Thursday, December 10, 2009

Double*Feature Thursdays & Tuesdays! (warming'up well into the weekend)

Luscious Ladies and Groovy Gents!!

~ proudly presents ~

~ From places out of the sense of this world ~

Yes, you heard me and you heard me well ~


And "OH!" what stories they tell-tale tell!
Some childhood ... some fantasy ...
Some passion ... some grace ...

Plenty of sighs . . . all over the place!

Yes fine faluting Folks,
gather in your milk duds for these cool ladies
and careen your popcorn's crunch to two ~


Yes! Two, TWO, two Debuts
at once, from Leading Ladies

on Double*Feature Thursdays & Tuesdays
this is the best of the zest way it goes . . .

~ This has been an Absolutely*Kate
promotional *joy* for your viewing pleasure

Author Laurita Miller is writer of known circumstance who in every chance, does enhance, and takes your mind where you never saw it going . . . and then holds it there and gives beware . . . and well, you'll just have to read the first excerpt of one of her new story*books to be ... to know what I already see . . . *THANKS* Laurita for this first glimpse into a book we shall want all the chapters of. ~ Absolutely*Kate and AT THE BIJOU's fine staff of renown

More than chance o'glance brings Author Jelena Vencl Olrogge, to the BIJOU spotlight from where she lives in Sweden now, but seems part of every country somehow. She loves her husband and her cats and purports to be normal . . . but read her . . . you'll know that's just a ruse! And "no", she's not being proudly showcased just because she mumbled out these words so nicely, "AT THE BIJOU is a lovely, über-cool and cute site (yes, something can be both cool and cute at the same time! :)). . . . .*THANKS* Jelena for this gander into a look of your steamier side! ~ Absolutely*Kate and AT THE BIJOU's fine staff of renown

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