Monday, December 12, 2011


    She's back! "Lady J"!
AT THE BIJOU's well-loved regular, in the 3rd row,
Goddess Mother to Brilliant Authors . . .
Tis a back-to-back JEANETTE double-feature ~

A Sidewalk Café (The Vic)

~ By Jeanette Cheezum

Drinks were delivered to the tiny table. 
“Do you see that guy over there? She pointed to a man trying not to be noticed. I wanted to get away from him every time he came near me in college.”
“I’d turn around at least three times a day and find him standing two feet away; like he was stalking me.” 
He leaned in close to her “You do realize this is Paris, don’t you?”

A Sidewalk Café (The Perp)

I remember smelling her hair when she was near, watching her walk, knowing how well she would fit in my arms.
She gets prettier every time I see her, but why does she let him get in our way?
I’m tired of watching him take her hand, sneak a kiss and only guess what they are doing behind closed doors; it’s been too many years now. I’ll have to come up with a plan . . . get him out of the picture, but how will I do that?
They caught me . . . ; did she just tell him how much we’ve loved each other all these years?
He touched the blade in his pocket, making sure his trusty friend was still there, he’d only used it a couple of times before.

A Sidewalk Café (The Fiancée)

He hailed a taxi and led her away from the obnoxious man who had stared at them until Mark walked towards him and he disappeared.
His arms enveloped Sue in hopes of calming her nerves; with plans to make love to her . . . after all . . . they were celebrating their engagement, with the sights and flavors of Paris.
Unless the pervert followed them, they should be free of the burly man with the piercing eyes.
Champagne and strawberries had been delivered at 6 PM as requested, flowers adorned the table and the lights were low . . . pleasing Sue, when Mark opened the door.
Feeling safe wrapped around each other they performed a dance of elegance, the ritual of mating.

*  *  *
Shadows fell throughout the courtyard, hiding the intruder while he furiously searched three windows for a glimpse or a silhouette of his loved one being violated, by that man, but he would change that as the night grew late.

Cold crimes for DECEMBER decking NOIR NOEL ~ AT THE BIJOU
 ILLUSTRATION CREDIT: Poster ala BareWalls

~ By Jeanette Cheezum

Sheila shoved the vacuum in long even rows. A strange melody chimed nearby. She looked around, “Where the hell is that coming from?” Switched off the vacuum, “Oh, there you are.”
She rummaged through the couch pillows.
“Hello . . . hello . . . , is anyone there?”
She set the phone on the coffee table and returned to her chores. Once finished, Sheila reached for her jacket and keys; she had to get home to fix the family dinner. The doorknob turned under her hand when the strange melody filled the room, again.
“Maybe I’ll let you ring.” The nuisance continued. “Oh all right!” She flipped the phone open
“Hello . . . , either you speak up or stop calling; I don’t have time for these games.”
“Who’s playing games?”
“Who would you like to speak to?”
“This is not my phone! Now tell me who you want or I’m turning off the phone.”
“I’m hanging up!” Sheila threw the phone on the couch.
When the voice spoke again she screamed, then shuddered with fear, “Where are you?”
“Here,” he said, before he strangled her.

Cold crimes for DECEMBER decking NOIR NOEL ~ AT THE BIJOU

ILLUSTRATION CREDIT: "Hailey's Helpful Hints" ~ Yes folks, we seek class acts everywhere


SHINES the everlovingSPOTLIGHTon   

For reasons known only to Santa,
Absolutely*Kate wonders ~

#1 What's the best Christmas gift you ever received?

JC~ When my husband bought my first laptop and asked me to start writing again.

#2 That's lovely Jeanette, respectful, encouraging support always is. The best you ever gave? 

JC~ Only my love, Kate, only my love.  

#3 What / where / how does one gift JEANETTE CHEEZUM books for greater holiday happiness in a world that needs such? 

JC~ All my ebooks can be purchased at Barnes and Noble and Amazon except Lacryma Christi is only at Barnes & Noble. Go to and key in Jeanette Cheezum books. Come visit my blogsite at
 G'head. Do your song and dance Toots. You're centerstage AT THE BIJOU. You're dressed rather splendidly. I've introduced you and am handing you the mike. Tell our red-velvet seated audience what you wish them to remember about the author you see yourself being . . .


 “All I want to do

 is move your heart
 or squeeze your spine
 with my writing.”

 Oh, and you do, Lady J. Will you share a secret deep inside that you've never told a full-fledged audience of readers and fellow classy authors in a ritzy theatre where the single spot has you in a pool of light that just keeps glimmerin' . . . 

JC~ “I never knew I’d get this far, 
I hope to take you all the way.”

Jeanette, our good cheer to you,

Will you tuck a holiday gift under our stage-set tree?
  A sneak-peek into a splendid piece of your writing, oh Goddess Mother of Brilliant Authors? Make us prouder than we are to know ya, dear Lady J.
                                                                                                  ~ Absolutely*Kate 

JC~ Overview for Lacryma Christi,
my newest novel:

When Beth Carey closed her exhibit at the Jacob Javits Hall in New York for the annual Vision Expo; she had one thought in mind, getting home, because her mother had macular degeneration. Unable to get a flight out until the morning, she decided to take a taxi to her favorite restaurant. Upon arrival the tornado of events to follow would turn her life upside down. Responsibility and hard work became second to murder, destruction and romance. Victor Mastracco wealthy olive oil magnate and the Cosa Nostra infiltrate her family. Her attempts to find love and security take her to Italy and back to Virginia Beach while she falls hopelessly in love with Victor.

Jeanette Cheezum is talented author and overwhelming sweetheart to so very many authors in WebTowne. Proud I am that she shall be on the starboard side of HARBINGER*33 sailing not just sensational stories, but stunning authors' destinies into the bright new year. She's been a regular, right there in her reserved red velvet seat next to the aisle in Row 3, and cleans up her own popcorn mess while reminding those around her to 'tidy up'. I was touched after running AT THE BIJOU's "Cavalcade of Our Stars" to see Jeanette pick up the classic showbiz term for her own blogsite highlighting personal great works and inviting guest authors weekly. Most likely you bump into our Lady J at any writesite you're pluggin' away at ~ and doesn't her bright smile of encouragement keep you going all the more? A founding member of Virginia's Hampton Roads Writers, you'll find all who know her . . . far better in their worlds.

JC~ Thanks Kate with hugs and smooches. I invite our AT THE BIJOU rowdy and remarkable audience to view more of my work on "About Me" page at cavalcadeofstars and Members' page at Hampton Roads Writers


Jeanette’s works have been published frequently here AT THE BIJOU, on several online writing sites and in print. She’s published in eleven anthologies and four poetry books. See her Pubit eNooks at Barnes & Noble and Amazon: A Bark, A Shell and a Squiggly Tail and Sticky Feet and Two Big Teeth for children. Big Stories Told Short and an adult trilogy Fish Wife, Twisted Branches and Westcott McTavish for general adult audiences.





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Harry said...

“All I want to do
is move your heart
or squeeze your spine
with my writing.” <:)

Mission accomplished Jay C!

Excellent double feature and interview A*K!

Nigel Bird said...

I love Paris. Never been in the Springtime, though. Last time I was there I was moved to write a story about a cafe, too. How it grabs one.
And that's the last time I'm doing the vacuuming - thanks for the excuse.
And you have a great Santa.

Madam Z said...

Creepy stories! And I mean that in the best possible way! I love your imagination, Jeannette.

And Kate, you are the interview maestro.

Wendy said...

Jeanette, you did it again! Entertained me!

Anonymous said...

Sneaky, sneaky. Tap tap tap wit de left hand to get'chur attention elswhere, den KaPow! wit da straight right. See'in dem boidies Sylvester da Cat sees when Tweety Boid gets him a good one goin' tweet tweet tweet all 'round my head.
Get me once: shame on me. Get me twice: youse is pretty damn good Twinkle Toes. Cool.

Graham Smith said...

Two excellently tols shorts which moved my heart AND squeezed my spine.

Paul D Brazill said...

Spot on!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments. Kudos to Kate for the great presentation. You always make us feel like a star.

Kevin Michaels said...

2 excellent stories from one of the best! Love the POV of A Sidewalk Cafe and the eerie creepiness in Ring Ring (the kind of haunting story that sticks with you).

I encourage everyone to also head over to Jeanette's Cavalcade of Stars for more great stories from her and a roster of talented writers.

Helen A. Howell said...

Two very nice stories that completely entertained!

Anonymous said...

@Kevin,thanks for the directions and the nice comments.
@Helen, I'm glad you like them.
@Har, thanks for being there.
@Nigel, I want to read your cafe story. Now get that vacuum.
@"Z" It's always a pleasure.
@Sugar, Tee Hee
@AJ love it.
@I'm thrilled.
@Paul, thanks again.
You guys are the best.

Charlie Wade said...

Couple of great stories there, Jeanette.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Charlie and Kate*.

Carol said...

Great work Jeanette!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it, Carol.

KjM said...

Jeanette - nice, nice, nice! In a wonderfully creepy and spine-squeezing way. :-}

Short and sharp, exactly as the doctor ordered.

Steve Cooper said...

I'm taking inspirations on your logo designs
. Thanks for sharing:-)

Anonymous said...

@KjM Thanks for stopping by.
@ Steve anytime.

Happy holidays everyone!!!


Kristin Fouquet said...

Ah Jeanette, I'm late to the party, but happy to attend. Your Paris story is beautifully crafted in the three perspectives. Nicely done.

The second reminded me of a Raymond Carver story, only in his first line- something like He was vacuuming when the phone rang. I always loved that line because it's happened to all of us- luckily (not yet) with your ending. Bravo, lady!

Jeanette Cheezum said...

Kristin, I'm really late to respond. Thanks for your comments.