Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RAT PACK REVUE: "Bung Ho!" ~ By Sean Patrick Reardon

Fringe Rat Pack?
He certainly hung with the best ~
(and not too shabby on the peepers either!)

"Bung Ho!"
By ~ Sean Patrick Reardon

The gang's all here and we’re back in the old Mulholland house. Niven, Hale, and Rathbone paid off the new owner to make themselves scarce for the weekend, so we could have one last get together. The drink is flowing and the stories are flying. Eat your hearts out Cabot and Tiger Lil you money grubbing bastards. I may be down, but I’m never out. You would have got your money Bruce and sure, maybe the Cinemascope was a bit much, but I never did anything worth doing half arsed. William Tell could have been a contender.
Yeah, old sports, this is what you might call the final roast and if it was good enough for Jack Barrymore it’s all the better for me.  It’s great to be back, even if it’s for just for a few hours before I’m due back at the morgue. The way I look at, I’m just reprising my role in The Case of the Curious Bride. Hell, even propped up in this chair, suited up, fedora tilted just right, and a Chesterfield parting my lips, half the dames in L.A. would still want to be “in like Flynn”.
Stop your crying Olivia and drink up. You know no one could make my tights malfunction like you my dear. Bette, you feisty little minx in petticoats, don’t think for a minute I wouldn’t have slapped you right back in the kisser if film wasn’t rolling when we did that scene in Elizabeth and Essex.
If I had my way, I’d have Cardiff film this right now.
Don’t look so happy about all this Niven and always remember our days at Cirrhosis by the Sea. I know I will. And Nigel, if they were real sword fights, you might have been able to kill me anytime you wanted, but I always got the girl. Doug Fairbanks and Ty Power couldn’t carry our jock straps.
Hale, my friend, we shall meet again and ride off into the sunset just like we did in Don Juan.
I’ve had my share of good times and bad ones, good movies and ones I did just for the paycheck, yet I never lost my zest for living life and squeezing every last drop I could out of her.
Sure I cringe about The Steve Allen Show, standing next to Don Knotts, who’s sporting my trademark mustache. The Martha Rea show wasn’t exactly my proudest moment either.
I want you all to know what a wild ride it’s been and I don’t regret a single second of it. Sure, there were tough times, but that’s what you get when you chase a star that’s always just over the horizon.

Goodbye old sports, the Zaca is leaving port. I’m captaining her on the eternal journey and you will all be welcomed aboard as time passes.  Bung Ho!

(c) 2011 ~ Author Sean Patrick Reardon
making his AT THE BIJOU debut!

SEAN PATRICK REARDON? Wow! Have you been reading this thriller of a Thriller author? Crisp, edgy wordsworthy rascal cutting details into storylines you want to read three times vs just two. (Yeah, he's THAT good!) Sean's not only a toppling talent in the rising crime star firmament, but he's Mr Generosity Good Guy to fiction authors across the wilds of WebTowne.  

No doubt you've tasted the enthuse of this fella's muse in commentaries and sharing-the-shout praises of what's savvy and cool 'round writers' worlds. He reviews, he spreads good stirring news and behind a lacrosse stick he gets his Irish up too. But you can figger that out ~ right here at his multi-enterprising website of  MINDJACKER, where a debut novel launches forth.
(Yeah Julie, I agree ~ Dude's sexy as all get out too! 
Oh yeah - Errol too!)

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Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Feisty minxes aside, you certainly had me at "You know no one could make my tights malfunction like you my dear." Sean Patrick, your swagger is dashing stuff as you debut AT THE BIJOU ... even though you've been a rousing regular for eons, good sir.

What a classy Flynn you swung in! Loved the voice and the screen gem shine . . . then especially this line: "that’s what you get when you chase a star that’s always just over the horizon."

~ Absolutely*Kate

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the stroll, Sean. When I was a teen my mom had this book about Errol Flynn's life. Titled My wicked wicked ways. That's when I first knew who Errol was. Quite the rogue. Good luck with your novel.


Paul D Brazill said...

Swashbuckling and bittersweet. The morning after all those nights before. Top work.

Author said...

Like PDB said, swashbuckling and bittersweet. This has a mood and a rhythm all its own. Nice work!

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! Absolutely~Kate...
What a very well-written, swift, and very interesting read...about the late actor Errol Flynn.
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

A*K- As with all the fab stories that came before, tremendous job with the presentation-awesome. and most of all thanks for including me.

Jeanette- I've read MWW as well, along with just about anything out there on EF and I own just about all his movies. He and F.Scott Fitzgerald are probably my most intriguing characters of all time.

Paul- It's such a shame what booze and morphine did to him- stole his looks big time, but he never once admitted to having any regrets, publicly at least.

Julie- Thanks for the read and comments and big time congrats on the feature story on "Gone Bad". That was big-time for sure!

DeeDee- love that name and thanks for taking the time to give it a read and comment.

There is so much material to draw from the life of EF, that I had no idea what to do. This dude lived one hell of a life and there are so many stories, so I just went with the Barrymore (another fascinating dude and EF;s idol) morgue theft angle.

I will warn you that there was one asshole author Charles Higham who wrote FLYNN: THE UNTOLD STORY and it is a bunch of bullshit that has all been proven untrue over time.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...


That whippersnapper, Sean Patrick, must have immersed himself in old Hollywood history in order to write this highly entertaining tale. I especially loved the line about Errol’s corpse being propped up in a chair, with the fedora and Chesterfield properly placed.

Kate, I wanted to post a reply on the Bijou site, but once again, I was confounded, trying to find how to do it.

BTW, here’s an anecdote from my early childhood, regarding Errol Flynn. Being more familiar with various physical maladies and their symptoms, than I was with Irish surnames, I used to think Errol’s last name was “Phlegm.” It was only when I learned to read the billboards that I realized something was wrong.

Kevin Michaels said...

Great writing Sean- I especially like the line: "Sure, there were tough times, but that’s what you get when you chase a star that’s always just over the horizon." I think you captured the voice and the spirit of Errol Flynn extremely well.

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Kevin- Thanks man. I gave it my best shot. FYI- The more I'm getting into "Lost Exit", the more I am digging it. You did a great job with this. A review will be coming for all to see by end of week. You should be proud!

David Barber said...

Yes, a very cool piece of writing. There's a lot packed in to so few words. Great work, mate!