64 though Crayola may option me for remnant stock in stubby stockpiles of Chock Full of Nuts cans decorated as only three-year-old Picassos with El Markos can exude precise savoir faire. I hear the Buzz, don't you? Some feelings are only meant for "Infinity and beyonnnnd".

Woody winks my way.

"Here's lookin' at your kids, Podner."
Wait! Was this supposed to be fiction
Visualizations ala Kazuna, GinParis and BierHoff
   (c) 2010 ~ Author Absolutely*Kate


Paul D Brazill said...

Another bittersweet piece. I like it!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Awwww. I like You, Mr Brazill.
~ Absolutely*Kate

Wendy said...

Oh, Katers, I believe in daydreams and I believe in you.

Now please come play Mouse Trap with me, and we can steady our hands at Operation too!

Harry said...

Nice memory Lois Laning Super*Kate! This would have been a fresh take for that "Mind Games" contest over at 6S.

Matthew S. Magda said...

The is the most loving archeological and colorful dig in history. A tiresome task transformed by love into
into a magical and cherished time.

Wondrous Kate, to be read and savored.

Eric J. Krause said...

Good story! So many great memories in there...

Unknown said...

wonderfully clever, Kate... Great trip down memory lane.

Anonymous said...

That was a blast from the past. Something to think about, when you compare the toys and technology of today.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Thank you all. I admit to actually sorting through piles and past from where my childrenfolk grew, working through the night, as one reminisce begat another. "Coming up from the basement state of mind" at 5:30 am and wanting to jump into your #Flashing Friday parade ... this "art imitates life" piece just tumbled out.

So joyed to know I touched the InnerKid in many of you great writers, colleagues, friends.
~ Absolutely*Kate

Anonymous said...

That was touching, beautiful and warm. A small cheerful tear-jerker for memories and things from everywhen.

Nice work again, A*K.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Beauty, Kate! Emptying the toy chest is nothing but a sad exercise in time passing by.