Thursday, January 28, 2010

HE SAID YOU LOOKED GOOD IN RED ~ By Jeanette Cheezum of Harbinger*33

He Said You Looked Good in Red
~ By Jeanette Cheezum

Nights are torture, dreams are
unfulfilled. Why had he left her?
He said she looked good in red ...

Now all she had was muffled voices
and distant memories. Desires to
celebrate the contagious journey
of happiness.

Love opens the passage
to our souls, don't compromise,
sadness cannot appreciate laughter.

Engage, embrace, hearts are
delicate. Promises were meant
to unfold, love stories are
better lived than told.

Remember he said, you looked
good in red.

(c) 2009, Author Jeanette Cheezum
Originally published at vox poetica

Creative expression is what Jeanette Cheezum has a massive stack of, as the blue plate specials she spins -- you know the ones -- on the old Ed Sullivan show -- where writing projects and e'zines and of course HARBINGER*33 and awards, contests and contentions are all kept high, high up in the air while she Facebooks a small post that makes you feel even better that You too, spin in Jeanette's world. All this is simply the show'womanship she breathes.

Editor Annmarie Lockhart at classy vox poetica breathes in and out what sound, image, writer-resonation and communication truly are in attunement. That's why she, as we AT THE BIJOU, are pleasured to showcase the one we fondly know as Goddess Mother of Brilliant Authors. Jeanette as evocative poet graces our big screen ... while she prepares to debut a new story ... pages within Hampton Roads Writers keeping Virginia vital ... scribes her mark at all distinctive writing sites ... publishes ... praises fellow writers ... and could even be training for the Winter Olympics -- she's that good.

~ THANKS Jeanette, for  True Colours you represent 
~ Absolutely*Kate and the staff of fine renown, AT THE BIJOU


Michael Solender said...

strong piece here cheezy. nicely crafted.

Carrie Clevenger said...

Everyone looks good in red (right?). Gentle cadence, and I like it a whole lot.

Linda said...

Great stuff, JC. Like the bit o'rhyme near the end, kind of pulls it tight together.

I look great in red, btw. Tomato red, not the purply-red... Peace, Linda

Mike Whitney said...

**Love stories are better lived than told.**
Jeanette, you are tanfastic!

Anonymous said...

Mikey--I can pull it togeher.Especially, when I know your watching.

Carrie--I'll just bet you do, I've read some of your work. I'm happy to be by your side today.

Linda--I knew you were a hot tomato the first time I read your work.

Mike--you're the one that plays the best tune for red or blue.

I want to thank all of you, this really touches me.

Harry said...

"Desires to
celebrate the contagious journey
of happiness."

A cold you want to catch.

Jeanette, I think I'm repeating myself, but you look good when "read" too!

Kevin Michaels said...

Great stuff - I really loved this (especially the line: "sadness cannot appreciate laughter").

Karen from Mentor said...

I love this line. They are wise words to live by.

"Love opens the passage
to our souls, don't compromise"

the poem looks great in red too.
Karen :0)

Anonymous said...

Harry,that's the long one. I couln't ear the short one for th picture.

Kevin, thanks for your opinion, I hope yu're laughing.

CJT, I appreciate you stopping by.

Karen, wisdom is spoken but not always used.
I'm glad you liked it

Thanks to all. xoxo

EC said...

Jeanette, this feels like a terrific warm up to that love piece you are going to submit to 6S? Maybe,...
I love the take on this- living the love stories, what a rich life!
Cheers to you.

Unknown said...

sadness cannot appreciate laughter... Very poetic... It's a wonderful notion, jeanette...

Anonymous said...

Erin, you and Ant are the cool ones.I apreciate your charming comments. It's a great way to start my day.:)

David Barber said...

Loved it Jeanette, really loved it!

Lydia said...

Wonderful Jeanette; Red is my favourite colour too.

Anonymous said...

David and Lydia, thank you for stopping by. I'm glad you liked it.