Thursday, December 1, 2011

NOIR Pause for PUSHCART Nominations ~ AT THE BIJOU

NOIR Pause for (drumroll please)

PUSHCART Nominations

BIJOU SEAT ~ Heidi Schlempp Fournier
Luscious Ladies and Genteel Gents who have been gracing our red velvet seats AT THE BIJOU for the past two years ~

The lingering mood of the painting above (available, fittingly at artist Uncle Shlomo's Pushcart sitespeaks to me, solitary on its reflective pier, as the author's mind. Alone but full, where words come to life and purvey their chance encounter to reach reader, to turn pages, to hold interest, to inspire, to leave rapt or to evoke a well-placed chortle. 

We have experienced all that AT THE BIJOU with the stunning authors gracing our virtual stage of stories and reflections. Truly 'Writers' raves are Readers' faves'.

Honoured am I
 to send the following
 six Pushcart Nominations
 out into the world
 to do us proud ~

Arizona Author 
C O L I N   J A M E S

Published AT THE BIJOU ~ February 2, 2011
during our FAB-FEB-FILM-FEST


New Jersey Author 
K E V I N   M I C H A E L S

Published AT THE BIJOU ~ February 24, 2011
during our RAT*PACK*REVUE


New Jersey Author 
A N T H O N Y   V E N U T O L O

Published AT THE BIJOU ~ March 7, 2011
during our RAT*PACK*REVUE


California Author 
E R I C   B E E T N E R

Published AT THE BIJOU ~ March 29, 2011
during our RAT*PACK*REVUE


Massachusetts Author 
S E A N   P A T R I C K   R E A R D O N

Published AT THE BIJOU ~ April 5, 2011
during our RAT*PACK*REVUE


California Author 
J O S E P H   G R A N T

Published AT THE BIJOU ~ November 10, 2011
during our NOVEMBER goes NOIR


Most Honourable Mention
showing what rat-a-tat-tat but 100 words can do ~

Iowa Author 
Chris Rhatigan

Published AT THE BIJOU ~ November 8, 2011
during our NOVEMBER goes NOIR


If I could nominate a bright Brit,
ripplin' our pond ~

Sunderland, UK Author 
Julie Morrigan

Published AT THE BIJOU ~ February 26, 2011
during our RAT*PACK*REVUE


Most humble mention, 
if I could share one I was proud of ~

Connecticut/Ohio Author 

Published AT THE BIJOU ~ March 18, 2011
during our RAT*PACK*REVUE


Most excitement jiving
 midst our authors in a star-studded show this year ~

Mr Meet Me In St Louis Author 
the incomparable Robert J Randisi

Published AT THE BIJOU ~ February 22, 2011
during our RAT*PACK*REVUE


All Links are above.

Good tidings
 and Great readings 
into our joyous holidays

Grace of my thanks be with you
for how you honour authors
time and time again, here,

May it ever be your welcome world
for worthy words to take on
 greater stage lights,

~ Absolutely*Kate,
Believing in Believers

MARLOWE KNOWS ... IMDB film photo

I detect
we'll Deck December
with our NOIR NOEL

comin' up next folks


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all. I'm proud to know you and have been blessed by the opportunity to read your work and sometimes write along side of you.

Your friend,

Jeanette Cheezum

Nigel Bird said...

That's a lovely list and all should be proud and honoured...fingers crossed.

KjM said...

An excellent list, Ms. *Kate - good reading all 'round.

And there was more than one you could be proud of - but I understand the need to choose but one. The one you chose, most excellent.