Thursday, December 3, 2009


WHEN is a Double*Feature
still a double feature
when there's only one guy, albeit one very special guy
starring solo on the screen scene?

Why ask why?
Fools do that stuff. Wise guys never try.
And this guy, well he's a wise guy, for sure.


A Double*Feature of LEON,
that dapper man under the hat is a great read and a healing therapy as well.

But under the hat, here's what Leon had to say to me about that ~

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ABSOLUTELY*KATE: Well, well, well Leon,
You had to go way back to when the Yankees lost . . . to surprise me with a perfect pitch that a man in a fedora who is a straight shooter by the name of Gunn slides under my door! And imagine ... just imagine, the full-fledged grinnnn when I saw the nice little bar the feller stopped right in.

Glad you left a nice tip at Kate's -- it's my kind of bar and I'd sure like to meet up with you or Jacob there -- I sure would.

Lotta cool details in here Leon, etching out time and place - like the apartment building lady - you could easily build a full novel storyline out of JG's moving into that building and his ensuing interactions with characters of his neighborly characters. Well crafted, talented sir ~ It's the longest piece I ever got for AT THE BIJOU, but I'm gonna go with it as "a feature film" and ask folks to just sit in their seats all the longer.

HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? What brought this dynamic piece out of you? Love the title setting instant karmic mood ... as I said before ... love the possibilities this one could play around with. I see lucky broads comin' into sashay-mode around Mr Gunn's pistol (forgive me my puns). You seriously should keep on keepin' on with this Leon, and I betcha, sure as shootin', that the folks who come 'round AT THE BIJOU will tell you that too . . . but let me run it, let me run it!

Thank*you for your warm depth of friendship always, my cherished colleague, both aboard the mighty Harbinger*33 as synopsis lieutenant of grand storied gold, and always for your gentle quick wit gracing others' grins. Do appreci'kate the slight dive I made to let you slide ahead of me by one ESPN pigskin-pickem in A League of Our Own. Honestly, the things I do to stroke a good man's ego.

Best to the zest of your rest.
You take care, dearest Mr Fedora,

~ Hope/Trusting you're *enjoying* AT THE BIJOU as much as I am in creating a screening joint for the so deserving keyboard's zeal.

LEON: Kate-

I'm glad you liked my story. You may run "November 1955" at the Bijou anytime. I wrote the story while in rehab. It sorta came to me. I'm reading Hemingway and Walter Mosley, both writers write simply, directly and realistically, which is what I wanted in this story. I wrote in my 1950's style journal with the fake alligator skin cover to get me in the time period and I just wrote what I felt.

I too would like to buy you a shot or two of Jack at a suitably classy watering hole, (we will have to make that happen) I'll wear a hat and you gotta wear the teal heels.

I'm still in rehab and I'm getting better, getting stronger and I hope to be out soon. If you like to give me a call my room phone number is 609.386.8201. I'm out a lot but I'm usually in my room around 1:30pm for about an hour and at 4pm. That is usually my writing time.

ABSOLUTELY*KATE {in a stage wisp of whisper} ~ Call him you guys, call him! Leon will love it and can curse me out later for taking away from writing time by giving him more *JOY* time. Hell, what are friends for?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Teal heel clad ladies
and fedora flung gents


most proudly presents


and his alter ego?
Jacob Gunn

Oh! Do Enjoy!

~ Absolutely*Kate


Michael Solender said...

Hat is where the heart is..

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

So many great men to love . . . what a life, what a life! ~ Absolutely*Kate