Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CUP OF 80 ~ By Paul's Kid, Kate

~ By Paul's Kid, Kate

Full of LIFE
and robust 
and making you think
all the more,
all the more.

Warm and strong and when
sitting next to you, 
you always know what proximity like that does to possibilities you brew and perk and pour and stir and sip and think, a little more, a little more.

Look. Remember. Back there. There's a yellow legal pad with ideas all lined up to be activated and crossed off and turned into new ventures. There's a patio that calls your name and brings you on home and you're safe at home, no umpire needed. Kick back. Put your barefeet up on the rail. There are gardens to be viewed up by the big white fence rails at the edge of the acreage ~ heritage grapevines and tomato plants, peppers, strawberries on the sprawl, gladly seen gladiolas and zinnias soon on the scene. Tis all seasons for what's growing and throwing when golf balls or baseballs or pigskins fly. That's when a cup of coffee is more than a cup of coffee. That's when knowing how cheering on gets you by.

It's a gulp and a swallow and a thousand ways I think of my Dad, Paul Pilarcik, best man I know ... turning 80 this day, Yep. "Holy Mackerel Andy," he'd say, (unless he was calling you Mabel - he did that sometimes when he let his spirit go light past how his shoulders could've gone heavy, wondering how five lively kids would turn out or carrying supervisor details of a small empire of where 8'O'Clock coffee is ground ~ you know ~ at the end of the register, in your old local A&P store.), "Seems like only yesterday", his indomitable spirit would boom out . . . "You have a good one!"

Dad told me sensing the worth in another is what you saw and felt through their eyes and how their smile held on, really genuine. It's that genuine most of all that brings about thoughts of Paul. 

Well that, and a cup of coffee.
Happy *80* DAD!

You made my world happen and always showed strength and laughter and where bonds are formed and that people are the best folks to deal with in life. When you find good ones, invite 'em on over to your back patio for a good cup of coffee. I always will Dad, I always will.

Love you Dad,
~ You have a good one today.

~ Your Kate
  ( absolutely )


Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Hey, If you stopped by, would'ya let me know somethin' that still gives you a grin about Your Dad? I sure think mine would like knowin' I asked that.

Oh, and please help yourself to a cup of coffee and come'on back to the patio. There are plenty of chairs for a summertime visit in Ohio.

~ Glad you guys are out there.
~ It's what it's all about.
~ Absolutely*Kate ... Paul's kid

Paul D Brazill said...

Lovelt stuff. One of your best pieces.

Harry said...

I know from the way you are always going on about him that your dad is a true good guy. Happy 80th Paul & many more!

Matthew S. Magda said...

Love-filled expression for truly a great guy and a father for all seasons.
He is that quality of man. How do I know? I have met him and everything Kate says about Paul Pilarcik is true.

Kate, certain am I that your father is caressed by your love today and forever.

Happy 80th Birthday to Paul!

Unknown said...

Really nice post... Happy 80th, Paul!

Carrie Clevenger said...

Beautiful sentiment. I've so got to catch up with you this weekend dear lady. <3

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late,Paul. I hope you had the best birthday ever. I remember as a young woman going ino the A&P and standing by the coffee machine so I could inhale that just ground smell.

Great tribute, Kate*

Madam Z said...

Oh, Kate, this is such a touching tribute. I know your daddy must have had a happy birthday. How could it be otherwise, with so much love being shared?

If I were not an atheist, I would surely be praying for his recovery now. I will do what I can, though, which is to send lots of good and healing thoughts his way. I would love to be reading about his 100th birthday, 20 years from now!

My own dear father has been dead for 23 years now, and not a day goes by that I don't think of him and how much I loved him.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Thanks you guys and my DAD says to THANK you too. He goes into the hospital for a day of testing on Thursday ... but I sure wanta do as Zelda said ... write his 100th tribute up just so she can read it.

I love that Jeanette (also) loved to stand near the edge of the registers and smell that great 8'o'clock coffee being ground. I love that You Guys all must have mighty fine Dads who should be proud of how you turned out ... makin' me want to ride a blue Schwinn with every one of you ... and build a fort in the woods and then come back to the patio after and maybe pull out a game of Monopoly until Dad started grillin' ...

Yeah, good stuff.
Best stuff to hold on to.

Like being thankful for fine folks in my life I know Paul Pilarcik would love to know.

~ Absolutely*Kate